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#05 "Thicker Than Water"

"Crossed Signals" Ty Borden actor Graham Wardle is indeed married, although that’s not his real … Ty mounts Harley but then he starts to buck and is thrown. In the morning, Jack's not happy they can't get through on the radio, he suggests going out and Peter is determined to go with him. He has lived at Heartland Ranch for his whole life, although he took a break when he was a legend in the rodeo. When they head out Jack insists on driving his truck which consequently breaks down on the way there.

Gender Lou arrives, with Peter, and introduces him to Jack. (The Ties That Bind) 2x17 When Lou shows Jack the new poster for Heartland Winter Wonderland campaign for the Dude Ranch, she's excited but he's unconvinced. Lisa arrives to deliver her chili for the meeting, Lou rebuffs her leaving her angry. "Coming Together" (Miracle) Jack goes to Maggie's on a supply run with Caleb, when he sees Val approaching he tells Caleb to go in and get him a coffee. #12 He thinks that she has become more stressed since Tim bought her Storm and she started jumping again. He starts off by not liking Ty too much or trusting him too much.

(Come What May) Jack is reading the newspaper about Gallant Prince at Maggie's, Maggie suggests Amy should work with him.

Tim tells Jack that he never liked him, jack admits that he didn't know him but didn't care about him until Marion bought him home. #01 In reality, Amber Marshall’s life is not so different from Amy Fleming’s! He tells him that he's the one who missed 10 years of his daughter's lives and he can't just walk in now and control what they do with their future.
Jack shows Ty the ropes around the farm.

#03 But, instead of thanks Tim, Jack tell him that Tim killed him before in a way in season 7 episode 1 "Picking up the pieces". #01 15.2 Romantic Lou suggests putting Carl in Ben's room while he's there, he's adamant he's not sleeping in the room next to hers so puts him in the loft with Ty.

Since Ty's horse took off and it's getting late they make a camp in the woods. Mallory pulls his glasses out of his top pocket.

"Gift Horse" (The Haunting of Hanley Barn) 3x05 When Mallory and Amy hear a noise, Amy rushes to get Jack and sees Tim with a herd of cows to repay his cheque. At dinner, Lou shows everyone the tickets for the polo match, Lisa is excited but Jack isn't as keen. Lisa comes over and visits Prince, while she's there she invites Jack to go and look at a horse that she's thinking of buying and he accepts. So he pays her a visit and tells her to stop and give the girls a chance. Jack continues to complain to about his new truck but Ty suggests he give it a chance. "Broken Heartland" Season 5

#07 Jack tells Lou that she'll need to watch Mallory and Jake as he's going to the cabin however, she tells him that she's going away with the internet guy so can't. (Corporate Cowgirls) Jack reads the newspaper article about Mark and Amy helping the boy at Sheep River. #17

He allows them to go but wants them to take his truck as it's bigger and safer. He also acts a lot as peace maker between Lou and Amy when they start arguing.He supports Amy through her work and tries to help advice her when he can. This incident is revealed only several months after it occurred, with Jack having morose flashbacks to their happier times, leaving viewers wondering about the status of their relationship in the meantime. Mallory asks for Jack's advice when Jake becomes to over-bearing. He thanks her for supporting Amy and offers help when she tells him about her nephew coming to live with her. "Change of Heart" #14 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartland_(Canadian_TV_series) After they get the cows back, in the morning, Jack let's Ty keep the hat as he believes he earned it. #15 6 Season 5 "Written in Stone" #08 "Never Let Go" Season 4 When he notices the cows are out he helps round them back up. Jack arrives at the cabin and sees a photo of Lyndy, he sits and listens to one of her records. Jack makes sure he's done all his jobs first and offers some help. #15 When Tim rides up to them he introduces him to Callie Philips, Ray's daughter to get rid of him. "Running Scared" Hello Heartlanders, and welcome again to a new year, and a new decade! "Darkness and Light" "Wrecking Ball" Jack shows Ty up to the Loft where he'll be staying. #06 Jack had the lead with Tim just behind and Scott in third, when he looked behind him Tim was gone, when he came through the trees Tim was ahead.

Ty tells Lou and Jack that she bought Amy a colt to help get her mind off of Spartan, Jack tells him that he can't just replace him she needs time. #08 (Growing Pains). They finally make it to the stable when Dan is there and slips in that he's married to Lisa. #04 4 Season 3 Shaun Johnston, Actor: Heartland.

