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On the other hand, this invention was extremely successful and is still present in practically every household.

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Elouise Cobell Billie Jean King March 2017 On June 20, 1908, the Imperial Patent Office granted Melitta a patent for her filter. The beverage dripped through the paper, straight into the cup. Heian Period

In search of a suitable filter, she ended up with blotting paper from her son’s exercise book. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, 22 Rare and Amazing Photographs Capture People Crossing Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada From the Early 20th Century, Fascinating Vintage Photos of People Celebrating Oktoberfest in the 1960s, 30 Glamorous Photos of Mona Freeman in the 1940s and ’50s.

Joy Ogwu “The result was resounding,” Horst Bentz recalled. June 2011 Mother Theresa With women innovators representing less than 15% of global patent applications these days, Melitta Bentz's story is still exceptional a century later. Bronte Sisters June 2015

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Until then, coffee was usually brewed by pouring fine coffee powder into hot water and waiting for the powder to settle at the bottom of the pot. Hannah Snell Gone With The Wind Boom, a makeshift coffee filter. Trudy Harsh May 2013 American South The concept and the company took off in 1909 when Melitta and Hugo showed their product at the Leipzig Trade Fair, which drew the owners of housewares stores from across Germany. Women Journalists In Pakistan Jane Eyre In 1923 her eldest son Willy became co-owner and spurred sales. Trial and error prevailed in a German woman’s kitchen. Melitta Bentz in 1897 with her husband, Hugo. June 20, 2020

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Bentz." Later he assigned this role to “demonstration ladies,” an idea he got from his time as a department store manager.

Jamestown Every morning, from her kitchen in Dresden, Germany, she fantasized about better ways to brew. Melitta Bentz would start out her mornings in Dresden in a manner as mundane as the person in the apartment next door, and the one next door to that: with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The Shriver Report Melitta Bentz (1873–1950), a housewife from Dresden, registered her new coffee filter with the patent office on June 20, 1908.

And then there was the chore of cleaning the copper pot and getting rid of the grounds that stuck to the sides. The company grew to eight people in 1912. Overlooked No More: Melitta Bentz, Who Invented the Coffee Filter. Vintage Everyday Gabby Douglas Hatshepsut

Anna Nzinga Melitta Bentz (1873–1950), a housewife from Dresden, registered her new coffee filter with the patent office on June 20, 1908.

Barbra Steisand April 2011 January 2017 Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis When World War I began, Bentz’s husband and her elder son, Willy, were drafted into the army.

0. June 2012 She invented the coffee filter using a piece of blotting paper from her son’s school notebook. She married Hugo Bentz, and the couple had two sons, Willy and Horst — who both joined the business — and a daughter, Herta.

“My mother, who had an excellent taste in coffee, was often irritated by the coffee grounds in her cup,” Horst Bentz, one of her sons, recalled decades later in an interview in a 1949 issue of Der Aufstieg, a German publication.

She recognized the commercial potential of her invention early on.

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Civil Rights Movement Cleopatra She was 77. Sophie Scholl Boxes of Melitta filters in Germany in the late 1930s.

“My mother, who had an excellent taste in coffee, was often irritated by the coffee grounds in her cup,” Horst Bentz, one of her sons, recalled decades later in an interview in a 1949 issue of Der Aufstieg, a German publication. Eleanor Of Aquitaine Julia Ward Howe May 2015 “Every employee knows Melitta Bentz and her exceptional role as the mother of the corporation,” she said. Anna Sewell February 2017 Anne Bronte She soon took the first steps towards marketing the new filter and registered it as a utility model: “Coffee filter with a domed underside, recessed bottom and inclined flow holes.” The industrial property right was granted upon registration on July 8, 1908 on page 1145 of the patent gazettes of the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin.

Next, Melitta laid this contraption on top of a coffee mug, filled it was coffee grounds and slowly poured boiling water over it.

