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Astrobotic will use the facility to build its lines of landers, rovers, autonomous spacecraft navigation systems, and other space technologies. “Only three nations have landed on the surface of the Moon.” said Thornton, “Pittsburgh Nation will be the next.”. PITTSBURGH (Astrobotic PR) — Astrobotic officially opened its new headquarters in Pittsburgh in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday. Astrobotic’s headquarters houses offices, labs, and fabrication areas, including a “clean room” and “high bay” required for final spacecraft assembly. ft. Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA via press release NASA Contracts with Astrobotic to Develop Software for Icy Moon Landings via Spaceflight Insider Astrobotic Awarded $79.5 Million Contract to Deliver 14 NASA Payloads to the Moon via press release

In addition to these lander mission development capabilities, the new facility will feature a space mobility and lunar simulant lab, where mobile rovers can test drive in synthetic lunar regolith. Astrobotic’s new headquarters in the Pittsburgh North Side Neighborhood of Manchester, will be the primary hub for lunar logistics in the United States. It was founded in 2007 by Carnegie Mellon professor Red Whittaker and his associates, with the goal of winning the Google Lunar X Prize. What are the odds that Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin will fly people aboard New Shepard this year? Congressman Conor Lamb. Pittsburgh, PA – Astrobotic proudly announces that it will open a new state-of-the-art headquarters for lunar logistics in May 2020. Congressman Conor Lamb, Pennsylvania Governor’s Action Team SW Director Eric Bitar, Allegheny Country Executive Rich Fitzgerald, and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. They develop advanced navigation, operation, and computing systems for spacecraft, and their fleet of lunar landers and rovers deliver payloads to the Moon for companies, governments, universities, non-profits, and individuals. The company is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The headquarters is within a mile of several popular cultural destinations, including The Carnegie Science Center, Heinz Field, Stage AE the National Aviary, and the Children’s Museum. “I personally want to thank all the folks at Astrobotic for taking on this national mission. Astrobotic’s new headquarters is poised to become the epicenter for America’s return to the Moon.

The company has grown rapidly, signing fifteen commercial customers representing seven countries for its lunar payload delivery service, and winning a $79.5 million NASA contract to fly scientific instruments aboard Peregrine, and again in June by winning a $199.5 million contract to deliver NASA’s water-hunting rover, VIPER, to the south pole of the Moon. Astrobotic’s new headquarters in the Pittsburgh North Side Neighborhood of Manchester, will be the primary hub for lunar logistics in the United States. Astrobotic Technology, which in December 2019 announced its plans to open a new headquarters, officially moved into its 47,000 square feet of space in Manchester. The 47,000 square foot complex is the largest private facility in the world dedicated to lunar logistics. These NASA-developed payloads will range in capabilities from technologies to demonstrations, demonstrate functionality in the unique environment of the Moon. Astrobotic has also enlisted Checklist Facility Maintenance cleaning services to maintain high sanitary standards. “I was five years old when we landed on the Moon. And this is the product that you [Astrobotic] have given us to give to the world,” says Mayor Bill Peduto, Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh. The company also has more than 30 prior and ongoing NASA and commercial technology contracts, a commercial partnership with Airbus DS, and a corporate sponsorship with DHL. “You [Astrobotic] are currently leading the market with seventeen contracts in place for your first mission with customers in seven countries,” says US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

The company is also developing advanced space robotics capabilities such as terrain relative navigation, mobile robotics for lunar surface operations, and reliable computing systems for mission-critical applications. Once customer payload integration is completed, finished lunar landers and rovers will be transported to Cape Canaveral for integration with launch vehicles and launch. Astrobotic, space robotics company, opens one of the largest private facilities in the world dedicated to lunar operations. “This new facility marks the next phase of Astrobotic’s growth and will be the primary hub for lunar logistics in the United States. Phase two of the headquarters’ construction, now underway, will add a rover test pit, a drone flying arena, a public gathering space, additional offices, labs, and fabrication spaces.

“I like to say we’re a 13-year overnight success story,” said Astrobotic CEO John Thornton. When Peregrine lands on the Moon next year, it will be controlled directly from the Astrobotic Mission Control Center inside the Pittsburgh headquarters. Astrobotic Technology, Inc. is a space robotics company making space accessible to the world.

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