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This may require adjusted work hours, stand-by, overtime and sacrifice of scheduled work. View all consumer product recalls and safety alerts, Additional ranitidine products recalled as a precautionary measure, Unauthorized sexual enhancement products and workout supplements seized: Products may pose serious health risks, Access information when and where you need it, Add the Recall & Safety Alerts to your Web site, Report side effects, injuries, and other safety concerns. Assessment of the degree of seriousness of the health hazard to which the population at risk would be exposed. Degree to which the product remains unused in the marketplace. Additional information on the terms used in the reasons filter are found in the recall glossary. Provides operational direction within the Field Operations Directorate as he deems necessary for Class I Recalls. The basic information required includes the following: This information is usually provided verbally but it should be confirmed in writing. Assessment of hazard to various segments of the population, e.g., children, surgical patients, etc., who are expected to be exposed to the product being considered, with particular attention paid to the hazard to those individuals who may be at greatest risk. Assessment of the consequences (immediate or long-range) of occurrence of the hazard. Contact: Drug Compliance Verification and Investigation Unit, Tel: (613) 952 - 9906 Fax: (613) 952 - 9805, Health Protection Branch Health Canada December 10, 1993. Prepares and issues Branch public recall announcements in the form of news releases. You can use it for research or reference. That the product in question is subject to a recall; That further distribution or use of any remaining product should cease immediately; Where applicable and required as part of the recall strategy, that the direct account should in turn notify its accounts that received the product about the recall; Instructions regarding what to do with the product. "Recall strategy" means a planned specific course of action to be taken in conducting a specific recall, which addresses itself to matters such as the depth of recall, need for public warnings, and extent or effectiveness checks for the recall. Provides scientific and operational advice to the recalling firm, usually via district office. When a product is recalled, or an advisory or alert is issued, it means our surveillance tools are working. Provide a ready means for the recipient of the communication to report to the recalling firm whether it has any of the product, e.g., by allowing the recipient to place a collect call to the recalling firm. If you hear a product has been recalled, follow these steps to help keep you and your family safe. Informs the recalling firm that a public announcement is mandatory, as decided by the Assistant Deputy Minister. The quantity of the recalled product still in his possession. Maintains liaison with the recall coordinators of the other Directorates and obtains scientific advice as necessary. The letter and the envelope should also be marked: "URGENT" for Class I and Class II recalls. This includes a decision on whether to recommend to the Director-General of the Field Operations Directorate that a public announcement be mandatory. Before initiating a recall, the firm will normally gather, correlate and evaluate all known information on the nature and extent of the reputed health risk. Maintains knowledge of all Class I Recalls. Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. recalls Certain Top Load Washing Machines- Recalled: June 23, 2016 . recalls and safety alerts mobile application, recalls and safety alerts mobile application. Upon request, provides written health hazard evaluations or re-evaluations to National Recall Coordinator (Field Operations Directorate) and classification of each recall. The name of the recalled product and, where applicable, the identifying model designation, serial number, code, lot number and any other means of identification. See our recall notices and make sure your product is the one affected. Provides necessary information to Media Officers and assists in the preparation of departmental news releases. Recalls and safety alerts mobile application, Various MG Chemicals Epoxy Products recalled due to lack of child-resistant packaging, CB2 Trace Bookcase recalled due to physical hazard, Cottonelle& Cottonelle GentlePlus Flushable Wipes Products recalled due to potential microbial contamination, SALT Lounge Chairs recalled due to fall hazard, Pier 1 Three-wick Halloween candles recalled due to fire and burn hazards, CB2 Bordo and Bordo XL Tables recalled due to physical hazard, Hanamint Swivel Rockers, Club Swivel Rockers and Club Swivel Gliders recalled due to Fall Hazard, Various Petzl low-stretch kernmantle ropes recalled due to possible fall hazard, Abba Medix Corp. recalls one lot of Sage N Sour dried cannabis, Norwex Lysere Advanced Antioxidant mouthwash recalled due to potential microbial contamination. "Recall" with respect to a medical device that has been marketed means any action taken in respect of the device by the manufacturer or importer thereof after becoming aware that the device. Use sufficient coding of products to permit positive lot identification and to facilitate effective recall of those lots. Class II is a situation in which the use of, or exposure to, a violative product may cause temporary adverse health consequences or where the probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote. "Stock recovery" means a firm's removal or correction of a product that has not been marketed or that has not left the direct control of the firm. Compliance and enforcement: Drug and health products, Drug Compliance Verification and Investigation Unit, Health Hazard Evaluation and Recall Classification, Recall Responsibilities - Health Protection Branch, Summary of Drug and natural health products recall guide. Don't give the recalled product to someone else. An evaluation of the health hazard presented by a product being recalled or considered for recall will also be conducted by Health Protection Branch scientists and will take into account, but need not be limited to, the following factors: Any conclusion shall be supported as completely as possible by scientific documentation and/or statements that the conclusion is the opinion of the individual(s) making the health hazard determination.

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