diner dash 5: boom

Story Mode Plot. Only the main dining area needs to be secured. This level will have a few Rain storms so if you can afford to upgrade to the Automatic Umbrellas it will really help you out. If you match a customer color to the seat you will earn major bonus points for matching. Keep up the pace so that everyone seated is finished at around the same time for chaining. Checking "Remember Me" will let you access your shopping cart on this computer when you are logged out, Only registered users can write reviews. To restore hearts have Flo stand at the Podium and talk to the customers in line or purchase Karma as an Upgrade to work the Podium. This is the final level! Once your customers have paid and left clicking on the table once more will put the dishes in Flo’s hands. You will unavoidably have to sit lawyers next to each other to keep from breaking your color matching so be sure to keep use the drink station as much as possible to keep other customers from leaving. Disaster – Rain – Click on tables to raise umbrellas or purchase an automatic umbrella to raise them all at once when it rains. When the spotlight begins to malfunction you will see an outline of Hal with a bright red border right next to the spotlight. Make sure you place the first group of Celebrities (group 6) at table F. This will ensure you get the most color matches in the level. You will not be able to match every table to customers in this level but you can match all yellow customers to a seat. NOTE – Rain will start after the 6th group of customers arrives. Purchase Karma if you have the funds to watch the podium. Product Information. You will need to hire Karma to help you get an expert score in this level. Flo s diner meets with disaster, you must take her tasty treats to the streets while rebuilding her diner. Keep the Lovebirds in line as long as possible until you have several of them. Once a table is clear you can seat another set of customers. Frustrated at the diner having been finished, Mr. Big challenges Flo by putting signs all over the streets so that the diner will be overloaded once more, but he fails. NOTE – Sometimes there will be several Townies standing around. Flo's Diner is smashed to bits! Zodra de download klaar is, verschijnt het installatiescherm en kun je je spel veilig installeren op je computer. Flo's allegiant customer, Hal the handyman, volunteers to help her restore and get the money for the business the aim of which is "the food to the people".You will shift from one place to another throughout DinerTown, serving different snacks and drinks to various customer types, including four new ones. You will find that any of the Natural Disasters can occur in this Restaurant. Note the hearts above the customer’s heads or below the customer’s table when seated. If you must seat them near each other be sure to use the podium to maximize hearts before you seat them and use the drinks to keep them happy once seated. This level is fairly easy to get an expert score especially if you have purchased all the possible upgrades. With 8 newly added cinematic videos throughout the game, see the full story unfold as Flo sets out to serve the people of DinerTown and rebuild her diner! Be sure to purchase the “Trampoline” upgrade so Flo can move quickly between levels.

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