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Francis Fukuyama’s latest book, the sequel to his 2011 work The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution, brings the story told in the earlier volume up to the present day.The treatment of the past two centuries takes over six-hundred pages, more than its predecessor had employed in recounting the prior 200,000 years of human history. However, it was formerly viewed as a public-order crime in many of these places.

Any form of government in which there is a ‘rule by a few’, for example, by members of a self-regulating elite having domination over a large society is known as an oligarchic political system. Communication theory approach: This approach explores the process by which one segment of a system affects another by sending messages or information. According to political theorist Karl Marx, power is unevenly distributed in society, which means that social order is directed by an elite few at the expense of the majority. (2) output functions—rule making, rule appli­cation and rule adjudication. Consequently, it is a cyclical process. This political approach discover the features of decision makers as well as the type of influence the individuals have on the decision makers.

Traditional approaches made very little attempt to relate theory and research. Deutsch stated that the political system is a network of communication channels and it is self-regulative.


After studying politics with the help of traditional approaches, the political thinkers of the later stage felt the necessity to study politics from a new perspective. The supporters of this approach includes both ancient and modern political philosophers. Afterwards Karl Deutsch developed it and applied it in Political Science. The study of political science and in the process of search for political truth certain procedure must be followed. There is no body of knowledge or method of analysis which can be classified as belonging exclusively to political theory.". The aim of this approach is to evolve the standard of right and wrong, for the purpose of critical evaluation of existing institutions, laws and polices (Gauba, 2009). Prostitution, public drunkenness and drug use are all considered to be crimes that are against the public order. Institutional Approach: This is traditional and significant approach in studying Political Science. It is a system in which a small group (elites) rules and holds supreme power over a larger society. Approaches to study political science are grouped as traditional and modern approaches (D. K. Sarmah, 2007). Privacy Policy Study of such regularities makes Political Science more scientific with some predictive value. In the context of the law, crimes against public order are crimes that cause a disturbance to or violation of this order.

This approach believes that political events are shaped by various other factors in the society and therefore, it would be wrong to separate Political Science from other disciplines. For example, marijuana use has been decriminalized in many states in America. These approaches put emphasis on values more that facts.


The various traditional approaches to the study of Political Science have been disapproved for being normative.

D    Traditional approaches are value based. Among the ancient thinkers, Aristotle had significant role in shaping this approach while the modern thinkers include James Bryce, Bentley, Walter Bagehot, Harold Laski contributed to develop this approach. Another theorists, Norman Barry defined that “Political theory is an electric subject which draws upon a variety of disciplines.

Legal Approach: This approach concerns that the state is the fundamental organization for the formation and enforcement of laws. Therefore, its main concern is to judge what is good or bad in any political society.

S    Therefore, they emphasize testing and verifying everything. K   

The primary goal of a political machine is maintaining control, and abuses of power are not uncommon. B    This approach strongly maintains the belief that the thinking or the dogma of every political thinker is formed by the surrounding environment. David Easton has pointed out certain salient features of behaviouralism which are regarded as its intellectual foundations. Behaviouralism has first explained human behaviour into the field of Political Science and thus makes the study more relevant to the society. INFOGRAPHIC: A Look at Marijuana Law in the U.S. What Benefits Are Veterans Legally Entitled To? Therefore, the institutional approach is concerned with the study of the formal structures like legislature, executive, judiciary, political parties, and interest groups. The political system receives theses inputs from the environment. So Where Is My Check? Systematization: According to the behaviouralists, research in Political Science must be systematic.

To adapt and change elements of social, economic, religious systems necessary for achieving collective (political) goals.

Therefore, this approach is concerned with the legal process, legal bodies or institutions, justice and independence of judiciary. According to Sabine, ‘Political theory is, quite simply, man's attempts to consciously understand and solve the problems of his group life and organization. The Origins of Political Order: From prehuman times to the French Revolution is a 2011 book by political economist Francis Fukuyama about what makes a state stable. Unlike democracies, where a variety of groups struggle for a voice in government, the government dictates the society’s values, ideology, rules and form of government. #    This approach helps in predicting future political events. The supporters of this approach are Cicero, Jean Bodin, Thomas Hobbes, Jeremy Bentham, John Austin, Dicey and Sir Henry Maine. Privacy Policy 8.

