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 Description Data4Pakistan (District Development Portal), Free accessibility of data is being ensured through Data4Pakistan portal in which poverty and other socio-economic indicators across Pakistan’s districts have been made available to policy makers and the general public.

Prime Ministers’ televised media talk with senior journalists in Karachi together with Governor Sindh, Imran Ismael, Minister for Maritime Affairs, Syed Ali Zaidi and SAPM on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Sania Nishtar.

Ehsaas Thela Kharan Ehsaas Emergency Cash program has been launched by the Prime Minister on April 1, 2020 in the context of the economic hardship being experienced by the vulnerable due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

It has been set up to enable the private sector and civil society organizations to reach the most vulnerable deserving beneficiaries and provide them food rashan packs or cash equivalent in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Khayaban e Iqbal


Sialkot Information will also be available through a mobile app.

The cash handout of Rs.

The financial assistance under the program is meant to help them buy rations so that they don’t go hungry. Explanatory video: Details of the program can be watched here. To check eligibility for emergency cash, people can send their CNIC numbers to 8171 till April 19, 2020.

A system will be designed to formalize arrangements, recognize and certify skills, to introduce the mandate to check the mushrooming of substandard and unregulated Trade Testing Centers being run by manpower exporters, which is one of the causes in compromising quality and subsequent exploitation of labor, international recognition of our TEVT courses, labor market information system for overseas employment, so that intended migrant workers can be empowered, and are not exploited by middlemen, review opportunities in neighboring countries, , and other emerging opportunities in countries like Japan and Germany that have ageing populations and need human resources, with half of the existing fee and incentives for the remittances to be socially invested, Labor Expert group to study application of labor laws to, and to make  recommendations for formalizing tenancy farming system, as a counter to elite capture in this area, , drip irrigation materials and solar equipment, effective husbandry and hay and silage making, Policy to catalyze development of warehouses and, This entire agenda is heavily skewed towards the uplift of poor women—from the 6 million women who will benefit from the, to preferential support for women through.                                                  Short Video on SMS Service: To understand 8171 SMS service, SAPM Dr. Sania Nishtar’s video message can be watched here.

(A number of other policies in this framework will also impact health outcomes: the garbage collector challenge, Insaf Insurance Card, Tahafuz policy to ensure financial access to healthcare, and all policies to address malnutrition). Stunting is the result of malnutrition and recurrent infections, in early childhood and/or malnutrition before birth brought on by a malnourished mother. May 2, 2020 Lasbela    Schools for the marginalized Ehsaas Amdan (Income) Programme will provide assets to enable the underprivileged to start small.  Dera Ismail Khan   PM approves the launch of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Information Portal Ehsaas Press Conference on the release of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Information Portal  Web-portal for checking eligibility: To check eligibility under Ehsaas Emergency Cash, all applicants registered through 8171 or PM’s COVID-19 Fund Portal can access the portal here. A garbage collection vehicle that is used to earn a living through collecting and sorting out waste. Ehsaas has initiated a procurement process for receiving proposals for development of the platform. Governance reforms in safety net institutions, Through the pledge to Ehsaas we will invite the private sector to commit to the Ehsaas goals through financial, technical and institutional support. PM approves the launch of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Information Portal. Instructional video on solution to biometric issues: To learn about the newly introduced supplementary payment solution to serve Ehsaas Emergency Cash beneficiaries with defying biometric identification, the video can be watched here. All Rights Reserved, Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division, To check your eligibility to benefit from the initiative, please send your CNIC numb, For queries and complaints about this initiative, please call helpline: 0800-26477, To facilitate easy payments to eligible beneficiaries with biometric issues in last 15 days, the web-portal has been opened to solicit applications. Quetta Wazirabad Details here.

Pledges to Ehsaas   Dera Ghazi Khan AJK Karachi

Details here.  Sheikhupura Slide Deck                        The financial assistance under the program is meant to help them buy rations so that they don’t go hungry. A policy will be developed to ensure that women have, in each of the new housing schemes the government is supporting, under the direct supervision of the Prime Ministers Secretariat and ensuring universal access to family planning predicated on the understanding that population is the denominator of poverty alleviation. An SMS campaign is the entry point to identify these beneficiaries. Ehsaas Emergency Cash Portal to facilitate beneficiaries in last 15 days: To facilitate easy payments to eligible beneficiaries with biometric issues in last 15 days, the web-portal has been opened to solicit applications. Mianwali Lodhran View images of the event Information Portal Brief

Notwithstanding, a certain set of employment opportunities are included in the Ehsaas framework to promote jobs and livelihoods, despite current limitations. An SMS campaign is the entry point to identify these beneficiaries. The program covers 12 million families; 12,000 per family, total budget Rs.  Shakargarh

Human capital development necessitates prioritizing investments in early years—tackling malnutrition, preschool or early education, protecting children from harm; ensuring access to quality education, skills and jobs; long-term commitment to Universal Health Coverage, and measures for empowering women and girls. The latter is deeply interlinked with governance effectiveness. A Conditional Cash Transfer program to provide education in lagging districts is underway. Bolan Partner with NGOs to upscale successful programs for orphans, street children, seasonal migrants, transgenders, victims of child and bonded labour and daily wage workers.

