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It is a release. I feel strongly about it, but it was the hardest one to make.”, It’s at this point Ben surprises me, talking down on his vocal performance. That’s what I grew up in; I went to college in the Northwest and saw that culture decline. “I never stopped singing the whole time I was making beats. He paused for a moment, but came back decisively: “‘IT MATTERS.’ The vocal takes felt too overwrought and dramatic. At this time, the collective Goth-BoiClique existed within Thraxxhouse but later on emerged into its own right. “I honestly started [WiLDFiRE] because I was frustrated an artist I was producing for was not treating the music we had made as 50 percent mine in terms of decision making, even though I had helped write the vocal melodies. Although he was creating techno on an early version of Ableton, fish narc had no intentions of producing hip-hop. Like, ‘I said it first! Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Fish Narc scheduled in 2020. It’s immensely freeing some other people’s expectations and taught me how to make records better than I knew how to before.”. Fish Narc is a member of famous Music Producer list. Build up your Halloween Watchlist with our list of the most popular horror titles on Netflix in October. The focus of WiLDFiRE is fish narc finding creative freedom and finding his voice amidst a storm of comfortability. “These songs are how I… I haven’t been producing for other people or making beats. They’re both cheeky moments where Ben steps from behind the curtain to show us who he is. “I’m not listening this time,” Ben wails on “IT MATTERS.” Much like the rest of WiLDFiRE, this song is a great moment of catharsis. It was during this transformative time period when fish narc sole-ly produced the 2017 Goth Angel Sinner EP with Lil Peep, which is currently slated for posthu-mous release. In this moment that I felt it was declining, I was aware of, and a fan of the music of, Raider Clan and Lil Ugly Mane and Black Kray.”. Realizing the narrative I could control, and the truth I feel like is mine, and I wanna tell… I have to embody it. As we understand it, this is the birth of the modern-day fish narc. Attracted to this avant-garde approach to rap music, fish narc began to work with Thraxxhouse artists. I wrote lots of parts—lyrics, bars, melodies, arrangements—for other people… When I get on stage and sing… I’m nervous as hell at the shows until I get on stage and start singing.”, Looking over the tracklist of WiLDFiRE, you’ll find instance after instance of emotional nakedness, so much so, I had to ask Ben which song was the most taxing to write. It doesn’t make sense to me. That summer, Ben spends all of his time with the artist we now know as Lil Tracy. Original material is licensed under a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution. From his productions for GBC to his latest solo effort, WiLDFiRE, written from February to May of 2019, the common threads between all of fish narc’s music are his howling tendencies and blunt-edged lyrics. It’s so easy to simply not do something, to get comfortable doing the easier thing—in this case producing for others—but the itch to create never left Ben’s side. Initially receiving his mother’s guitar when he was 12 years old, fish narc quickly cut his teeth in the local punk scenes of Washington State as both a vocalist and guitarist. The vocal tricks on “MY BEST,” the way fish narc sings about getting his pulse checked by his lover, capture the ethos of WiLDFiRE. Wicca Phase’s background was in Tigers Jaw and his penchant [was] for boppier base. “To put all that into it, I feel like someone’s gonna make fun of me: ‘Get over it, dude!’ I was scared of putting that much out. He’s lost hobbies and social skills in the name of music, which I understand. With his musical project fish narc, Friars-Funkhouser has helped popularize the application of live guitar playing onto the traditional trap-beat format. “I’ve dedicated myself to making music and have to address how that affects me instead of charging into making more music, and ignoring how I feel all the time,” he concludes. YAWNS and I built that beat out of an idea I had. She’s so confident and vulnerable and poised—I try to embody Kim’s style. It wasn’t because I feel incredibly confident and worthy because I struggle with those feelings a lot. I had to redo it three or four times to get it how I wanted. Explore releases from Fish Narc at Discogs. The music has an honest edge to it, with Ben’s incisive writing making every song a standout. His tone over the phone is relaxed and methodical as he recalls the GBC history and his own origin story. “I want to paint [the culture] as vividly as I can. But ‘IT MATTERS,’ I belt it. Take it.’ That was my attitude with these songs.”, Ben continues, his voice thinning a bit: “Part of the process of writing it, too, was me getting off hard drugs. Fish Narc is a composer, known for Lil Peep: Belgium (2019) and Everybody's Everything (2019). It’s important to note Mackned was experimenting with Witch House-influenced production and experimental vocals and was also making trap, and he grew up in Seattle listening to grunge. It’s a whole lot of desire… Desire to do something bigger and better. We played shows together back in 2011.”. Fish Narc is a composer and actor, known for, Lil Peep’s ‘Everybody’s Everything’ is a Posthumous Grab Bag That Chronicles the Enigmatic Rapper’s Rise, Lil Peep’s Producers Had One Goal for New Posthumous Album: Don’t Change Anything, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Born Ben Funkhouser, fish narc, 27, stands at the intersection of DIY punk and hip-hop. “There’s a whole book that could be written about how things came together, but I’ll give you the short version,” Ben tells me over the phone. I realized I had put down singing because I felt like I didn’t have anything to say. As of 2019 Fish Narc is 26 years old years old. On WiLDFiRE, fish narc sounds exceptionally comfortable in his skin. It was just like, in a way, a defense mechanism. The following year, fish narc produced both Brennan Savage’s Garbage and Drowning EPs, as well as collaboratively producings Wicca Phase’s Spider Web EP alongside Clams Casino. By exploring the different nuances that rock music allows and expanding from the emo template to hip-hop and beyond, musician, producer, and songwriter Ben Friars-Funkhouser has discov-ered the middle ground of genre-bending production. His music is growling and expansive. “Part of that has gotta be from being exposed to public opinion and being a part of this big, crazy story that a lot of random people wanted to have an opinion and weigh in on. His energy is infectious in the way screaming when you are at your breaking point is infectious. “I feel like I put myself out there personally, without much defense, on these songs,” Ben admits. I was embarrassed, projecting so much energy out with the vocal takes. This is what I put all my cards in.” Not that he asked, but had Ben been curious, I would have told him: WiLDFiRE is an amazing hand to have been dealt. Getting clean was a necessary step for making anything for staying alive, but I don’t want this to be the focus.”. Find information on all of Fish Narc’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2020-2021. He joins Thraxxhouse, an artist collective that precedes and goes on to include GothBoiClique because Mackned and Key Nyata are looking to book shows in DIY punk spaces—Ben can help. On top of working with fellow GothBoiClique members, fish narc has also produced for artists like Smokepurrp, Smrtdeath, Zubin, and many more.

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