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RANT. Special Ability: Jaaqua Charge, she can hold aim before lunging with full speed forward.

Secondary Ability: Bola Snare, use this power to pull a opponent towards you. Secondary Ability: Boomerang, ricochets off walls before returning. Jayto is a well-rounded competitor that balances offensive power with high mobility. Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris – Map, Weapons, And Armor (August 7, 2020), Destiny 2: Where Is Xur – Exotic Inventory (August 7, 2020), Destiny 2: Weekly Reset Activities (July 28, 2020), Destiny 2: Where Is Xur – Exotic Inventory (July 24, 2020), Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris – Map, Weapons, And Armor (July 24, 2020). Pink has Scrap Rockets that can be very useful in close-range encounters. Electronic Arts will publish the game under its EA Originals program.

So I logged in to rocket arena today to play a few games and when I try to join a match it boots me out and says "anti cheat banned" idk what this means?

Kayi; Kayi is a fallen princess from the icy northern region of Crater. A nimble fighter whose attacks are ice-based, Kayi is a princess who fled her kingdom in Serrata Peaks after her family were overthrown. Her abilities include Double Whammy, Mag Mines, and Shatter Slam. Special Ability: Zik’s Vortext, special ability that can fire a wind vortex, it can push opponent with high force but also pushes Boone backwards. The game was showcased in May 2019 with it being a first-person shooter and had a closed beta from May 23 to May 29. Kick opponents with your board attack, Bouncing Grenade. We’ve played them all, though, and have rounded up tiers for all the competitors alongside information on which characters work best for which modes. subscribe if …

Rocket Arena is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The objective is to master unique rockets and abilities that will let you grab the crown of victory. Joined by his pet Zik, the duo team up to track down this elusive creature and earn themselves a trophy along the way. Equipped with an unstoppable hoverboard, she’ll be a match for most on the battlefield. Jayto has the perfect combination of weapons and abilities for offensive plays. share. Using her spells, she can conjure a shield that blocks all incoming opponent projectiles. At the end of the … Reactivate to teleport to its location and hurt nearby enemies, Double Whammy – Rapid-fire explosive rockets that alternate between Rev’s twin weapons, Mag Mines – Sticky mines that attach to surfaces or opponents, Shatter Slam – Activates Shatterboard and allows you to kick foes with your board, Bouncing Beauty – A bouncing grenade.

11 comments. Rockets rule everything in Rocket Arena, an explosive 3v3 shooter where you’re never out of the fight. You can use Charged Bolt attack by staying inside the globe to hit farther. Amphora. Unable to locate it, he comes out of retirement, from Crater’s Edge, to take on today’s would-be heroes in an effort to reclaim his crown. He can use his rocket to fly high and drop explosives on opponents heads. Of course, this is a small team-based game with three-on-three battles — you can master any of the characters and make a difference for your team with them.

Hold the fire trigger to delat its detonation, Artillery Salute – Call down an airstrike, Zephyr Strike – Lock onto opponents and fire a giant homing rocket. Rocket Arena has 10 different characters you can choose from, and while the game aims to be balanced, some are definitely better than others. Charged Shots from inside the globe hit harder and travel faster, Grapple Hook – Grapple to nearby surfaces or hook opponents directly, Card Rockets – An accurate single shot, but every third consecutive attack fires three rounds, Mirror Shield – Deflects incoming rockets, Phantasm – Throws up a decoy. Welcome to the curious World of Crater—where rockets reign and champions are made! Her Charged Torpedo is a chargeable primary that allows dealing with long-range combat. Special Ability: Thruster Suit is an special power that temporary increase the speed of hero and Skypiercer rockets. He is the hardest competitor to Megablast and thrives at mid-range combat and objective play.

Kayi comes with super marksmanship, she uses a precise bolt to shoot down a target at a far distance. Blackbeard uses heavy weapons and can shoot cannonballs. Whenever his team is feeling pressured, he can instantly turn the momentum of a fight by supercharging his thruster suit to boost mobility and increase the blasting power of his Skypiercer Rockets. Charged Bolt shots from inside the Globe faster and hit harder.

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