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[6] In 1992, various efforts were made to procure funding for follow on Landsats and continued operations, but by the end of the year EOSAT ceased processing Landsat data. The Yellowstone fires of 1988 were the worst in the recorded history of the national park. Ensure that Landsat 8 data are sufficiently consistent with data from the earlier Landsat missions in terms of acquisition geometry, calibration, coverage characteristics, spectral characteristics, output product quality, and data availability to permit studies of landcover and land-use change over time. Satellite visual images have a greater impact on people than just words, and this shows the importance of Landsat imagery and satellite images in general.[21]. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, provided development, mission systems engineering, and acquisition of the launch vehicle while the USGS provided for development o… [8], NASA assigned the TIRS-2 instrument as a directed development to Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Through the Landsat Menhaden and Thread Investigation, some satellite data of the eastern portion of the Mississippi sound and another area off the coast of the Louisiana coast data was run through classification algorithms to rate the areas as high and low probability fishing zones, these algorithms yielded a classification that was proven with in-situ measurements – to be over 80% accurate and found that water color, as seen from space, and turbidity significantly correlate with the distribution of menhaden – while surface temperature and salinity do not appear to be significant factors. Band A: 0,505–0,750 µm Landsat 8 consists of three key mission and science objectives: Providing moderate-resolution imagery, from 15 metres to 100 metres, of Earth's land surface and polar regions, Landsat 8 operates in the visible, near-infrared, short wave infrared, and thermal infrared spectrums. Der neue Landsat-Satellit ist mit zwei Arten von Instrumenten ausgerüstet: Der „Operational Land Imager“ verfügt im Vergleich zu seinen Vorgängern über zwei weitere Spektralbereiche: Während der eine sich besonders gut für das Aufspüren von Cirrus-Wolken eignet, soll der andere vor allem der Beobachtung von Küstenregionen dienen. [9] The spacecraft supplies power, orbit and attitude control, communications, and data storage for OLI and TIRS. The SSM electronics were turned off with the instrument pointed at nadir and TIRS data was acquired but not processed. [19] In addition to these problems, TIRS launched with a stray light anomaly that increases the reported temperature by up to 4 °C in band 10 and up to 8 °C in band 11. [8], In 1976, Landsat 1 discovered a tiny uninhabited island 20 kilometers off the eastern coast of Canada. Il est développé par l'agence spatiale américaine, la NASA à l'instigation de l'Institut des études géologiques américain (USGS) et du département de l'agriculture au milieu des années 1960. These satellites collect remotely sensed imagery of the Earth’s surface at moderate resolution. The OLI instrument uses a pushbroom sensor instead of whiskbroom sensors that were utilized on earlier Landsat satellites. The area affected by the fire was estimated to be 3,213 square kilometers – 36% of the park.

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