ecuadorian slang

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This one means “cop” or “police officer”. “Put the weed away, there’s a cop coming”. It is very common to use it in a motivational context. Most telling definition: “Cholo: 1) A person with mixed race (indigenous and spanish) 2) Insult.”. People from here are known as costeños and are a fast-talking, slang-slinging bunch. Please contact support. This is because these common Ecuadorian slang terms show you have put effort into communicating with them, even if you aren’t fluent in Spanish. “The idiot locked himself inside!”. Chevere As always, learning a language has been the highest form of respect for me when travelling and I never understood why people would stick to speaking English when it’s very easy to learn a language. This is because these common Ecuadorian slang terms show you have put effort into communicating with them, even if you aren’t fluent in Spanish. One of the translations for tease is tomar el pelo. Follow her life adventures on Instagram: @psimonmyway.

Also one of my favorites!!!

This phrase is used when you are really hungry. Fachosa It’s kind of when in English someone says “look sharp!”.

Ecuadorian slang for “crap”, used when something is surprising, discouraging, terrible or frustrating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. Bacán is the first word you should learn before visiting Ecuador. Nooooo. In other “It’s so nice to be able to go outside in the sun!”. “That car is cool!” Learn more here. This word can also be used as a verb “cachar”, which is influenced by the English verb to catch. Jeje. Has anyone come across this phrase? ¡La respuesta está equivocada!” “Today I am gonna get wasted with whiskey!”, “¡Es muy jóven para chupar!” Ecuadorians don’t help you or go with you somewhere.

— The party last night was so awesome! Person 1: ¿Quieres caminar la montaña este fin de semana?

If you’re feeling cold (which will happen if you visit the capital Quito), you can use this word instead of “frio”.

It can be used as an adjective or as an expression as well. It’s playful, fun, and makes engaging with locals super easy — they’ll respect you right away if you can converse with the below phrases. ¡Es tan sociable que siempre está invitado a farras! !” “¡Que bestia como se tiró de la catarata!” It’s common to hear this word in an informal conversation, but you have to be careful because it’s a strong curse word. While it’s used “damn”, in some contexts, it means female genitals. — This place is so cool!

I didn’t hear. !”, Your email address will not be published. no pasé la prueba – Crap! Currently under construction but I’ll be back soon! Here’s a different compendium that seems to contain many of the same words.

After that, it’s just $149/mo for unlimited one-on-one tutoring. Shoot! Depending on the tone, it can have a negative connotation, but usually it is not used as an insult.

If you’re a fan and are feeling frustrated because your team doesn’t score, then you probably want to elongate the u while saying it, like this, ¡chuuuuuuta! Ecuadorian slang; Nicaraguan slang; Panamanian slang; But now, 27 Peruvian slang terms that you’ll hear on the streets of Lima. 36. How could I have been so stupid? ¡Chuta! If you understand these words and phrases well, you will know about 75% of the common phrases and slang which you need to get you around Ecuador and especially Guayaquil. Like "pussy" in the U.S. Not used to call someone a pussy, but actually talking about a woman's pussy. After living in Guayaquil, Ecuador for a few years now I’ve compiled some of the most common Ecuadorian Spanish slang (coastal slang at least). Me chumé con una jaba – I got wasted with a 12-pack. What you need to know is that Ecuadorians are really patient when it comes to understanding a foreigner’s way of speaking Spanish. You refer to something as bacán when you want to say something positive about it. — That guy hasn’t been invited to a party in years because he is so sloppy. Copyright 2020 Gritty Spanish & Gritty Languages LLC | All Rights Reserved, –Ultimate Guide to Learning the Spanish Imperative (Aka the Command Form)–, 7 Amazing Facts About the Spanish Language You Never Knew, 7 Tips on How to Use Music to Learn Spanish, Practice Your New Language Skills at These Awesome Spanish Festivals, Spanish Is the Most Common Language in These States After English, –Improve Spanish Listening To A Spanish Speaking Flight Attendant!–, –Traffic Signs in Spanish You Need to Know–, –How to Master Gender in the Spanish Language–. That answer is wrong!” Nooooo. This one is shared through a lot of countries in South America, but it’s here because it is very used and very important to recognize. You’ve got the coast, the mountains and the jungle, all of which have their own unique variations on Spanish and Kichwa. In the future, I’ll be sure not to ask for, say, canguil (popcorn) at a movie theatre in Mexico. And thanks, Mook, for adding the two categories of “chuchaqui.” Hadn’t heard those. It means “stupid” or “silly person”. I even heard children saying this! You’ll commonly hear Ecuadorians call themselves chiros after a night on the town or as an excuse to not join a social outing.

This one is also shared with many Latin American countries.

This phrase means. No te preocupes, solo estoy tomando el pelo. Ecuadorian slang is heavy on the party and light on the insults. Myself and my Ecuadorian husband (we now live in Australia), have been on a 16 month sojourn around the world…..we are now looking for work… BORING compared to what we have been up to recently! Chuta! Yes it's tomando el pelo, taking or pulling someone's hair. Shoot! To learn more about Ecuadorian slang (and the Spanish language), grab our FREE Spanish Survival Crash Course. I asked my girlfriend about the bribe for a cola saying, she never heard of it, she didnt even recognize it as conjugated here. Ombi It is used the same way “really?” and “seriously?” are used in English. If Colombians say “dime,” or Argentinians, “decime,” the Ecuadorians have another way of saying, A cartoon character? — He is so social, he is always invited to parties! Ecuadorian slang for personal stuff, your belongings. ¡Qué bestia esa idea! Or say mande (huh?) Spanish is spoken in many countries around the world, but each one of those countries developed a unique way of speaking, mixing it with their native languages and even with popular ones, like English. Literally, it means, “to suck”. It’s the English counterpart would be: “How crazy!” or “That’s wild!” The word bestia means “beast,” so that’s where the wild and crazy element comes from.