It is the most extreme form of authoritarianism. As societies become wealthier and more complex, political systems develop and grow more powerful. Furthermore, the scholar being a human being is not always value neutral as believed by the behaviouralists. The ‘outputs’ flow back into the environment through a 'feedback' mechanism, giving rise to fresh 'demands.' WC Coker explained political theory as "When political government and its forms and activities are studied not simply as facts to be described and compared and judged in reference to their immediate and temporary effects, but as facts to be understood and appraised in relation to the constant needs, desires and opinions of men, then we have political theory."

It is mainly an ethical and normative study of politics and, thus, idealistic. Therefore, without studying the past political events, institutions and political environment it would be erroneous to analyse the present political events. Expenses that Are Not Covered by Workers' Compensation. To maintain integration of society by determining norms. The supporters of this approach consider that political philosophy is strongly associated with the political beliefs. A political decision which is taken by a few actors influences a larger society and such a decision is generally shaped by a specific situation. Normative political theory is related to concepts such as justice, equality, and rights. Most of the political phenomena are indeterminate. Political philosophy supports in establishing a good political order (Gauba, 2009). solving social problems, System approach developed by David Easton (Source: Gauba, 2009). Political thinkers such as Machiavelli, Sabine and Dunning considered that politics and history are closely related and the study of politics always should have a historical standpoint.
In practice, the state is represented by a politically powerful ruling class or elite that dominates all other interest groups. These new approaches are regarded as the “modern approaches” to the study of Political Science. Another classification of political approach is empirical analysis of political events. Copyright 10. Furthermore, history provide details of the past as well as it also links it with the present events. Benefits of behavioural approach are as follows: Despite of merits, the Behavioural approach has been criticised for its fascination for scienticism also. Political theory is considered as the basis and branch of political science which attempts to arrive at generalizations, inferences, or conclusions to be drawn from the data gathered by other specialists, not only in political science, but throughout the whole range of human knowledge and experience. Verification: The behaviouralists do not want to accept everything as granted. These approaches accentuate the structures and functions. This approach is related to history and it emphasizes on the study of history of every political reality to analyse any situation. Relevance and action were the main slogans of post behaviourism. In the context of the law, crimes against public order are crimes that cause a disturbance to or violation of this order. These approaches go beyond the study of political structures and its historical analysis. Different demands have different levels of support.

Report a Violation, Political System: Concept and Types of Political System, Difference between Political Process and Political Parties, Political Institutions: Useful notes on Political Institutions.

not interested in action, Relevance of knowledge to They have grouped these functions into two categories: (1) Input functions—political socialization, interest articulation, interest aggregation, and political communication; and. Behavioural approach is political theory which is the result of increasing attention given to behaviour of ordinary man. Modern approaches are fact based approaches. C    The theories are the results of thoughts and research of many scholars and exponents of political science. To summarize, Political Theory is a separate area within the discipline of political science. According to Andrew Hacker, “Political Theory is a combination of a disinterested search for the principles of good state and good society on the one hand, and a disinterested search for knowledge of political and social reality on the other." Difference between empirical and normative approaches of political theory (Source: Gauba, 2009): It is demonstrated in theoretical literature that the traditional empirical approach to political science is what makes it a "positive" science. NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL POLICY-ANALYSE AND GIVE YOUR SUGGESTIONS. In the later period, the modern approaches have made an attempt to make the study of Political Science more scientific and, therefore, emphasize pragmatism. David Held described that "Political theory is a network of concepts and generalizations about political life involving ideas, assumptions and statements about the nature, purpose and key features of government, state and society, and about the political capabilities of human beings." Divorcing? From ancient Greece to the present, the history of political theory has dealt with fundamental and perennial ideas of Political Science. Theorist, Kirkpatrick stated that traditional approaches accepted institution as the basic unit of research but behavioural approach consider the behaviour of individual in political situation as the basis (K. Sarmah, 2007). The political institution determines and enforces the laws and punishes those who disobey them. The structural-functional approach may be considered as an outgrowth of the system analysis. It is a formal, logical and systematic analysis of the processes and consequences of political activity. John Plamentaz delineates political theory in functional terms and said that “The function of political theory has come to be restricted to the analysis and clarification of the vocabulary of politics and the critical examination, verification and justification of the concepts employed in political argument."

Y    Most eminent exponents of this approach are David Etson, Robert, A. Dahl, E. M. Kirkpatrick, and Heinz Eulau.

Each society must have a political system in order to maintain recognized procedures for allocating valued resources.

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