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What’s going on in the corona, the sun’s atmosphere? An unprocessed image from the WISPR instrument on board NASA’s Parker Solar Probe shows comet NEOWISE on July 5, 2020, shortly after its closest approach to the Sun. WISPR’s telescopes will provide white-light images of the solar wind, shocks, solar ejecta and other structures as they approach and pass the spacecraft.

A Key Biosignature Called Phosphine has been Discovered in Venus' Atmosphere.

“Heliophysicists have been waiting more than 60 years for a mission like this to be possible. Except every week in your inbox., Audio Podcast version:

It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. 23:22 Why didn't the Universe collapse again? © 2020 Condé Nast. Wise up with WIRED's collection of space photos here.
NASA released the photos on December 12, 2018. “There are clear signs of changes over time in the clouds of Venus if we compare observations by the Venus Express mission in 2006-2014 with more recent observations by Akatsuki since 2015," Dr. Peralta added.

To find out more, WIRED's Daniel Oberhaus spoke with Planetary Society CEO, Bill Nye. During the multi-pronged campaign, the Parker Solar Probe witnessed the nightside of Venus, extending from the surface to its upper atmosphere, while Akatsuki's instruments obtained info centered on the upper clouds.

A spacecraft that uses breakthrough technology and autonomy to endure heat and radiation like no other mission .

ITunes: The Parker Solar Probe (abbreviated PSP; previously Solar Probe, Solar Probe Plus or Solar Probe+) is a NASA Space Probe launched in 2018 with the mission of making observations of the outer corona of the Sun. 00:00 Start It’s a small price to pay for beauty; these solar burps are also partially responsible for the atmospheric ionization that causes aurora events at Earth’s poles. Wired may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers.

If they don’t, then it’s back to the drawing board. Image via NASA/SDO/Seán Doran. No spacecraft has ever been as close to the Sun as the PSP has, so scientists don’t exactly know what to expect from the data. 33:45 What will Starship land on? EarthSky lunar calendars are cool!

And More…, Episode 684: Open Space 87: What Would It Take to Terraform Venus, And More…, Episode 685: Open Space 88: UFO Culture with Author Sarah Scoles, Episode 682: Life on Venus?

11:31 Could space be infinite at the Big Bang? The faint grid pattern near the center of the image is an artifact of the way the image is created. NASA's Parker Solar Probe launched on a mission to touch the sun on Aug. 11, 2018, riding atop a ULA Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Models are a good way to test theories about the underlying physics of the Sun. 13:57 Will we mine the Moon for Helium 3? Well, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is on its way to shed some light on those mysteries. Bill Nye Explains the Science Behind Solar Sailing., Weekly email newsletter: Only once it exits each phase can it send its data back to Earth for heliophysicists to ponder.

Parker Solar Probe’s mission is try to answer three basic questions about the sun: – How is the sun’s outer atmosphere, the corona, heated to temperatures about 300 times higher than the visible surface below? Mars has certainly been on everyone's mind lately, with the prospect of a Red Planet mission in the near future, but our other solar system buddy, Venus, has suddenly been thrust into the public's mind after phosphine organic compounds were discovered in the barren world's cloudtops.

“Parker Solar Probe is providing us with the measurements essential to understanding solar phenomena that have been puzzling us for decades.” – Nour Raouafi, PSP project scientist, JHU/APL. See no ads on this site, see our videos early, special bonus material, and much more.

In 2018, the Parker Solar Probe was still under construction in a clean room near Kennedy Space Center. The brighter regions get hotter and more energetic as they interact more intensely with the sun’s magnetic field.

08:31 Elon Musk interview with the Mars Society brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. (Image Credit: NASA/STEREO). “We don’t know what to expect so close to the Sun until we get the data, and we’ll probably see some new phenomena,” said Raouafi.

This is not Mordor; this is our very own star. A scientific mission to unlock the mysteries of the Sun's corona and solar wind. The sun as seen by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in October 2017. How do those particles streaming from the sun’s surface actually achieve liftoff? The first solar encounter phase is complete, and though the mission has a lot of work yet to do, Parker scientists shared some of what they hope to learn from the mission at the American Geophysical Union in Washington DC.

