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Updated: Nov 30 2017 Ah, the video game documentary. The documentary: Chronicles the tale of the infamous Fyre Festival of 2017, which promised a paradisiacal getaway to the Bahamas, but quickly turned it into a scene straight out of Lord of the Flies thanks to the wild mismanagement of its overconfident organisers, and particularly its chief fraudster, Billy McFarland.

A hotbed of speculation sprang up surrounding Knox's involvement and the media painted her as the villain. This film from Patrick Creadon follows Season Nine of the Intel Extreme Masters event, and the top competitive eSports players participating.

If you're fed up of flicking through the Netflix catalogue and landing on something of questionable quality, then you should start scrolling below. Episode 1, however, focuses on the rivalry and race between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates which makes for interesting viewing considering the impact both of these figures have made on the gaming industry. Told via interviews with the remaining members of the group, this is a fascinating cultural document. If you've ever wondered what it's like to work in the multi-million dollar porn industry, American documentary film Hot Girls Wanted is for you. The documentary: In 2001, a 911 operator receives a call from a distraught husband after discovering his wife’s body at the bottom of the stairs. The bravery of director Matthew Heineman is commendable, as he troops into areas where two vigilante militia groups fight to reclaim their territory from the country's most notorious drug cartels. Sure, it’s not technically a gaming documentary, but the computer lays the foundations for every video game ever so it’s a pretty important one to take note of. Or was it because he was torn away from his family at two years of age, and kept in isolation and confinement for twenty years? It's directed by William Acks, France Costrel, and Sam LaCroix, all of whom worked on Showtime's doc series about technology and the dark web, Dark Net. Experience it all with our best documentary series and movies. One of the world’s greatest sushi chefs, his quest for culinary perfection at the age of 85 is the driving force of this cheerful documentary. on August 14, 2020 at 11:00AM PDT. Recent developer-created making-ofs for games like God of War and Broken Age offer compelling looks at the process of creating a single game. It's clear that Carrey's commitment to the role caused problems on set, but Jim and Andy is a compelling story about two of the world's biggest comedians and why they do what they do. Finished Tiger King? Revealing interviews with Street Fighter II designers Akira Nishitani and Akira Yasuda and Mortal Kombat co-designer John Tobias explore the beginnings of gaming's path toward serious competition. Both Planet Earth and its decade-later sequel series focuses on life all across the planet, and how animals are connected to their natural surroundings. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. Why it’s worth a watch: A piece of history that many of us just don’t know about, this is one of many examples of sexism that’s so ingrained in our collective past, we don’t realise it.

Seriously, get this watched.

The documentary: If you thought Gorillas in the Mist was harrowing, then prepare yourself for what the inhabitants of Virunga National Park face. Why it’s worth a watch: Whether you live in a country with free healthcare or not, the sheer gall of some companies in rushing out products prior to being thoroughly vetted is astonishing. That individual is author Michael Peterson, who becomes the subject of a documentary that unfurls over the course of a decade.

The documentary: You've seen Masterchef, you've gobbled up Bake Off, and now it's time to dip into the process of culinary perfection. Gem is GR+'s west coast entertainment news reporter. It's like watching artists at work. Or not… depending on your point of view. Why it's worth a watch: Okay, sure, there's no contest so you might be wondering what the appeal is. The documentary: This latest Netflix Original is poised to swipe the "best true crime docuseries" mantle from Making a Murderer. Not only that but the reality of the situation is not as flat-out straightforward as you’d imagine, with twists and turns emerging all the way through this compelling piece of cinema. While showing its age in its concerns at times, Life 2.0 shines a light on the prospect of sacrificing your natural life in favour of a seemingly boundless one in the virtual world. Why it’s worth a watch: By shooting some awe-inspiring sights and showing communities of species that are still thriving today in remote and urban parts of the globe, this is a fascinating, heart-wrenching and humbling look at the world and how we humans have affected the lives of so many beautiful creatures. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Hearing the testimonies of his former trainers will only further break your heart. Enter your email address and receive notifications of new posts by email! Telling the tale of his travels across Poland, journeying between local internet cafes with headsets and mice and challenging anyone who wanted to play, Blicharz shows us the eSports kingdom he has created in a truly passionate display. Why it’s worth a watch: Movies frequently leap to the ole “they’ve got amnesia!” tactic to swerve a plot into unusual directions. The documentary: Knock Down the House follows four, progressive female Democrats running in the 2018 midterm elections in the hopes that they will eventually be elected to Congress. Most critically, it delves into the appeal of the genre for many: the ability to become anyone they want on screen. The 46-year-old Brian Wells walked into the PNC Bank with a bomb strapped to his chest, then walked out with a load of cash with mere moments left to live. Directed by James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot, the film follows Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes as Super Meat Boy prepares for its 2011 release, Phil Fish who’s been stuck on Fez for years, and Jonathan Blow who reflects on the success of Braid since its 2008 release. Why it’s worth a watch: This documentary doesn't pull any punches and shows some of the best and worst aspects of working in the porn industry.

