best inside no 9 episodes

Or at least that’s what I thought at the end of this episode.

A karaoke story as sweet as real that makes you wish this was a work night out you were on. But there's something already waiting for her on the Other Side - The Scaredy Cat. On occasion, Inside No 9 mines more traditional horror territory, relocating the tropes of the supernatural to run-of-the-mill settings. Stars:

Reece Shearsmith, After all, it starts in a graveyard, with two officers spending as much time talking about veganism/flexitarianism than they do about being close to retirement. Stars: A director talks about his old horror film.

While 24 episodes is a bit too much to rank after just one go-through, I thought I'd classify them into three categories - Brilliant, Very Good and Okay.

Rate. It’s ridiculous to watch but also believable to find yourself relating to the situation.

Rate. Stars: An acting understudy eventually assumes center stage, but at a price. I love how everyone rates the episodes in a different way!! So the similarities in the homage of this episode are a sweet watch for fans of both the league and the film. Please refresh the page and try again. This was the episode that made me fall in love with this show and now it was going to become a new favorite. It's been 30 years since Northern double-act Len and Tommy last appeared on stage together. Jane Horrocks,

One anecdote about actors never eating food while filming is especially funny. Jim O'Hanlon You may have gathered that Series 3 was my favourite series of No.9. What are yours? Horror fans will love it, but it's maybe not one for the family after the Christmas meal. Despite the turn of events, "To Have and To Hold" manages to nail the tonal shift.

As the real reason behind the story’s fragmented chronology and odd occurrences slowly dawns, the episode morphs into a goosebump-inducing – and devastating – piece of drama. 30 min

Stars: And Inside No.9 is the best example of perfect short story/anthology writing. Reece Shearsmith 9's best episode will always be up for debate – after all, the show veers between styles consistently – but "The 12 Days of Christine" is our pick.

Best Episodes Best Seasons . Guillem Morales Director:


For instance, Shearsmith and Pemberton were tweeting during the episode as part of it. Now one of the amazing things about this show is that they will challenge themselves with the limitations with storytelling. Sophie Thompson, But the only flat they can afford has a dark and sinister past, a past that demands to be heard. It starts with Nina (Alexandra Roach) breaking into the office of Professor Squires (Pemberton) – who also sets the weekly cryptic crosswords for the student paper – in an attempt to learn the answers for his latest brain teaser. Set in a hotel where guests interact in iambic pentameter, this homage to Shakespearean comedy is one of the show’s most straightforwardly humorous – and conceptually brilliant – episodes. Stars: In this case Empty Orchestra is one of those episodes for a lot of fans of Inside No.9…And I don’t know why, because I friggin love this episode. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? A pop star dies while making a home visit to a sick girl, leaving his entourage and the family squabbling over a balloon which holds his dying breath. Director: Inside No. Dan Zeff Stars: | 9 Episodes. Until now - and one last gig in front of an invited audience. Rate. A television crew that films a hidden camera reality prank show called “Scardy cam”, fakes a seance for people to get scared out of their wits and filmed for laughs. Stars: David Kerr | Stars: | Having never consulted the spirit world before, Tina isn't quite sure what to expect. Tom Riley, Reece Shearsmith, And you know what…They did it.

| While trying to be discreet and hiding in plain sight throughout the house. Eve Austin, 9, "The Riddle of the Sphinx" initially seems like it's a knockabout ode to cryptic crosswords. But my only regret that I didn’t watch this on the 28/10/18. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 6. Monica Dolan,


This is one of the rare episodes in the show where sobs are more likely than gasps. David Kerr Season: OR .

9. This site contains Scary Stories. My Classification/Ranking of all the Inside No. Kenneth Cranham. | While 24 episodes is a bit too much to rank after just one go-through, I thought I'd classify them into three categories - Brilliant, Very Good and Okay. Reece Shearsmith,

Jane Horrocks is a sarky co-worker, while Shearsmith plays the horrible boss.

Guillem Morales Rate. What follows is a series of near-perfect escalations, as the pair encounter motion detector lights, some adorable dogs, a row between the owner and his (presumed) partner, and a suspiciously well-timed visit from a cleaning goods salesman. Note: this article contains spoilers for Inside No. Saison 1.


Steve Pemberton,


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