2012 vice presidential debate

They're moving faster toward a nuclear weapon; they're spinning the centrifuges faster. They had the ability to do everything of their choosing, and look at where we are right now. And with respect to abortion, the Democratic Party used to say they want it to be safe, legal and rare.

Imagine what would have happened if we had these sanctions in place earlier. He went to the U.N., and in his speech at the U.N. he said six times — he talked about the YouTube video. VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: Seven percent rating?

MS. RADDATZ: I want to move on, and I want to return home for these last few questions. You can't claim that this money goes to Medicare and "Obamacare.". I love that. We don't want to extend beyond 2014. REP. RYAN: A hundred percent coverage for them.

Mitt Romney's a good man. VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: (Chuckles.)

We mourn the loss of these four Americans who were murdered.

I think that case speaks for itself. MS. RADDATZ: Can we talk about — let me go back to Libya.

REP. RYAN: So they proposed a $478 (sic) billion cut to defense to begin with. — if he did such a great job — if he did such a great job in Massachusetts --.

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: That's not what they said. REP. RYAN: We can debate the timeline, whether there's — it's that short a time or longer.

Number two, Governor Romney, before he knew the facts, before he even knew that our ambassador was killed, he was out making a political statement which was panned by the media around the world. REP. RYAN: Was it a good idea to spend taxpayer dollars on electric cars in Finland or on windmills in China?

Governor Romney said we should not set a date, number one, and number two, with regard to 2014, it depends. And the fact is that they are being crippled by them.

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: Well, let — let — let me say at the outset that I want to thank you, Martha, for doing this, and Centre College. That's what he was talking about. (Laughter.). We will have nine different segments. How are they going to prevent war if they say that there's nothing more that we — that they say we should do than what we've already done, number one? I just fundamentally disagree with my friend. We have eliminated Osama bin Laden.

We should not have called Bashar Assad a reformer, and we should not have — we should not have waited to Russia to give us the green light --, VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: We didn't call Assad --.

Nobody's proposing that. The Taliban is, do you think, taking advantage of this timeline?

In Congress, I've been fighting for these sanctions since 2009. We have trained over 315,000, mostly without incident.

I would like to begin with Libya on a rather somber note. As they learned more facts about exactly what happened, they changed their assessment. And something tells me --. After international pressure mounted, then President Obama said Bashar Assad should go. The debate was watched by over 51 million people, making it the third most-watched vice presidential debate, behind that of 1984 (57 million) and 2008 (70 million).

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