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Specifically, the improved performances were ascribed to the better stability over time of the soil moisture corrected precipitation product with respect to the original TMPA-3B42RT.

ASCAT scatterometers operate in the C-band and with VV polarization, which allows for continuous observations with respect to ESCAT onboard ERS satellites. It is a C-band scatterometer operated at a frequency of 5.255 GHz using six sideways looking, three vertical polarized antennae. Wide swaths of near-surface winds over oceans can be detected from satellite passive microwave radiometers and scatterometers (e.g., RapidScat on the International Space Station, the Advanced Scatterometer, or ASCAT, on Metop-A and -B, and WindSat on the NRL/Air Force Research Laboratory Coriolis satellite). An assimilation system with comparable resolution will be required to exploit effectively the geophysical information these instruments will provide. In many applications, including shallow landslide prediction, the knowledge of soil moisture for a very thin surface layer is not sufficient. The spatial resolution of ASCAT is 25 km (resampled at 12.5 km) and, in central Italy, measurements are generally obtained at least once a day. Scatter gun : To drop a load on the missus after dining heavily on lentils which don't digest and turn the anus into a machine gun. In this study, the semiempirical approach (also known as exponential filter) proposed by Wagner et al.

Given IASI's 10-km field of view, a dynamic specification of the surface radiative properties (e.g., 15 vegetation and land-surface types, with associated properties of moisture stress, bidirectional reflectance, etc.) We believe that the 1-km Sentinel-1 SSMPs have a large potential in enhancing our understanding of hydrological model accuracy in reproducing soil moisture spatial variability. Web. For example, the assimilation of brightness temperature data in the global system NWP is conducted at the European Center for Medium range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) on the basis of the extended Kalman filter integrated into the assimilation system. (2014) used SSMPs (ASCAT and SMOS) for correcting both model states (through data assimilation, EnKF) and rainfall (through SMART algorithm, Crow et al., 2011). The reprocessing was performed in order to implement a new Geophysical Model Function, C-2015, that was developed at RSS in order to reach a high level of consistency between all scatterometers and radiometer winds, at all wind speed regimes. The potential for incorporating satellite SM data in the hydrological sciences has already been demonstrated, for applications such as flood prediction and water resources management (Wagner et al., 2007).

[ROD 15] apply NN to find SM using multi-angular SMOS measurements at L-band. This system has also been tested on SM data from the Meteorological Operational satellite programme/Advanced Scatterometer (METOP/, Emerging and Potential Future Applications of Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Products, ). Access to remotely sensed SM data over large spatial areas would provide an additional calibration point for large-scale spatially distributed water resource model and thus would improve simulations. While several different methods have been used to compute sea ice motion in sequential imagery, the method selected in this research was the familiar maximum cross correlation (MCC; Emery et al., 1991). They found that positive SWI anomalies preceded the floods and could potentially be used as part of an early flood warning system in the future. It is possible to assimilate SM data derived from inversion models or brightness temperatures (a modeling platform of TBp as a function of SM is thus necessary in the assimilation system). Total international funding for Earth observation programs and for Earth fluid system science will be very large. This method has been widely used and well validated in the literature. (2018) compared the performance of state correction (through data assimilation) versus rainfall correction (through SM2RAIN derived rainfall) in flood simulations. The ASCAT soil moisture measurement was developed by cooperation of both EUMETSAT and the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).

