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Beginning her public life in 2002, Chung won the title of Miss Crystal Cover Girl, a beauty-talent contest organised and hosted annually by Crystal Mall, an Asian-themed shopping centre located in the Metrotown area of Burnaby, British Columbia.[3].

[58] She got the My Most Supportive Performance award from Ming Pao Anniversary Awards in 2011 for Miss Koo in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir according to voting from audience. She invited 3 guests such as Janice M. Vidal, newcomer Ally Tse, and especially top female singer Kelly Chen. In a Weibo post , the actress confirmed she was marrying Jeremy and called him her Mr Right. Scrambled Egg Toast Stack ($6.50) from Tai Cheong Bakery's first overseas cafe in Holland V. Moist and wobbly, but more like slightly watered down angmoh scrambled eggs than the lush HK cha chaan teng version. Chung starred in 2013 TVB's grand productions 30 episodes Brother's Keeper, co-starring with Ruco Chan. She spoke about her battle with depression after joining the entertainment industry. He proposed to Linda Chung last autumn and she said yes. Another news outlet, ON.CC also captured an intimate moment between the newlyweds. Smile with your Mind. Emails are optional and for tracking replies. They are both devoted Christians and Linda thanks God for the chance meeting with him. Interesting. They gave me the courage to show my true self to the public." She won the 2004 Miss Chinese International and signed on with TVB as an artiste after that. They have been dating since the beginning of last year and Linda Chung feels that he is Mr Right. Starhub TVB Award 2012 – My Favorite TVB Onscreen Couple (, Starhub TVB Award 2012 – My Favorite TVB Female Character (, Vietnam DMA Presentation Ceremony 2011 – Most Popular Female Actress (Hong Kong), JSG Music Awards 2010 – Best Duet – Bronze (with Stephanie Cheng), JSG First Round Music Awards 2010 – Best Duet Song Award (with Stephanie Cheng), JSG First Round Music Awards 2010 – Song Award, JSG Music Awards 2009 – Best Duet Bronze Award (with Phillip Wei), JSG Music Awards 2009 – Best Performance Award – Bronze Song Award, JSG third round Music Awards – song award (Missing you day and night), JSG Music Awards 2008 – Best Female Newcomer 2008 – Silver, JSG Third Round Music Awards 2008 – Song Award, Hong Kong Film Directors' Society – Silver Song Award, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 – Miss Talent, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 – Miss Snow Beauty, Miss Crystal Cover Girl 2002 – Best Swimsuit Performance, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 11:58. Although Chung can gain the nomination and get into top five of "Best Actress", TVB still received a lot of complaints about Chung not having a nomination of "My favorite female character role". This actress, Linda has married to her boyfriend, Jeremy Leung in 2016. David Siu mentioned Chung has potential on acting in an interview. Her character was involved in a complicated love triangle with Michael Tse and Ron Ng's characters. TVB was my shelter. Chung also won the "Most Popular Actress" in the largest film forum "Vietnam DMA awards ceremony" of the Year Award in two consecutive years in Vietnam.

[63] She and Steven Ma collaborated five times in TVB, was a terrific couple on screen. [20] Chung received much praise from audiences and several famous people. [46] Chung was also captured by media to be the "successor of fa-dan" and one of the "Best new-coming fa-dan" with Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui and Fala Chen as the first-class performance of Chung in several series before the day. On the ending note, the sad ending for this series also received a huge outcry from viewers, most reflected they preferred a good ending and requested for a re-make of the ending. Among the five series that were released in 2008,[28] Chung received most recognition for her acting in A Journey Called Life. She says she now understands how tough it is for working mothers. “That’s why [Children’s Hospital] might be the last drama I’ll ever film,” she sighed. Her husband, chiropractor Jeremy Leung, 48, and their kids Kelly, four, and Jared, two, are based in Vancouver. - h [ ... ], On 12 Aug 2019, Jing Boran was filming on the set of "The Climbers"《攀登者》on a 5m high stage [ ... ], Irene Chen Ai Ling shares seductive pregnancy curves with husband Alex; talks about miscarriage. Kris Wu holds girlfriend Luyi Luna's hands in carpark; wipes student's wet... Elva Hsiao's new underaged boyfriend Justin Huang Hao, Wang Leehom's wife Lee Jinglei celebrates son Wang Jiayao's 1st birthday, Zhao Liying first day at work after delivering baby son for husband William Feng Shaofeng, Tiffany Tang's baby daughter bump too big to hide, Donnie Yen & Takuya Kimura's daughters grow up; Jasmine Yen & Mitsuki Kimura, Fish Leong divorces husband Tony Chao for dating internet babe, Shawn Yue's son Xiao Yue with wife Sarah Wang seen for first time, Jing Boran falls from 5m stage while filming The Climbers; Jackie Chan co-stars, Irene Chen Ailing shows off seductive pregnancy curves of son with husband Alex; talks about miscarriage, BTS to take 'extended' break for the first time since debut, Jennifer Tse's undercover husband Mark unveiled for benefit of daughter little Ting Ting, Yao Yao shares 32E hourglass figure for birthday by the beach, Beatles fans mark 50 years since iconic Abbey Road photo, Typhoon Lingling to slam S. Korea this weekend, Tens of thousands protest over plans to suspend Parliament, Indonesia to move capital city to eastern Borneo, replacing Jakarta, U.S. yield curve inverts further, pointing to possible recession ahead, Massive wildfires in Amazon rainforest emerging as "global crisis", Disney's video streaming service to debut in November for US$6.99 a month, Brazil sends in army to tackle Amazon rainforest fires, Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus arrive in Manchester, Dramatic moment avalanche cascades towards village, Liverpool fans react to historic victory over Barcelona, Yang Zi and boyfriend Deng Lun One Night in Beijing; strokes belly as if pregnant, Reaction to collapse of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain, Yui Hatano wants to get married by 30; likes not-so-handsome guys, Drone shows glory of Notre-Dame Cathedral before fire, SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft explodes in test mishap, Fan Bingbing appears on planet earth again, Song Joongki turns macho for new girlfriend Kim Jiwon in Arthdal Chronicles, Lee Minho hopes to get married to protect girlfriend Bae Suzy. Linda Chung’s husband, Jeremy earns HKD 6 Million per year. With Chung's amazing performances till mid 2011, TVB Anniversary Awards "Best Actress" Charmaine Sheh,[50] Hong Kong Film Award for Best Director Gordon Chan,[51] Hong Kong Film director Patrick Kong, Hong Kong CR1 DJ,[52] Tvb actress Helen Ma,[53] Kate Tsui[54] and Myolie Wu[55] praised support for her either to be the next "Best Actress" or to get an award in TVB Anniversary Awards,[56][57] or to be the first-actress. Chung gained her first "Female Singer Award" in MRHNA Musical Ceremony 2012, which continued gained the same award in 2013. ", When asked about the diamond ring on her hand, Linda said: "More than one carat, the most beautiful and my favourite design too.". Bobby said Chung was only alike a little girl in their first starring "Forensic Heroes", however, she is completely changed and honed during these years, either acting or in life.

