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Truly revolutionizing. “Aarni is a Finnish word for wild, untamed forest untouched by the hands of man.” Started by three friends, Aarni uses a variety of woods to craft quartz powered minimalist watches. Size. is a curated online marketplace for pre-owned design maintained by Finnish Design Shop. This Finnish brand is the brain child of Dr. Aittokoski and his search for the ideal wristwatch. I didn’t know you were from Lahti. Each product’s country of origin is indicated in the documents (non-EU orders only).

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Hi Ioana, I’m so happy you liked this post! $ 134.35. The Keli long sleeve shirt is heavenly soft merino wool and perfect for the next hike. 30 days return policy. Unlike many of the other Scandinavian watch brands which focus on minimalism, Finnish watch brands tend to be more unique and have their own design language. The Visa is cased in hand-forged damask steel with a fine grained Finnish Lapland birch dial.

In the land of a thousand lakes and a million saunas, the proud people of Finland make some very  interesting wristwatches. I love good knits but sometimes they leave you sweating. Where it makes its aviation inspired line of pilots watches. Clothing Shoes Gear & Equipment Children Winter sports Outlet Scout products Brands Gender. Store. Group. The quality and fit are impeccable. Together they are know as The Horological Brothers. Products are mostly made of sustainable left-over quantities of European design companies.
This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The stand-outs to me are Grönefeld for their amazing high luxury watches. And Sarpaneva for his singular artistic vision of what a watch is and how it works. Every time I’ve worn. What better time than Christmas to buy thoughtful and ethical gifts for your loved ones. And so he started Rönkkö Watches. Did you find some sustainable Christmas gift inspiration? The design pictured above is the Vetehinen and is no longer available, but I really love the unique engraved bezel design. Your email address will not be published. I love wearing comfy clothes indoors. All rights reserved. +358 20 743 2530  Your phone number is required so that the courier or shipping company can contact you regarding the delivery. In this post, I’m introducing you to four fantastic Finnish clothing brands in the Weekendbee assortment. Grönefeld won the Grand Prix d’Horlogerei de Geneve award in 2016 for their 1941 Remontoire watch. Leijona has produced affordable watches since 1907. My favorite moment of the day is when I change my jeans and blouse into “homewear” as we say in Finnish (the exact word: kotivaatteet). Their only watch the ilmar Visa uses a Swiss ETA 2892-A2 movement. Enjoy! Style-wise, their products range from more casual styles to formal wear ones, with suit jackets and shirts included. Their line of handcrafted wristwatches are perfect for tactical and military use. Brand. Finnish Design Shop does not collect these fees. Many of my sportswear items double as my homewear because I love having clothes that are versatile and can be used daily. watches are of high qulaity with prices ranging from $2,000 to almost $6,000 us. Take the shirt one size down for a comfortable loose-fit, not too big. See all Pure Waste products, Costo is a Finnish headwear brand founded by three designers. Brands - The most comprehensive selection of Finnish and Scandinavian design online. Please fill in your local phone number and select the country from the menu on the left. Ilmar watches are all about bring togehter Finnish Artisain to raise the watch to an art form. What’s on your list this Christmas? Would it be possible to recommend me some shops for children clothing as well? Costo beanies are a thing in Finland.

You could argue that Polar and Suunto are competitors in the same market segment, but I would say that Suunto is more in the tactical niche with focus on navigation, and Polar is more focused on heart rate monitoring in the running niche. Check out some of my other posts: ...feel connected with the Finnish culture (even if you aren’t in Finland), confident with the Finnish communication style (even when it’s filled with silence), prepared to meet and get to know Finns. The Fractalis has a rugged and robust design with a round 42mm case that is accentuated by large geometric lugs. If Sarpaneva and Rönkkö make desirable high-quality watches for connoisseurs and watch collectors, I would say that Leijona makes standard watches for the general public. All non-EU countries are shipped to on a DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) basis, which means that all product prices displayed are exclusive of all taxes and duties. Thank you so much or these tips and shops. After 80 years of expansion, product development, and a few changes in ownership, Suunto is today a subsidiary of Amer Sports Coroporation. Their current watch is the Adventurister and has applied silver dots for minute indicators which reminds me a little of my Visitor Duneshore dial, but with a more clean and simple aesthetic.

Also check out my full review of a white Adventurister, here! Ilmar for bring local artists together with the watch makers art.

The third generation of Grönefeld’s, brothers Bart and Tim, are now running the brand. S.U.F. The weekend was another part of my very enjoyale trip to Finland. I’m from Kuhmoinen, a tiny village one hour away from Lahti. The R42 MKII in grey is pictured above. They currently have another The Argyron in the works. CEO and chief designer Stepan Sarpaneva founded Sarpaneva Watches in Helsinki in 2003 after returning from Switzerland where he had worked for multiple Swiss watch brands, including Piaget. So, maybe we can say it’s a Finnish-Swiss brand?

Frenn is a modern brand, established in 2013 in Helsinki.

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