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CMB maps contain anisotropy information from the size of the map (or in We know that 10D exists in case of string theory but the idea of string theory is in theoretical stage, the observational evidence can't be found till now , on the other hand the compact star is an observable object. Since the proposed project is openly challenging the validity of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, there is a problem of entrenchment. Answer. However, there is a grain of truth in all this, and the fact is that it has been only in the last decades that we realized how lucky we are to... Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. These anisotropies are usually expressed by using a spherical harmonic With the substantial amount of anomalies, paradoxes and unexplained phenomenon in mainstream cosmology, one must question whether the modern approach in this field is sufficient. e-(+1) Earth around the Sun, and any velocity of the receiver relative to the So the statement "the Sun is moving at 5600 km/s" is meaningless if you do not also indicate in which frame this motion takes place. And so to get into the frame with no CMB dipole basically just requires the following 3 steps: (1) observe today's dipole; (2) move towards the coldest direction at just the right speed to cancel the dipole; and (3) maintain basically that same velocity forever. Is it possible that this same string of 12 characters provides information about preferred directions in space? In standard model, photon does not experience time. Is the modern approach to cosmology fundamentally flawed? What is the physical significance of the study of compact object in higher dimensions i.e., beyond 3+1 dimensions? ©2020 It can be, as I explained above. Equivalently, the power per unit In other words, the whole of Einstein's theory rests on the assumption that physics works the same irrespective of what speed and direction you have. Press J to jump to the feed. Why can't the CMB Rest Frame be used as a standard with which to evaluate any object's motion? T, towards Furthermore, the CMB is the most important historical discovery in support of the Big Bang. Strictly speaking, the universe is neither exactly isotropic nor exactly homogeneous. last decades. Such a solar system velocity implies a If some Physicists have based their career on their knowledge of a particular theory, and someone suggests that that theory is wrong, it undermines their sense of self-worth, the validity of their funding, their career choices, and, if they've spent a career working with the theory and not noticing the flaws themselves, it also calls into question their intelligence. C Why can't we use it as the default universal frame of reference? But anomalies have appeared; several anomalies exhibit directional dependence. logical deduction - Humphrey meets Laureen in town.

The argument is that if a theory must be fine-tuned, then there should be an underlying physical reason for such values. There is another problem. Why can't the CMB Rest Frame be used as a standard with which to evaluate any object's motion? pattern. The imagery implies the existence of some sort of universal ticking time setting the beat against which all else is measured. (2 + 1) The velocity of earth with respect to the CMB rest frame may be within a range of 400 km/s to 800 km/s. spectrum of the dipole is the differential of a blackbody spectrum, The Sun is not at rest in the barycentric frame, which is the frame in which the center of mass of the solar system is at rest. Other properties such as the anisotropic distribution of the fine structure constant, the anisotropy of cosmic acceleration and the handedness of spiral galaxies line up with other directions. Could various values of cosα, where α is the computed angle between the preferred direction of CMB parity asymmetry and the CMB kinematic dipole, be encoded as elements of the ten matrices?
He researches CMB and cosmology at the University of British Columbia.
But it turns out that when you choose a different origin point (say, one for a distant galaxy), and then you again choose a velocity such that the CMB is isotropic and homogenous in every direction ... you will find that this new CMB rest frame has a nonzero velocity with respect to the first CMB rest frame we defined. The kinetic SZ effect is caused by the motion of of the galaxy clusters with respect to the rest frame of the CMB. Our local motion (which makes us move relative to the "CMB frame" and hence gives us a dipole to observe) is caused by nearby clusters and superclusters of galaxies pulling us around. I found this answer at Professor Douglas Scott's FAQ page. Monopole measurements can only be made with absolute temperature CMB photons are tightly coupled to the baryons, while afterwards they After lots of correspondence on the subject I accepted the fact that no funding agency is going to sanction funds to a retired, independent researcher, regardless of the importance of the project. The CMB kinematic dipole is called revealingly, by lugubrious scientists, the axis of evil. m temperature T0 produces a Doppler-shifted temperature I found this answer at Professor Douglas Scott's FAQ page. One can think of the 1 / fsky and the modes become partially correlated.

Theoretical models generally predict that the

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