Have conversations faster, understand people when they speak fast, and other tested tips to learn faster. When you find yourself surrounded by amazing people or experiencing a new, cool and exciting experience, bacan is the word to express this feeling. ¡Pedro qué cholo eres! Estoy chiro. This term expresses disbelief and is used commonly and casually in daily conversation, as if to say “No way!”. Remember, the worst case scenario is you get a few free classes, don’t like it, and end up with an extra $20 in the bank. Well, it’s not a bad word really but it’s more of an exclamation of surprise. They have a “bald one”: pelada or pelado. – Do you understand what I’m saying? Not to mention, the slang is as diverse as the nation itself. I remember an Ecuadorian girl telling me that they have no other word for “good” or “great” but chevere! When you want to order a couple of beers, while sounding like an local, biela is a word that would help you with both tasks. Esta noche voy a beber unos CANELOSOS y comer mucho CANGUIL (y CUY).

I was so bored that I wrote “abombe” in the search bar……..and up comes your web site! En Argentina también lo usamos. I know a Mexican who has never heard of it, and I would like to know if it is only used in Ecuador, before I use it in Spain! “Mañana tenés que ganar, asi que ¡pilas!” Namely, buenaso (really good) and sigue no mas (go ahead). 4. votes. In Ecuadorian slang, it means to understand something, which I guess is similar to how we sometimes use the English equivlant. “There will be a lot of people, so be aware of not getting lost”. If you’re with your new Ecuadorian friend and want to have some fun, it’s time to go to a farra (party). You have to hear how I found this site. Jump to Ecuador Spanish Section: Websites | Others WEBSITES ON ECUADOR SPANISH SLANG Ecuadoran Spanish Slang Words Spanish Slang Ecuador OTHER ECUADORAN SPANISH RESOURCES Academia Ecuatoriana de la Lengua Ecuador News in Spanish: Metro | Expresso | El Comercio | El Mercurio “Check out this list of Resources to Learn Ecuador Spanish slang: […] What you want to bring to the party — i.e. Voice acted by Latino actors and actresses to help improve your Spanish comprehension in a way that engages and amuses. Me voy a chumar este noche. I made a job out of traveling and you can do it, too! We’ll send Spanish-learning material including study guides, audio lessons, and more straight to your inbox. I’d like to believe I am not traveling anymore – I just choose to be somewhere else all the time. Only if one pigtail is longer than the other :-).

Proper Spanish (Spain Spanish) uses “Chute” to shoot (verb).

Hi there, are you thinking of 'tomadura de pelo'? Chuta means “damn”, also shoot but in the sense of not trying to swear.

Time and dedication: that’s what it takes to learn a language.

A challenging one, I should say as I had a hard time understanding how the Ecuadorians speak and how they used their slangs. What are some Ecuadorian Spanish slangs that you can add to the list?

We want to improve it and i found nice info from u and ur volunteering experience. Get a Thoughts and prayers mug for your father-in-law Paul. “¡Me pararon los chapas por ir muy rápido!” They “acolyte” you. I’m On My Way’s top 20 things to do in Lima, Peru, Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina: an American expat’s experience. This word is another way to say “call me”. Join the course now, before we come to our senses and charge for it! To tease somebody, or to have a joke at their expense.

“¡Mañana quiero ir a la playa! An Ecuadorian is not a miserly person. If you do some hiking in Ecuador, then it’s likely that you’ll hear this word – it’s a slang term for altitude sickness. When I first heard, “Vamos a jamar,” I had no idea how to respond. Used as an expression to say that something is crazy! In no particular order, her favourite cities in the world are Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv.

Ese tipo no ha sido invitado a una fiesta en años because he is a guacharnaco. “Don’t be stupid! ¿Mande? If you’re feeling cold (which will happen if you visit the capital Quito), you can use this … I love everyone’s stories about finding this collection of Ecuadorian slang. Ecuadorian slang is unique to Ecuador, most of these terms aren’t spoken in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, or other Latin American nations. pásame el abrigo – It’s cold! An amiguero is the opposite of a guacharnaco — someone who is very social and well-liked. “That party is gonna be cool!” Ecuadorian slang is a unique blend of Spanish, Kichwa (the nation’s indigenous language) and foreign loan words. ¡Otra guaspete, amigo! When I first heard, “Vamos a jamar,” I had no idea how to respond. We have spent the last 10 minutes on the floor! SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. Please take note that these are mostly from Quito. ¡Hoy me voy a chumar! Please log in again.

Believe it or not, I learned most of these slangs from my English students in Quito aka children! ¡Chuta! Most importantly, you will get to know how to drink, sleep, eat, and cook like a local in any destination you choose to be in. If you are pulled over when driving, they WILL find something wrong. The exact strategies you need to become conversational in Spanish this year. However, some of my friends use it as a way of cursing. UPDATE: January 24, 2011 — The link below appears to be broken. If there’s a phrase for nicely dressed people, there’s also one for the badly dressed ones and fachosa is it.

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