The documentary: Porn is something that none of us feels 100% comfortable talking about, but, if we're honest, we're all familiar with it one way or another. And YouTube channels such as Noclip have regular long-form stories about the development of games both large and small. Did Kathleen Peterson really fall? ESPN Plus costs for UFC 254 live stream PPV event, NHL, MLB, and more explained. The documentary: The case of Amanda Knox is a controversial one. For one reason or another, the world has become obsessed with the story of Meehan, which first came to light thanks to the popular podcast Dirty John by Christopher Goffard and was then turned into a Netflix Original, starring Eric Bana and Connie Britton. Thankfully for the Netflix scroller however, many have since decided to delve deeper behind the pixels and the results are… From true crime, to history, and even sports series, there are dozens upon dozens of hours and scores of new stories for you to get invested in. The documentary: A conman and master manipulator, John Meehan already had a disturbing history of abuse when he talked Debra Newell into marrying him just two months after meeting, but he never convince her daughter Terra and eventually met his end attempting to kidnap her. Is it in his nature? The documentary: The truth behind keeping whales in captivity is chronicled in this Netflix Original, tracing the story of an Orca named Tilikum who killed three humans while at Sea World. Jason Spingam-Koff’s debut 2010 documentary takes a look at the social and cultural results of highly immersive virtual worlds through the online world known as Second Life.

Why it's worth a watch: A documentary that's not just about the community itself, but also the conflict which grew between them and the surrounding towns and people.

It’s hard to not become smitten by his bounding optimism as he dishes out plates that go for $300 a pop at his Tokyo restaurant. High Score also has a stellar narrator in Charles Martinet, the voice of Super Mario.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Sorry, got something in my eye. This is an incredibly interesting look at the "good vs evil" narrative that sprung up in the media at the time. The film is filled with a struggling sense of disillusionment, both while the products are in development and with consumer responses after release. Or is he? Directed by filmmakers Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, the documentary follows the lives of several 18- to 19-year-old pornographic actresses and premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2015 before being snapped up by Netflix. notoriously considered the worst game ever made, Comprehensive look at the golden age of gaming, Animated scenes spice up the interesting stories, Excellent narration by the voice of Super Mario.

Setting the tone for High Score as a whole, "Boom & Bust" offers a humanizing look at those who both fell in love with making games and those who excelled at them, stressing along the way that games are meant to be for anyone and everyone. Featuring interviews with the duo behind the first PC adventure game with graphics and the man responsible for bringing choice-based consequences to games, "Role Players" is utterly absorbing. You will receive a verification email shortly. From Bedrooms To Billions has since been removed from Netflix but there are some cracking interviews in here that warrant further exploration! Plus, if you are into b-ball, then you can rest easy in the knowledge that you're seeing a hidden side of one of the sport's greatest dynasties. ( Log Out / 

The documentary: It doesn’t matter whether the thought of raw eel drenched in soy sauce makes you gag or drool, the story of Jiro Ono is an absolute joy to watch.

The documentary: If you're a fan of comedian Andy Kaufman, Jim Carrey, or the 1999 biopic which starred Carrey as Kaufman, Man on the Moon, this is the documentary for you. Surveying the British video game industry from 1979 to present day, Anthony and Nicola Caulfield originally conceived of From Bedrooms To Billions as a three part television series.

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