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as this is a resource for everyone to use but I cannot allow editing access to anyone for security reasons. Jonathan Price was exercising civic duty. Make the workforce reflect the community it serves, at all levels and across all divisions of County government! They killed someone. If you live internationally and cannot sign petitions without an American postal code feel free to use any of these: General Community Donations/Urgent Funds: Covid-19 Survivor, Ron’s Road to Recovery, Jessica Mahone and her 9-year-old son hit by a drunk driver, medical bills, A scholarship fund for Alton Sterling’s son, information about your representatives, who they are in your state and information about campaign zero. Pétition adressée à Federal Bureau of Investigation, President of the United States, James Craig, William Barr, Matthew Schneider, United States Supreme Court, Donald J. Trump. Sign this petition to demand to Illinois State Police and the Lake County state’s attorney’s office that the officer that fired the shots into the vehicle is arrested and charged for the murder and attempted murder of Marcellis and Tafara.

This creates a toxic, hostile work environment for Black and Brown workers. Fortunately, Jacob was not killed but he is in serious condition. 100% of online donations are used to bring people home. Please sign my petition asking the Trump administration to demand the release of Jermaine Rogers so he can come back to the U.S. HOLD COPS *LEGALLY* RESPONSIBLE, The arson of AutoZone in Minneapolis has been traced back to the local police department!
Sign up for Email Alerts. On September 29,2020 during the First Presidential Debate, President Donald J. Trump words and actions, including telling white supremacist and extremist group, the Proud Boys, to “stand back, and stand by”. Navigator provides a centralized location to discover and access BLM's geospatial data and serves both internal BLM staff, as well as the general public. Click here to review LR2000. We want there to be jobs, training, faith and mentorship for  the disadvantaged and fatherless youths of Detroit. If you cannot attend protests or donate money to the funds that have been set up towards the BLM movement, you can easily sign petitions … In and between March 1, 2020 and September 29, 2020, situated in the District of Columbia, elsewhere in the United States of America, elsewhere in the World, or in the County of Cuyahoga, in the State of Ohio, and  by means of instrumentality of interstate commerce—television and available via various internet live-stream feeds, which were accessible by computer, smart phone, tablet, or other internet enabled smart devices capable of streaming data and viewing video,  the crime of Assault with intent to commit the felony of Mayhem in violation of Penal Code section 220, a felony, was committed by President Donald J. Trump who by his words and actions, including calling upon an extremist terrorist group “Proud Boys” to “stand down, and stand-by” expressed an intent for a violent militant faction to wreak havoc upon his command.
They can’t afford attorneys and are hopeless and bullied by the government.

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