He finds Amy and asks how it's going with Ben, she asks him if Lou talked to him about the letter. He drives around town and finds Ty's car, he hears some commotion and helps Ty when he's getting beaten up. promised to his grandfather to hold onto Heartland, all 600 acres. Friends VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - NOVEMBER 23: Actress Michelle Morgan attends the 8th Annual UBCP/ACTRA Awards at Vancouver Playhouse on November 23, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. She starts to panic about his forgetfulness, Jack calms her down and reassures her that he looks after himself. Lou takes Jack to the site she found to build the Dude Ranch, he's not happy when she tells him of her plans to knock down his grandfather's old bunkhouses, which are falling down already, and refuses to let her build there. Go figure! Jack tells Ty that his knee is getting stiff but he's still determined to beat Tim, he begins to tell him his strategy to train is to take it easy before the race to let him go his fastest on the day. Jack continues to complain to about his new truck but Ty suggests he give it a chance. When Clint Riley shows up, Jack must decide if he wants to continue sponsoring Ty with his probation. #05 This leads to a physical fight between the pair and Tim telling Ty who he is. (Dancing in the Dark) 2x05 Jack congratulates Lou on a good first day with her guests from New York. Ty's started to get scared of all the wild noises when Tim wonders in with their horse. Jack sees Ty in the barn and asks about Badger after seeing him by the lake earlier. She confesses her love for him and tells him that when she loves someone she wants to take care of them. Jack and Lisa are towed back to Heartland and Jack gets Ty to take a look at it despite everyone telling him to let it die. Caleb leaves as Jack receives a phone call from Amy telling him that Ty's been arrested so he rushes off. When Mallory hasn't been acting herself he goes to check on her. He continues to get frustrated when Ty keeps taking off and leaving him to do the work. "Blowing Smoke" He goes to see Ty at Briar Ridge to tell him Val needs to sign his sponsorship papers now he works here. (One Trick Pony), Jack is telling Lou that he accepted the pregnant mare because he agreed to go on a cattle drive for Ray Philips. Amy, Ty and Lou fawn over the new trucks in the brochure and try again to convince Jack to get a new truck, he avoids it and goes to bed. Talk about couple goals. (Ghost Horse) Lou shows the family the plans for the Dude Ranch but no one takes an interest in it. "Reunion" #03 He tells her that he doesn't not approve of Peter, but doesn't want him to take her away, she promises he won't and they hug. Jack takes Lisa up to his fishing cabin, the first person since Lyndy died. Amy, Ty and Lou fawn over the new trucks in the brochure and try again to convince Jack to get a new truck, he avoids it and goes to bed. "Ghost from the Past" Lisa pulls out a picnic she had packed and offers him turkey and swiss sandwiches.

After a few years, he had developed a t… "Miracle" (Do or Die), When Lou brings up the Hudson Derby, Jack is instantly reminded about how Tim cheated the last time they raced he and Tim argue about the event. Tim continues to tease him and tells Jack that he won fairly but jack continues to argue he cheated and cut a corner. Mallory looks for Mindy's water bottle she took but Jack threw it away. She offers to help but he tells her that she's too busy.

The next day, Amy and Ty figure out a theory as to how Wes stole and bought Spartan so tells Jack. Heartland season 14 release date, cast, synopsis, and everything we know about the upcoming episodes of the Canadian series. #02 "Beyond Hell's Half Mile"

They go back to Heartland having taken back his new truck, he arrives with a new truck very similar to his old one and with his old truck being towed to keep for spare parts. They pull guns out with the rustlers, who steal Jack's keys and pull guns on them. Lisa Stillman (Wife)Lyndy Bartlett †(Late Wife) (Born to Run), Lou tells Jack that Tim is coming for lunch, he doesn't react as expected and says it's perfect. (Step By Step) He ensures them to not get in between rustlers and the cattle just to call the police, when a cattle rancher brings a cow into Maggie's causing chaos. "The Road Home" #01 (Taking Chances) 1x05 Jack isn't very impressed with Lou's idea about a video for Heartland. #17

He starts talking to Tim and gets angry when he tells him he just bought a new herd, much to Amy and Lou's confusion. He continues to get frustrated when Ty keeps taking off and leaving him to do the work. #02 #05 #02

When Mallory turns up jack calls her school to let them know she's safe. #11 Jack tries to recall and finally figures out where. When Amy runs across the field to get to Tim one of the rustlers points his shotgun at her but Tim jumps in the way getting himself shot. #03 While there he bumps into Mrs Roche and suggests he give Amy another chance. The next morning, Caleb calls in sick and Lou tries to get Jack to go with them. "Risky Business" "Ring of Fire" The next morning, Amy finds feathers out by the chicken coop, Jack looks and believes the chicken go out of the coop in the broken fence and that the cougar got it, he offers to help Mallory fix it so the others don't escape.

"There and Back Again" He's finally able to choose one and everyone, apart from Jack, is excited when he drives it home. Mallory goes inside to see Jack standing at the freezer, she tells him off and he starts to cave on the idea of AC. "There Will Be Changes"

He later gives Ty back his cowboy hat telling him he found it in the rubbish. Heartland, Season 10

Finally, he tells them that this race was the reason Stumpy became "Stumpy". Later, Amy explains that Taylor caused the accident with Trooper on purpose and needs to tell her Mum, Jack comforts her assuring her she's doing the right thing. Jack grew up on the Heartland Ranch, after his father died he took on the farm and continued to run it as a cattle ranch. After, he tells Lisa that it was a nice wedding bu there was only one thing missing form it, her. (Gift Horse) Lisa arrives ready for the cattle drive and gifts Jack a new saddle, soft and recommended for arthritis. As he's leaving the hospital he sees Wes arriving and remembers what happened at the barn and Wes is arrested. He has lived at Heartland Ranch for his whole life, although he took a break when he was a legend in the rodeo. When the wedding is back on jack gives Mackenzie away.

When Badger releases the horses Ty and Tara try to calm him down, with him wielding a hook and swinging at Ty. The truck breaks down on route and Lisa tries to call for help but has no service when she sees the time and realises they've missed it. (Seismic Shifts) When Amy and Ty discover Tara and Badger have stolen Ty's truck, Amy calls jack who goes with Clint to stop them. He finds Amy and Ty talking about their shifts of feeding Merlin, Jack tells them having an orphan foal is like having a newborn, he also tells them about the cougar. Jack attends Marion's funeral with Lou. Lou tells everyone that she has lots of signatures of support, Jack tells her she has more support and takes her for a drive. He's adamant he's fine and demands to go home, as he arrives back to Heartland he gives Lou the job of calling the insurance company.

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