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Neither these AP materials nor any portion thereof may be stored in a computer except for personal and noncommercial use. Air Warfare Systems Deployed around the world and drawing on the company's decades-long dedication to reliability and readiness, these technologies are helping … “We see the world through a global lens, and we’ve built a new solid foundation to bring end-to-end solutions to our customers to counter modern emerging threats,” said Raytheon Missiles & Defense President Wesley D. Kremer. Hayes also noted that the company was reviewing its “high-cost locations” and in the coming months would be studying “which factories make sense long-term” in an attempt to reduce costs. Last Wednesday he announced that the company would be eliminating 15,000 jobs at its corporate offices, jet engine-maker Pratt & Whitney and aviation and military equipment manufacturer Collins Aerospace amid the downturn in the airline industry resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Copyright © 2020 Raytheon Company, a Raytheon Technologies company. Tucson, AZ 85756. Sign up for the Breaking Defense newsletter. Raytheon Missiles & Defense (RMD) is one of four business segments of Raytheon Technologies.Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, its president is Wes Kremer. The content of this News Release Archive is historical content. Kremer leads 30,000 employees and is responsible for a broad portfolio of air and missile defense systems, precision weapons, radars, command and control systems, and advanced defense technologies. Bryan Rosselli. He currently serves as a board member on the Southern Arizona Leadership Council and previously served on the Wichita Children’s Home board of directors. With a broad portfolio of air and missile defense systems, precision weapons, radars, command and control systems and advanced defense technologies Raytheon Missiles & Defense solutions protect citizens, warfighters and infrastructure in more than fifty countries around the world. Raytheon Missiles & Defense, a business of the newly formed Raytheon Technologies, was formed on a foundation of advanced innovation and excellence in engineering. Cookies help us to improve your website experience. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Raytheon Missiles & Defense breakthrough technologies enable sensors to see farther. The merger brought together two companies with nearly 200 years of combined innovation and experience in aviation, defense and intelligence. View full bio. The Andover location on Lowell Street is a missile and defense facility and is known for its contributions to the Patriot Missile program, among many other types of defense technology. View full bio. Multimedia Report: The Military Space Enterprise: Space Force →, Don’t Miss Our Special Coverage of AUSA NOW 2020 – Live Now →, JADC2 ‘On The Right Track,’ Says NORTHCOM’s VanHerck, Data Sharing Hurdles Stymie JADC2: CSAF Brown, Israel To Get Direct Access To SBIRS Sats & More F-35 Capabilities; Esper Visiting, Israel-UAE Normalization Takes Big Leaps; Process Remains Fragile, DoD Kicks Off New Hypersonic Program; F-18 To Get Hypersonic Cruise Missile, Air Force To Try Space-Based 3D Printing: Roper, DARPA’s Hypersonic OpFires Aims For Army 1,000-Mile Missile, Air Force Chief Seeks Navy Chief’s Cooperation On JADC2, LRPF: Army Missiles, Cannon Face Big Tests In ’21, Microsoft Boosts Space Services, Partnerships, ‘Advanced Manufacturing Olympics’ To Shape New Air Force Strategy, Space Ops Command Seeks Industry Aid To ‘Scale Up’ Innovation, JADC2 Needs Pentagon To Overhaul Data Management Policies, Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance, Presented by Raytheon Missiles and Defense, GM Defense Delivers 1st Air-Droppable Trucks, NSA O’Brien’s Latest Audible on Navy Plans: Calls For More Frigates, Faster. A spokesman for Raytheon, Chris Johnson, said the company was not releasing any information on how the layoffs could affect specific locations. View full bio. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2020 Raytheon Company, a Raytheon Technologies company. We use cookies to collect anonymous information. By clicking, you agree to our privacy notice. It will help define the future of aerospace and defense. Chance of rain 60%.. View full bio. About Raytheon TechnologiesRaytheon Technologies Corporation is an aerospace and defense company that provides advanced systems and services for commercial, military and government customers worldwide. CEO: Raytheon missile defense division 'strong', Overall job cuts doubled to 15K, airline downturn cited, Letter: Schools should be held to account for their spending, Field hockey starts strong with Gillette shutout.

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