ji eun tak past life

Yayy, cant wait to watch Lee Dong Wook again. I dun care about others statment, i just wanna say i love you all............. Hwaiting! After all we all thibk she's the queen... cory Dec 20 2016 3:58 am Yes I am a guy. I Love this drama, its like bella and edward,..hehhee, Fads Jan 15 2017 10:57 pm Kim So Hyun Jan 07 2017 6:10 am How's that hurting anyone? However, after five eps it seems she's staying with the style & type of drama she's been known for. So beautful, so sad... this drama is amazing.

i repeat this drama five times already, but still i can feel all the emotions inside there. Goo Yoo, on the other hand, is very handsome, sexy, a sophiscated looking man who looks his age. this trio are good in actings. 5/5, Looking forward to more shows with amazing cinematography like this ( which i think play one of the major part for the drama success!! Please let's just take this as a drama and not an educational exercise~~.

i can't still get over in these drama :). In the drama the two men lived in the same house, and there were many silly exchanges between them that would make us laugh, but there were also scenes that would amaze us because of their cohesiveness. Beautiful writing, beautiful scenes and a beautiful ending.

The story really sinked down deep into my soul. Then will watch, cause I still don't how to overcome my separation anxiety with this!! All he could do was stand there, eyes warm.“In this life my name is Park Somin.” Kim Shin couldn’t repress the sad chuckle that left his lips. I think if your drama show up on free cable it can get the highest rating beats the legend of the blue sea. After I heard about the casts and scriptwriter (A Gentleman's Dignity & Secret Garden ♥), there was no way I was going to stay away from this drama. Why such characters are acceptable but not eun tak? of course, the reason why writer’s kim eun sook wanna them to be casted are their talents. Whyyyyyy ?? I thought the same thing about Gream Reaper is The King in his previous life and Kim Sun is the queen. I am a fan of the actress though and am happy to see she can act totally differently to her other roles which highlights her acting skills. Reading through the comments I noticed something about those who say there're no chemistry between the two leads. I'm watching goblin like watching cinema movie ?? Nicely written. Wonderful show, almost perfect!!! Samm Dec 10 2016 1:16 am even after nearly two years and countless dramas, ‘stay with me’ remains to be my absolute favourite OST. JulySnow Dec 11 2016 4:50 am

Amazz storyline love it! you cant find any single boring scene.

Niusha Jan 07 2017 5:42 pm hyphuw Jan 07 2017 12:15 pm The effects are cool. What if he was in the middle of showering or bathing or even getting jiggy with a pretty lady? I was riveted to the screen for the first 37 minutes of ep #1.

that is about 115 hours per month, (round to 120) which is about 4 hours per day. It is fate love them as a couple.. I am enjoying it, for me the character is very interesting and not at all childish, I was just trying to put a different point of view of the one presented on the comments before (rereading it now it may seem as if I was criticizing her, but my intention was quite the opposite actually..).

Han Se-joo (Yoo Ah-in) is a famous writer who is in a slump struggling with writer’s block. 0SuE0 Dec 05 2016 9:28 am Grim reaper and Sunny.. He delivered it so well. mewryloh Dec 12 2016 6:49 pm WARNING: This comment contains some spoilers. The emotion it evokes is indescribable. what an amazing drama! That guy annoyed me. Trinity Dec 21 2016 12:04 pm Anyway, like I said, not too familiar w/ the lead actress, however, she's way better than Suzy so I give GE props for that. Please TvN! Brother and Sister? I really don't know what this drama is getting at b/c it has no direction. 하트~.

Their teasers are simply adorable. Anyway, Kim GE is better than her so it's not abt GE's acting, it's abt how the writer made her character out to be.

One cannot invest in a couple when you can't even understand how they became a couple in the first place. In teaser 6, when Kim Shin and Eun Tak pass by each other, Kim Shin said "A bride has appeared". I miss her already. It's just that I find Eun Tak's behavior inconsistent with what she's gone through and her situation in life.

Dont think the drama is quite dragging because it is all part of the process! People who just watched This drama and said that the female main lead is too early to be a main lead with gong yoo please god don't make me laugh I just want to ask you that " Have you ever watch 7 first kiss yet ://? he will continuously feel the pain of her dying everytime. no offense, but please see through each character, the writer already gave her all to make one and and another character, so that they must have a flaw that made them as a human too. daebak! Go finish it and see for yourself. the gap is still huge. It all makes sense if you actually pay attention to what the Goblin says and pay attention to the senses.

When i saw the last scene i thought oh god it ends now ...but it s in ep 13 so ...yeh i am waiting .. We were fascinated and impressed with how the drama was shot, with great effects right from the first episode.

King? But they hardly get 10 min.

This is not romantic its creepy. i cried and laugh, i enjoyed this drama! This is the most amazing k drama that I have watched that I am wishing for a second season (eun tak's second life with goblin). If you're not a meticulous but a simple viewer who wants to feel a roller-coaster-ride-of-emotions, then I absolutely recommend it.

The story,characters,lyrics all things is awsome Like her other drama.. im quite worry since the sinopsis smel fantasy. When does this kdrama release new episodes? For me Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo is in same level when it comes to drama. Okay so I never leave reviews but oh my god. The directing and visuals of this drama are phenomenal!!! We're all free to air our opinions but some people just don't know when to give it a rest like those who won't let the age-gap issue go 'coz they just have to prove they're right. But it was a little too bland for me and the chemistry wasn't that great. Anyway, I had high hopes for Goblin so I'm still hoping the writer can be gutsy enough to move away from the typical romance-dominated Kdramas. (He shed tears when he saw the ring and then suddenly they spoke about why he became a grim reaper) He lifts up the phone and frowns at the colorful pastel square now resting next to his “map” button. What are the connections among the four of them and how do their fates overlap? Really good one. For him, who was part of the whole history of society and most certainly spent this time living his life with seriousness, meeting and having to deal with a personality like hers is something fresh.

Especially to Ms kim Eun sook..i wish.we're living on the same land...hehe?? The plot story is good and well put (the comedy, the tragedy, the romance, everything in it), the actors and actresses can portray the characters well, including well built chemistry among characters. For me she's a natural actress and a very versatile one. I thought that the Granny is a witch or even in higher position than the God of Death since he was so polite with her when they are met in front of Eun Tak place. And Yes. really recommended drama 10/10, but i smell that this drama will become a mellow drama, i hope noot sad ending, loveeeeeeee Dec 04 2016 3:48 am You're so handsome that my heart melts ?? I never get bored to watched it over and over again and i don't regret to spend my time to re-watch this drama. black swan May 06 2016 12:02 am mzla Dec 06 2016 7:45 pm jaein Dec 08 2016 6:38 pm It is not a rom com drama, maybe they have a bit of that element but still it is not their main theme. Nia K. Haryanto Jun 02 2020 5:44 pm

Please make some happy moment for goblin in the special episode. i hope their story would be more intense because i really love this couple! zppjss Sep 26 2017 1:08 pm I really like Grim Reaper and I think there will be some story with him and Sunny, so I will go on with few episodes more, but since Eun-Tak and Goblin romance is the main subject of this drama, it will be a little bit difficult for me.

In this way she's quite sensible already. Definitely a great love story. Jennise Dec 25 2016 3:14 pm HUHUHU???? To: Grim Reaper❤, Yes he is.

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