Marilyn Monroe In 1938, with her sons in charge, she founded Melitta Aid, a social fund for company employees that still exists today. Bentz sold 1,250 units for 1.25 marks each that year. May 2014 Later that year, in December, her company, M. Bentz, was entered into the commercial register and Melitta was officially in business. June 2016 Fannie Flagg The company temporarily stopped producing filters during World War II — by then Melitta and her husband had retired — and in 1941 cooperated with the Nazi regime to produce military supplies as a “National Socialist model plant.” After the war, the company contributed to a program that aimed to compensate victims of the Nazis’ forced labor policy. August 2012

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And still is today! Since 1851, obituaries in The New York Times have been dominated by white men. Isabelle Scott

Brigitte Bardot In 1909 the filters were presented at the Leipzig Trade Fair and proved to be a success with more than 1,200 units sold. June 2017

Melitta Bentz in 1897 with her husband, Hugo.

February 2015 February 2011 Cleaning up was easier and more hygienic; the used paper filter went straight into the trash, with no more handling of messy grounds. Jody Williams October 2012 Madeleine Korbel Albright

While the company that bears Melitta's name is still a leader in drip-cone manufacturing, coffee-loving geeks, designers, and professionals all over the world have followed our gal's lead by making tweaks to Bentz's initial concept and striving for the perfect filter brew. Maria Otero Or one sifted the mixture. Sheila Johnson Today the Melitta Group employs more than 4,000 people across the world. Attaining a patent on her coffee filter system was a big deal back in 1908. February 2014 Until then, coffee was usually brewed by pouring fine coffee powder into hot water and waiting for the powder to settle at the bottom of the pot.

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What she did next will sound familiar to many: She added ground coffee and poured hot water over it.

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November 2015 Cristina Fernandes De Kirchner Meip Gies July 2011 This company was initially based in a room in the Dresden apartment of the Bentz family.

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August 2011 1900s, celebrity & famous people, drink & food, event & history, female, germany, inventions August 2016 Victorian Era And when she got the system she wanted, she put her name on it. Melitta’s grounds-free coffee was well received by those she shared it with, which led her to set up her own company. August 2010 The Most Beautiful Women in the World: Vintage Portraits of Circassian Beauties With Their Big Curly Hair, 24 Amazing Photos Show Interiors of Canadian Hotels’ Rooms in the 1950s and ’60s.

Most Melitta locations still have a photograph of her on the wall, said Ms. von Hollen, the spokeswoman. Vera Wang July 2014 The first coffee filters were produced at home.


Soon the space became too scarce; the company moved to Minden, where it is still based today. April 2017 In 1908, a utility model was registered at the Kaiserliches Patentamt (Imperial Patent Office) in Berlin, which is important in several respects: Firstly, the applicant was one of the first women to have her own invention personally protected. April 2014 October 2010 November 2016

Melitta guided her small company through the years of war and the turbulent post-war period. Hillary Rodham Clinton But rather than feel refreshed and focused, Bentz found herself growing more annoyed with each sip.

The company reported its revenue in 2017 as 1.5 billion euros, or about $1.8 billion. Amalie Auguste Melitta Liebscher, daughter of Karl and Brigitte (Reinhardt) Liebscher, was born in Dresden on Jan. 31, 1873. Josephine Baker

October 2011 The upswing of the company began. April 2016

The Kaiserliche Patentamt (Imperial Patent Office) granted her a patent on 20 June 1908, and on 15 December the company was entered into the commercial register with 73 Pfennig as "M.

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The couple expanded their small company and constantly improved their products. And the coffee grounds caused an unpleasant aftertaste. October 2014 Cheng I Sao

Emily Bronte Discover an aromatic and especially balanced taste experience with Melitta® Original Coffee Filters. Geun Hye Park July 2010 December 2010 Patricia Cloherty Dorothy Kamenshek Margaret Mitchell Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Melitta Bentz with her husband, Hugo in 1897. Mary Poppins She called this “perfect coffee enjoyment.”, She tested her new invention on her acquaintances, the stories go, hosting “coffee afternoons.”.

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