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Content – On a bright, starlit night, the angels bring good news to some shepherds:  ‘Good new! Our shows range from wacky panto - through lively versions of classic tales - to relevant, up-to-date drama on issues close to children’s hearts. ____________ It also depicts - in grisly fashion - the kind of (authentically 17th century) torture by officials who want to extract a confession from him! My Feet Want To Dance  is taken from the Nativity musical ‘Babushka’, My Hands Are Freezing  by Veronica Clark  -  3 to 6 yrs   The optional harmonies and counterpoint are simple to learn, making this a great song for choir purposes, as well as for general singing and assembly. (arr. Christmas - There's Lots To Get Done  By Sarah Baker - 6 to 9 yrs - KS1, KS2  (1m 12s) 'Cuckoo' is featured in the Early Years songbook 'Zippety Zappy Zee', Dancing About In The Straw by Peter Fardell - 5 to 7 yrs - KS1  (1m 54s). This song also features in the songbook 'Come On Christmas', Temptation by J & R Kenward & Richard Neil - 7 to 11 yrs - KS2  (2m 21), Theme - Resisting temptation, honesty, self-restraint, greed, cheating, stealing, choices, rules. He’s wide awake like me.

- A beautiful two-part song, celebrating Love coming into the world. ______________________________, Theme - encouraging tolerance and empathy, confronting prejudice, anti bullying. Content - This is an excellent song for assembly and PSHE. (shouted) I’m not listening today! An ideal opening number for any Nativity performance.

'Wonderful Father Christmas' has a Disney feel to it, and expresses the excitement of anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus with lots of gifts. Sing A Lullaby   is taken from the Nativity musical ‘Little Angel Gets Her Wings’, Sing The Love  by Simon Donlon, Colm Flanagan & Ruth Kenward - 7 to adult  (2m 33s) "Chuck it in the trolley, check it out! by Ruth Kenward & Richard Neil - 7 to 11yrs  (1m 52s), – It's snowing - will the school be closed? Lots of colourful and evocative sound effects! Very attractive as part of an assembly on the theme of winter, and ideal for infant dance purposes. 'Sorry is a word that mends'.

It’s so hard for us to understand.”  The seashore sound effects create a lazy summer atmosphere – and even the youngest children can join in with the responses. Christmas musicals and songbooks to bring a sparkle to your festive celebrations. The simple harmony and counterpoint parts make this song a valuable addition to school choir repertoire. This song is featured in our quirky Easter musical for KS1:  'The Chocolate Shop'  which is about Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies - and forgiveness! _________________________________ Content - A song that depicts Guy Fawkes hiding in the cellar at the Houses of Parliament in London. A fun song about driving a tractor and picking up various farm animals along the way. Very easy to teach and learn, this song has a simple message about making things better in our own small way, by doing the right thing. Very effective harmony/counterpoint parts make this ideal as a piece for junior choir. The chorus recalls the Christian Easter story, as we 'travel in time to the hill of three crosses' to remember Jesus' sacrifice on the cross - and the joy of the resurrection. The words encourage children not to give up when things seem hard.

‘What if’ monster, hear me say: Weather, winter, seasons. The optional harmony part is particularly effective, and there is a great lift with the key change at the end. Using the metaphor of Pandora’s Box, this song makes a strong statement about keeping nasty thoughts and words under control - for everyone’s benefit! You never know what’s round the corner: it could be scary or fun - stormy or sun! "We're never too little to shine our light!". An upbeat song that deals with the problem of learning to share, to talk things through and to take turns. - A simple, feel-good Christmas song, in which the angels proclaim. The Chocolate Shop - by Ruth Kenward & Caroline Kimber- Age 5 to 8 yrs. Content –  Each one of us can make small changes to save resources. But why's it taking so long to come? First The Little Roots Grow  by Nick Perrin -  5 to 7 yrs  Everything you do with love, you do for Him - ’cos He is love.’  If you're looking for a gentle Christmas song for this age group that offers a fresh approach, 'Everything You Give' may be the simple, beautiful and unusual song you need! The song is very simple to learn, and with its rousing gospel feel, children find it very uplifting to sing. _________________________________________.

Bigger Than The Biggest Mountain by Ruth Kenward & Caroline Kimber  -  5 to 9 yrs  

Theme - Christmas, nativity, birth of Jesus ‘Growing Pains’ deals with the frustrations of a child’s everyday life - forgetting books, messing up spellings, failing tests, unfairness, etc. This song is featured in the songbook 'Zippety Zappy Zee', Mary, Joseph, On The Way To Bethlehem _______________________________________________. Content – A reflective song about the new life that comes each year in spring. 3. - A gentle, reflective song, pondering how this 'child of wonder' born in a stable will grow to be the saviour of the world. The words encourage children not to give up when things seem hard,  reinforcing that 'every step counts' and 'every step means you’re moving on.' ________________________________, Theme - seasons in life, seeds, nature, growth, development and maturity, spring. The second and third parts are very easy to learn yet wonderfully effective, making this a lovely piece for inclusion in Christmas concerts and ideal for choir repertoire. This song features in the Easter cantata 'Roll Back The Stone', How Can I Make A Difference? Excellent for PSHE. Sing Ye Hosanna by Gavin Reid - 7 to 12 yrs - KS2  (3m 24s). 'Let's Go' also features in the songbook 'Come On Christmas', Let's Say No  by Ruth Kenward & Richard Neil - 5 to 7yrs - KS1  (1m 41s) __________________________ This song features in the Easter musical 'The Chocolate Shop', The Echo Carol by Adrian Pearson - 7 to 11 yrs - KS2  (2m 21s). A great song to pull the heartstrings, and works as a good contrast to upbeat celebration songs, particularly helpful if you are doing a fundraising concert. Harvest Moon by Ruth Kenward - 5 to 11 yrs KS1, KS2  (2m 07s), _____________________________ Step Away From The Chocolate  by John & Ruth Kenward PowerPoint Presentations of lyrics are available for all of  our children's musicals and songbooks. Very catchy, with a nice mood shift for the bedtime verse. This song features in 'The Keymaster', a brilliant 'modular' musical for children, in which they are taken on an entertaining journey through time, visiting key periods in British history.

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