space shuttle interior airlock

The crew member first inserts his foot under the toe bar and then rotates his heel from inboard to outboard until the heel of the boot is captured. Power supply assembly – The entire airlock is powered from a central power supply assembly located in … The umbilical permits the EVA crew member to check out the suit in the airlock without using the EMU supply of water, oxygen and battery power. All EVA gear, checkout panel and recharge stations are located against the internal walls of the airlock. Foot restraints are installed on the airlock floor nearer the payload bay side. The airlock depressurization valve is covered with a pressure and dust cap. The linkage mechanism guides the hatch from the close/open, open/close position with friction restraint throughout the stroke. An in-suit drink bag stores approximately 0.5 of a quart of drinking water in the upper torso. Two of the EVAs are for payload support; the third is reserved for orbiter contingency. The EVA crew members' feet are fitted with boot inserts that fit into the boots. Potable water (supplied from the orbiter at 16 psi, plus or minus 0.5 psi; 100 to 300 pounds per hour; and 40 to 100 F) is allowed to flow to the feedwater reservoir in the EMU that provides pressure, which would top off any tank not completely filled. The Artemis Project, This airlock is sized to fit two astronauts simultaneously, with an interior volume of 150 cubic feet, although the inside diameter is only 63 inches and the length is 83 inches. The dogbone cross-section is relative new. The handrails have a cross section of 1.32 inches by 0.75 of an inch. They connect to the arms and are available in 15 sizes. I scanned most of these at 300 dpi, and then allowed the image size to grow when I changed the resolution to 72 dpi. The PLSS sensors detect system air flow, air pressure, water flow, water pressure, differential water pressure (between the circulating system and the water tanks), water temperature and carbon dioxide content in the return air. Fuselage (crew module and structure), from Space Shuttle News Reference (NASA), p 3-7, from Space Shuttle News Reference (NASA), p 3-8, Flight-deck The galley and CAPS are supplied to the orbiter as government-furnished equipment. At this time, the flight crew performs an EMU suit leak check, electrical power is transferred from the umbilicals to the EMU batteries, the umbilicals are disconnected, and the suit oxygen packs are brought on-line. The aft hatch is hinged to be first pulled into the tunnel adapter and then pulled forward at the bottom. View of the hatch from inside the airlock. This provides the suited crew member with breathing oxygen and prevents depletion of the PLSS oxygen tanks before the EVA. The CCUs are also known as the Snoopy caps. The nominal loop flow of 250 pounds per hour is provided by the EMU and PLSS water loop pump.

This condition results in pain in the body joints, possibly because of restricted blood flow to connective tissues or because of the extra pressure caused by bubbles in the blood in the joint area. When the airlock hatch is opened on orbit, a duct is connected to the cabin air system to provide conditioned air to the airlock, tunnel adapter and tunnel during non-EVA-operation periods. The secondary oxygen pack attaches to the bottom of the PLSS.

Self-aligning dual rotating bearings are used on the rods to attach the bellcranks and the latches. The linkage mechanism guides the hatch from the close/open, open/close position with friction restraint throughout the stroke. The liquid cooling and ventilation garment worn by the EVA crew member under the pressure suit has sewn-in tubes. The safety tether hook is locked onto the slidewire before launch, and the cable is routed and clipped along the left and right handrails to a position just above the airlock and payload bay hatch. It also monitors water pressure and temperature in the cooling garment. The tether consists of a reel case with an integral D-ring, a reel with a light takeup spring, a cable and a locking hook. An aluminum alloy end support standoff functions as the terminal of the handrail. The life support system consists of the portable life support system, display and control module, contaminant control cartridge, battery, secondary oxygen pack, and EVA communicator and EMU antenna. It is held in place by a strap holder. The sublimator works on the principle of sublimation, that is, the process by which a solid turns directly into a vapor, bypassing the liquid phase. Normally, two EMUs are stowed in the airlock. The hatch pivots up and to the right side. Each end support standoff incorporates a 1-inch- diameter tether point. The cable routes signals from the electrocardiogram sensors, which are attached to the crew member, through the bioinstrumentation system to the EVA communicator. It also routes caution and warning signals and communications from the communicator to the crew member's headset. The gloves contain the wrist connection, wrist joint and insulation padding for palms and fingers.

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