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April 1943 in Oldham, Lancashire) ist ein britischer Historiker, der durch seine Schriften zum Nationalsozialismus, besonders durch seine zweiteilige Biografie Adolf Hitlers, bekannt … 31 The Berlin Philharmonic even performed on April 12, 1945, less than three weeks before Hitler's suicide. Unfortunately, the same will be true in the future; but in fact, it is the duty of everybody to try to work towards the Fuhrer along the lines he would wish.

Anyone who makes mistakes will notice it soon enough. There's a problem loading this menu right now. 261–289 from, "'Improvised genocide?' 102 51–78 from, "Working Towards the Führer: Reflections on the Nature of the Hitler Dictatorship", pp. Thus, for Kershaw Nazi Germany was both a monocracy (rule of one) and polycracy (rule of many).

However, I know really that I would have been as confused and felt as helpless as most of the people I am writing about. Kershaw disagrees with Mommsen's "Weak Dictator" thesis: the idea that Hitler was a relatively unimportant player in Nazi Germany.

[41] In his biography of Hitler, Kershaw presented him as the ultimate "unperson"; a boring, pedestrian man devoid of even the "negative greatness" attributed to him by Joachim Fest. [6] As a result of his work in the 1970s on Broszat's "Bavaria Project", Kershaw wrote his first book on Nazi Germany, The "Hitler Myth": Image and Reality in the Third Reich, which was first published in German in 1980 as Der Hitler-Mythos: Volksmeinung und Propaganda im Dritten Reich. In Kershaw's view, the Nazi dictatorship was not a totalitarian monolith, but rather an unstable coalition of several blocs in a "power cartel" comprising the NSDAP, big business, the German state bureaucracy, the Army and SS/police agencies (and moreover, each of the "power blocs" in turn were divided into several factions).

anyone who wishes to understand the Third Reich must read Kershaw.”—Niall Ferguson. 32 En Hitler, Kershaw despliega todo su conocimiento sobre el personaje y su época para ofrecernos un fresco inigualable del dictador, sus pensamientos, métodos y oratoria, y tratar de dar respuesta a uno de los interrogantes más apasionantes de la historia contemporánea: ¿qué se esconde detrás del Führer y por qué un pueblo y su ejército se dejaron arrastrar por los delirios de un líder que provocó la destrucción de Europa y la suya propia?«La biografía de Hitler del siglo xxi.» Richard J. Evans, «Magistral… cualquiera que quiera entender el Tercer Reich debe leer a Kershaw.» Niall Ferguson, «Kershaw, una de las autoridades mundiales sobre el nazismo y sobre Hitler, ha alumbrado una monumental biografía del personaje.» El País, «Un logro de primerísima categoría.» Financial Times, «Una biografía soberbia.» The New York times Book Review, «Kershaw es el guía definitiva a Hitler, el nazismo y la nación que durante un tiempo, desgraciadamente, reflejó su malévolo genio.» Los Angeles Times, 'It is now time that something was done. 10–17 from, Pozzi, Enrico. [28] In Kershaw's view, Broszat's Resistenz (immunity) concept works well in an Alltagsgeschichte approach, but works less well in the field of high politics, and moreover by focusing only on the "effect" of one's actions, fails to consider the crucial element of the "intention" behind one's actions. ), Of all Hitler’s countless utterances, his most notorious was a short, Luck of the Devil: The Story of Operation Valkyrie, ( "[12][13] By this, Kershaw meant the progress leading up to Auschwitz was motivated by antisemitism of the most vicious kind held by the Nazi elite, but it took place in a context where the majority of German public opinion was completely indifferent to what was happening.

[45] In his 2000 edition of The Nazi Dictatorship, Kershaw quoted with approval the dismissive remarks made by the German historian Hans-Ulrich Wehler in 1980 about such theories.

In The Nazi Dictatorship, Kershaw surveyed the historical literature and offered his own assessment of the pros and cons of the various approaches.

[16] Kershaw accepts the picture of Hitler drawn by intentionalist historians as a fanatical ideologue who was obsessed with social Darwinism, völkisch antisemitism (in which the Jewish people were viewed as a "race" biologically different from the rest of humanity rather than a religion), militarism and the perceived need for Lebensraum. Yet even as each month brought fresh horrors for civilians, popular support for the regime remained linked to a patriotic support of Germany and a terrible fear of the enemy closing in. ), D.Phil.

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