Online daily wage platform that provides opportunities to skilled or semi-skilled workers to earn a wage. Explanatory video: Details of the program can be watched here.

SAPM Dr. Sania Nishtar oversaw mobile wallet testing at Ehsaas Emergency Cash campsite in Tarlai Islamabad on August 27, 2020 to introduce cashless banking for the vulnerable.  Benazirabad To this effect, the following measures assume overarching significance: These measures are urgently needed to make government institutions transparent, accountable and responsive, which is a necessary pre-requisite for successful implementation of this program. Ehsaas Cash Package for all villages on the Line of Control (AJK)

PM’s visit to Ehsaas Emergency Cash payment site in Peshawar Ehsaas Emergency Cash Disbursements Mardan Washuk

This will be involve one-time financial assistance to protect against catastrophic events, who don’t have any earning children through, to upscale successful programs for orphans, street children, seasonal migrants, transgender, victims of child and bonded labor and daily wage workers, (including landless farmers) through interest free loans, Ensuring financial access to treatment in defined categories and protecting the poor against, (e.g., cranes, wheelchairs, tripod/quadripod sticks, crutches and other assistive devices), in under-privileged districts in the public-private partnership mode, from PKR 5,250 to 6,500 through the Employees Old Age Benefit Institute, through Employees Old Age Benefit Institute, Five great Ehsaas homes (old people’s homes, to develop recommendations to address the following issues: loopholes in existing laws as a result of which a large number of workers remain outside the formal network (e.g., agriculture and livestock sector, artisans, construction workers in informal settings, domestic workers and women whose work is seen as an extension of domestic responsibilities in rural area); fragmentation of labor social safety nets; rampant corruption and institutional failures which result in exploitation of labor; and enforcement issues with regard to minimum wage, and health and safety regulations, welfare and pension scheme for the informal sector, as a result of the recommendations of the Labor expert group, A policy to increase the role and number of, and to involve well reputed expatriate Pakistanis in that role, for intended migrants, and ensuring attendance biometrically so that workers can be made aware about their rights and entitlements (for example insurance), which will ensure that they are not exploited by human resource exporters and employers, to create one-window for all types of requirements to facilitate migrant workers, Negotiations with foreign governments to extend the, for workers to a minimum of 3 years because unskilled workers hardly recover their cost of migration before that time, for low paid workers abroad who have not returned home in seven years, community and health and nutrition initiative, de-worming drugs, iron, folic acid, micro nutrient supplements, Multi-sectoral Nutrition Coordinating         `, Establishment of the first-ever university-hosted, to the rural poor along with veterinary cover as part of the graduation initiative’s asset transfer programs, to promote subsidized certified seed and seedlings through the entrepreneurial model as well as CSR to promote fruit and vegetable intake, Oil cans to accompany seed packets policy, Promotion of seed distribution through the, made available for stunted and wasted children in a cost-effective manner, so that the disadvantaged become aware of their right, where public schools do not exist, but private schools exist; or, primary and secondary education to private sector in geographic areas where there are no public schools, to enable implementation of contracting out and voucher schemes, mentioned above, to overcome constraints faced by dispersed populations in accessing education, Conditional cash transfer program for education, by the Higher Education Commission for students from low-income families and lagging districts to ensure that all qualified students have access to undergraduate education regardless of income, gender, or location.

Watch here. Watch here. View images of the event Details here.

Sukaimadan to enhance its income generatin\g capacity. The multi-sectoral Ehsaas Value Chain Building Committee has been constituted to develop a value chain building policy addressing rural challenges, particularly small landholdings, subsistence farming, exploitation by extractive Aarhtis (middlemen) and stress selling. Providing free trainings to widows, orphans and underprivileged girls on different skills i.e. Haripur Ehsaas is about the creation of a ‘welfare state’ by countering elite capture and leveraging 21st century tools—such as using data and technology to create precision safety nets; promoting financial inclusion and access to digital services; supporting the economic empowerment of women; focusing on the central role of human capital formation for poverty eradication, economic growth and sustainable development; and overcoming financial barriers to accessing health and post-secondary education. Ehsaas Emergency Cash program has been launched by the Prime Minister on April 1, 2020 in the context of the economic hardship being experienced by the vulnerable due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Ghaanche               

Ehsaas Food Card The Innovation Dividend, a podcast interview of SAPM Dr. Sania Nishtar on Ehsaas Emergency Cash hosted by UNDP’s Regional Innovation Center for Asia Pacific.

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