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RADARSAT-1 has and continues to provide crucial images to assist disaster management efforts under the `International Charter for Space and Major Disasters'. Thus, a new instrument architecture that is compatible with low-cost satellite platforms, such as CubeSats and SmallSats, will enable constellation missions and revolutionize climate science and weather forecasting. 4-8 The S/C prime contractor is Spar Aerospace Ltd. of Toronto, Ontario (Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. of Boulder, CO provided the spacecraft bus). • In Sept-Oct. 1997, RADARSAT-1 conducted AMM-1 (Antarctic Mapping Mission-1), representing the first mapping of the ice sheet on Antarctica (see description below). The schedule for AMM consisted of 850 acquisitions (swaths) over 18 days, taking more than a work-year to develop manually. RADARSAT-2 is a jointly-funded satellite mission of CSA (Canadian Space Agency) and MDA (MacDonald Dettwiler Associates Ltd. of Richmond, BC), representing a Canadian government/industry partnership [or PPP (Public Private Partnership)] in a commercial venture.

305 The overall objective of AMM-2 was to acquire repeat-pass interferometry to estimate ice surface velocity of the outer regions of the continent, north of 80º S (re-map the perimeter of the continent and the majority of Antarctica's fast moving glaciers).

JPL RainCube Follow-On.

This new mosaic provides a detailed look at ice sheet morphology, rock outcrops, research infrastructure, the coastline, and other features of Antarctica (discovery of two new ice streams in East Antarctica).
24), - To ensure data availability for environmental monitoring, - To create daily sea ice maps based on SAR data collected over the Arctic, - To collect SAR data over selected portions of the globe for the purpose of crop forecasting, - To obtain periodic SAR data coverage of Antarctic sea ice distribution, subject to receiving station or tape recorder availability, - To collect a global set of stereographic SAR images for mapping, - To obtain the first comprehensive map of the Antarctic continental ice sheet based on SAR imagery, - To collect site and time specific SAR data in support of approved research studies or application demonstrations sponsored either individually or jointly by the parties involved, - To collect and make available global data to any persons, on a non-discriminatory basis, - To develop applications of SAR data in a pre-operational environment.
-agency/radarsat-1/canadas-radarsat-to-fill-in-as- JPL is working with Tyvak Nanosatellite Systems, Inc. in Irvine, CA to fly the RainCube Mission. 18), RADARSAT-1 was also used for cross-calibration purposes of RADARSAT-2 (launch on Dec. 14, 2007). • On Nov. 27, 2002, CSA temporarily discontinued Radarsat-1 imaging operations on 27 November 2002 because of a deteriorating ACS (Attitude Control System) that affects the satellite's ability to deliver precise imaging to global clients. The flight assembly of the radar electronics and stowed antenna fills about 4.5U of the spacecraft’s 6U volume. 564 likes.

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