However there is little doubt that the new generation of high vertical resolution sounders, such as IASI on METOP, present the most important opportunities to improve the accuracy of forecast initial conditions and to improve forecast models. 'Advanced Scatterometer' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional., The third observational data set comes from, The Masterplan envisions the development of Assessment Shared Care Teams (, The name of this TAWC effort was the Anti-SAM Combat Assistance Team (, Alongside SEVIRI, the Anglo-European Astrium joint venture is responsible for a range of operational and planned satellite meteorological instrumentation packages that include the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU)-B, the Humidity Sounder for Brazil (HSB), the Advanced Scatterometer (, Static-control maintenance products include, (a) Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Microwave Imager (TMI) SST (1998-2014, shading, [degrees]C), TRMM rainfall (1998-2015, contours), and Ocean Surface Current Analysis-Real Time (OSCAR; 1993-2015, vector arrows), (b) Archiving, Validation, and Interpretation of Satellite Oceanographic Data (AVISO) MSLA (1993-2015, shading, cm), salinity from Argo (2005-15, contours), and Advanced Scatterometer (, The EUMETSAT (European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites). The instrument uses radar to measure backscatter to determine speed and direction of winds over the surface of the oceans. B. Barrett, ... E. Dwyer, in Satellite Soil Moisture Retrieval, 2016. Currently, most hydrological models still calculate SM from a water balance of rainfall and potential evaporation. (2014b) performed a similar analysis by using in situ precipitation and soil moisture data for a small basin in southern France. Currently ECMWF uses little tropospheric satellite data over land, because of the difficulties posed by the inhomogeneities of the land surface. The added value of this new kind of soil moisture measurements is still under investigation, as the first large-scale Sentinel-1 soil moisture products have become available only in 2018. Top ASCAT acronym meaning: Advanced Scatterometer Looking for online definition of ASCAT or what ASCAT stands for? sexual practices related to shit. Fortunately, this copy is not perfect (as it does not reproduce the algorithm exactly, with its imperfections). The decline in coverage of the radiosonde network requires us to exploit all possible alternative data sources. As scatterometer-measured wind speed is certainly reliable below 30 m s− 1, SMAP and SMOS extend the detectable range of wind speed well into major hurricane intensity (> 96 kt). Passive microwave imagery also operates both day and night with the same level of responsiveness. The ECV SM product (Liu et al., 2011, 2012; Wagner et al., 2012) was initiated within the water cycle multimission observation strategy project (see and is being continued and refined in the context of the ESA climate change initiative (CCI) program ( The Centre will have to address the use over land of advanced sounders such as IASI. Definition; ASCAT: Automated Steel Cleanliness Analysis Tool (production quality project) ASCAT: Advanced Scatterometer: ASCAT: Adult Social Care Access Team (UK) They can either be ground data or model simulation data, or SM data derived from an inversion algorithm; the NN then makes a sort of copy of the inversion algorithm. [LIE 15]) and those derived from satellite observations (instrumental errors, uncertainties in the algorithms, perturbations of the measurements by RFI, etc.). As ASCAT operates continuously, it achieved global coverage in ~ 1.5 days. (2016) applied the same approach and methods to four large basins in Australia, while Massari et al. In terms of design, they are similar to those previously mentioned, featuring three antennae which illuminate the same swath: the midbeam antenna, with incidence angles between 25° and 53°, and fore and aftbeam antennae with incidence angles between 34° and 64°. (1999) for a detailed description of the ASCAT retrieval algorithm and the exponential filter approach while the emerging applications using the ASCAT soil moisture product can be found in Wagner et al. The Water Retrieval Package developed by TU Wien (Wagner et al., 1999a,b; Naeimi et al., 2009) is used to convert backscatter measurements to soil moisture values and the Land Parameter Retrieval Model (LPRM) developed jointly by VU University Amsterdam and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Owe et al., 2001, 2008; De Jeu and Owe, 2003) is used to convert brightness temperatures to soil moisture, respectively. Remote Sens., 10(2), 292. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Cloud radar Doppler wind lidar Chemistry mission Land mission Gravity mission. Land Surface Models (LSM) are another approach, very complimentary to satellite observations, of estimating soil moisture on large scales. Thus, the goal of this study was to merge the resulting ice drift maps resulting from the use of the radiometer and scatterometer instruments individually. The first ASCAT was launched in October 2006, onboard ESA’s European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) meteorological operational satellite (MetOp-A). All Acronyms has a list of 6 ASCAT definitions. Therefore, the three series of ASCAT’s MetOp satellites can be expected to provide uninterrupted backscatter observations of ASCAT from 2006 to the 2020s as well. The ASCAT gives one of the freely available global soil moisture data sets derived from the backscatter measurement. Exploiting satellite-based surface soil moisture for flood forecasting in the Mediterranean area: state update versus rainfall correction. Results are shown for the simulation forced with TMPA-RT (OLS), with ASCAT soil moisture assimilation (DAS) and with ASCAT rainfall correction (RCS). Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web. Currently, most hydrological models still calculate SM from a water balance of rainfall and potential evaporation.

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