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In the 1790s he criminalized custom. He used this information to lobby the government on behalf of the country's industries, particularly cotton and muslin. Patrick Colquhoun was a Scottish merchant, statistician, magistrate, and founder of the first regular preventive police force in England, the Thames River Police. Between 1782 and 1784, Patrick Colquhoun himself served as the Lord Provost of Glasgow. In 1861, when he was Chief Justice of the Ionian Islands, he was knighted on 14 November. He was awarded an honorary LL.D. The Marine Police Force continues to operate at the same Wapping High Street address. Sir Patrick MacChombaich[needs IPA] de Colquhoun QC (/kəˈhuːn/ kə-HOON; 13 April 1815 – 18 May 1891) was a British diplomat, legal writer and sculler who influenced early Cambridge rowing. He was then member of the Supreme Court of Justice in Corfu from 1858 to 1861. His treatises on police inspired the foundation of police in Dublin (Ireland), Sydney (Australia), and New York (USA). His findings formed the basis of numerous pamphlets and treatises that he wrote promoting legal reform and business generally.

In 1800 Parliament passes the Marine Police Bill expanding and making official the police as a centralized, armed, and uniformed cadre of the state. Sir Patrick MacChombaich de Colquhoun QC was a British diplomat, legal writer and sculler who influenced early Cambridge rowing.

From 1857 to 1866, he was Aulic Counsellor to the King of Saxony and standing Counsel to the Saxon Legation. [1] The inscription reads: Sacred to the memory of Patrick Colquhoun Esq. Colquhoun's utilitarian approach to the problem – using a cost-benefit argument to obtain support from businesses standing to benefit – allowed him to achieve what Henry and John Fielding failed for their Bow Street detectives. Armed with Harriot's proposal and Bentham's insights, Colquhoun was able to persuade the West India Planters Committees and the West India Merchants to fund the new force. The capitalist, investor regime needed a laboring under-class in thrall to subsistence wages to maximize profits. On one occasion, he travelled to Manchester and compiled statistics on the cotton trade., police: The development of professional policing in England. In 1839 it merged with the Metropolitan Police Force to become Thames Division; and is now the Marine Support Unit of the Metropolitan Police Service. Moreover, he went so far as to praise the French system, which had reached "the greatest degree of perfection" in his estimation. Ten years later, with the outbreak of the American Revolution, Colquhoun sided against the rebels and, along with 13 other local businessmen, funded a Glasgow regiment to contribute to the government's war effort. He presented his findings to Prime Minister William Pitt in 1789, but they were not acted upon because of the war with France. This paper seeks to examine from where his ideas and inspiration on law enforcement were derived. Patrick Colquhoun’s role in pioneering police reform in London has been widely documented. He published two dozen treatises on a variety of social problems, but the most significant is his 1796 A Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis.[7]. [7] In Constantinople he was close friends with James Redhouse. That work was interrupted by the revolutions in France and Haiti. Marxist historian Peter Linebaugh posits another persona of Colquhoun, i.e., the agent of often violent oppression wholly in the service of an industrialist and property-holding class in the earliest incarnation of socio-economic warfare in the Atlantic economy. In St Margaret's Church Westminster, on the west wall, is a memorial tablet to Patrick Colquhoun, founder of the Thames Police.

Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Organized to reduce the thefts that plagued the world’s largest port and financed by merchants, the force was directed by Patrick Colquhoun and consisted of a permanent staff of 80 men and an on-call staff of more than 1,000. In addition to his Virginia cotton interests he owned shares in Jamaican sugar plantations. These activities brought Colquhoun increasingly into contact with the political sphere and to the attention of government and in 1785 he moved to London to seek a government position, and was appointed Magistrate in the East End. From 1840 to 1844, Colquhoun was Plenipotentiary of the Hanse Towns at Constantinople, Persia and Greece, through his father's connections. With the initial investment of £4,200, the new force began with about 50 men charged with policing 33,000 workers in the river trades, of whom Colquhoun claimed 11,000 were known criminals and "on the game". In building the case for the police in the face of England's firm anti-police sentiment, Colquhoun framed the political rationale on economic indicators to show that a police dedicated to crime prevention was "perfectly congenial to the principle of the British constitution".

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