Due to its success, Star Entertainment released a second version of her album, "Dinner for One, World for Two Reloaded", which included more songs and more bonus material.[108]. The two conducted their ceremony on February 27, 2016, with attending their family and friends at Vancouver. [111] This song reached the champion on TVB's JSG Solid Gold programme. As a singer, Chung has released four studio albums, Dinner for One, World for Two (2008), My Love Story (2009), My Private Selection (2011), and Love Love Love (2012). Good for her. Her daughter's name is Kelly Leung. But the two introduced to one another by her best friend, fellow actress Eliza Sam, when she went back to her hometown in Canada. She was then asked about her plans for her honeymoon. Her first plugged song was "World for Two". He is however, the nephew of TVB's former chairman and very well-connected. [1][2] After graduation from Vancouver's Templeton Secondary School, Chung studied education at the University of British Columbia for two years. 3 Sep 2019 - Actress and Miss Hong Kong second runner-up Whitney Hui (30) finally married her foreig [ ... ], 3 Sep 2019 - Angelababy was filming with David Beckham in Macau and Beckham graciously prepared an a [ ... ], 31 Aug 2019 - Kris Wuyi Fan (28) has been spotted holding the hands of his girlfriend Luyi Luna (19) [ ... ], 27 Aug 2019 - Over the last weekend, Elva Hsiao (40) decided to go public with her new boyfriend num [ ... ], 24 Aug 2019 - Wang Leehom (43)'s wife Lee Jinglei (33, also Li Jinglei) delivered a baby son Wang Ji [ ... ], 22 Aug 2019 - Zhao Liying Zanilia has been spotted on a number of occasions after her pregnancy but  [ ... ], 22 Aug 2019 - On a recent filming session while Tiffany Tang was on the set, she was dressed in bagg [ ... ], Japanese heartthrob Takuya Kimura (46)'s 16 year old daughter Mitsuki Kimura has just made her debut [ ... ], On 18 Aug 2019, it has been allegedly discovered that Malaysian songbird Fish Leong (41) has already [ ... ], Shawn Yue has been happily married since Dec 2017.

Among these three songs, "Thinking of you day and night" was the first plugged song and was much more conspicuous. Damian Lau and Liza Wang had highly praised towards Chung about her attitude and performance in Limelight Years. Jeremy Leung, a chiropractor who has his own practice in Canada, is 12 years Linda’s senior. ", But she admitted that he popped the big question in Vancouver. 1. Chung won awards in different music platforms based on this song. This role gave her a nomination for "Best Actress"[25] and "My Most Favourite Female Character Role"[26] for the second year in a row. She revealed on 27 August 2016 that she had given birth to a daughter named Kelly Leung. Linda's charm is more the healthy girl-next-door, not the seductive mistress type. The album reached the #1 in sales chart and entered the sales chart of the LP Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for more than 5 weeks, gaining #2 for 2 weeks. During that time, I would cry as soon as I returned home." She said: "I didn’t know anything so I had a lot of pressure. Chung has sung the theme songs for some of the series that she has starred in then, including her first personal song "Swear" for Legends of Demigods,[103] Best Bet, A Journey Called Life, A Watchdog's Tale and the subtheme for Heart of Greed. Her husband is 12 years her elder; Chiropractor Jeremy is 43 year old while Linda Chung is 31 year old; Jeremy has a chiropractic clinic in Burnaby city in Vancouver and his business is satisfactory due to … It’s a bouncing baby boy for Linda Chung and her husband Jeremy Leung. meaning: always at heart) in a popular series of that year, Heart of Greed. Her daughter's name is Kelly Leung. She was praised by Paul Chun, co-star Bosco Wong and film director Patrick Kong[67] Chung was again owning great support from public will by Witness Insecurity this year. Get updates about the best spam fries and other delicious things in life – not spam.

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