"The data obtained by amateur and professional observers in these campaigns associated with flybys this summer and autumn will extend our knowledge of Venus weather and its variability.”.

Parker Solar Probe also broke two other records last October, traveling closer to the sun than any other man-made object and becoming the fastest spacecraft in history.

These coordinated observations intensified all summer long, when Venus was in the best position in comparison to the Earth, and will finish up this October, as the ESA's BepiColombo probe cruises past Venus on its voyage to Mercury.

Joined with data collected by the Akatsuki science team from June 19 to July 18, and amateur astronomers worldwide, a series of coordinated Venusian views were compiled that revealed more of the planet's hostile properties and delivered a better understanding of its evolution. Instagram –, Team: Fraser Cain – @fcain / [email protected]

We’ve all seen stunning images of the sun, both from the ground and from telescopes in space. Science is incremental, and scientists with the PSP like to point out that incremental improvement in models of how the Sun works is a part of the PSP’s job, even if we don’t get hands-down answers to our questions. 41:47 Starfleet or Space Force? The Solar Dynamic Observatory caught this one in 2017. The probe recently came within 15 million miles of the sun, and it’s now just two weeks away from a second flyby of the planet Venus that’ll whip it back around again—which means it had to be built to withstand scorching temperatures. Parker is an exploration mission – the potential for new discoveries is huge.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe launched a year ago on a mission to touch the sun. That sounds like a long distance.

The excitement is all around the PSP’s first solar encounter phase. According to Nour Raouafi, the mission’s project scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab: Parker Solar Probe is providing us with the measurements essential to understanding solar phenomena that have been puzzling us for decades. They are huge, extending above most other solar prominences, and can be seen during solar eclipses. Terry Kucera, a solar physicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center added to this, saying: Parker Solar Probe is going to a region we’ve never visited before. Consider that Earth itself is 93 million miles (150 million km) – and the innermost planet Mercury is about 36 million miles (58 million km) – from the sun.

Watch for Earth’s shadow and the Belt of Venus, Find more info about Parker Solar Probe at the mission website. The Parker Solar Probe is part of NASA’s Living with a Star program to explore aspects of the Sun-Earth system that directly affect life and society. “The opportunity to observe Venus with so many instruments and with such a large collaboration means that we can enhance the scientific value of these short visits by the Parker Solar Probe and BepiColombo to Venus.”. 44:27 What rocket launch do I want to see? Each solar encounter phase occurs when the probe is within .25 AU of the Sun, and during those times the science instruments will collect data. “It was a really exciting opportunity to have researchers using the IRTF and NOT join forces with amateur astronomers to observe Venus at the same time as Parker and Akatsuki,” said Dr. Javier Peralta, who led the ground-based support using professional telescopes.

The Sun is out of frame to the left.

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But now, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has gone where no spacecraft has gone before, flying much closer to the sun’s surface than any other probe. During this time, the spacecraft sped through the sun’s corona while collecting data with four different suites of instruments.

And all those spots? Medium-sized solar flares like this burst of radiation captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory in 2013 generally don’t affect things back on Earth, but they can interfere with GPS satellites and other objects in orbit.

56:59 Could you use the transit method to communicate between stars? Photograph: NASA/GSFC/Solar Dynamics Observatory, risking prison to film VR in factory farms, ‍♀️ Want the best tools to get healthy? These images provide key context for understanding Parker Solar Probe’s observations. This week the mission’s researchers released new results in the journal Nature—a tantalizing, preliminary look at our star. The science data from the craft’s first solar encounter began to be downlinked to Earth on December 7. Image via NASA/STEREO. 30:11 Will the magnetic reversal be devastating? The Wide-Field Imager for Solar Probe, or WISPR, is aboard NASA’s Parker Solar Probe to take images of the solar corona (the Sun’s atmosphere) and inner heliosphere. Ad Choices, Space Photos of the Week: Parker's Potential.

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