spacex launch cost comparison

© 2020 Condé Nast. For example, the H3-24L lists GTO 1500 while the Falcon 9 and Atlas V are listed in GTO 1800. ULA launches about a half-dozen payloads for the Air Force in a given year, on variants of its rockets.

Moreover, the costs referenced above by Bruno exclude a "launch capability contract" worth about $1 billion annually, which the US government pays exclusively to United Launch Alliance.

Now, transparency is coming to the federal launch market, allowing lawmakers to more directly compare the costs of ULA's launch vehicles against those of new space competitors, such as SpaceX. We have payload numbers, but I don't think I've seen cost projections anywhere. Roughly one year later, SpaceX … Say the BFR winds up not even being reusable AT ALL, which I wouldn’t bet on, even a single $335 million dollar launch vehicle with this kind of capability is still massively impressive. It clearly shows why Ariane 6 and Vulcan are so important to their respective companies. Based upon current law, this contract payment will phase out in 2019 (for Atlas rockets) and 2020 (for Delta rockets), which should increase the costs allocated to each mission. In 2014, the US Government Accountability Office issued a report on cost estimates for the US Air Force's program to launch national security payloads, which at the time consisted of a fleet of rockets maintained and flown entirely by United Launch Alliance (ULA). By Adam Mann May.

I hope people find it interesting. The Space Shuttle, if we’re quoting the launch cost of $450 million and a 27,500 kg payload comes in at $16,363 dollar per kg. Because of the fiscal year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, the Air Force budget request must consolidate rocket launch costs into a single budget line beginning in fiscal year 2020. Moreover, the costs referenced above by Bruno exclude a "launch capability contract" worth about $1 billion annually, which the US government pays exclusively to United Launch Alliance. My guess is SpaceX will drop their prices a little once those rockets come out, because it appears SpaceX's costs are significantly lower than their pricing right now. I'd like to do some graphing--any chance you'll make the table avail in text? Woah… so more than 5 times cheaper. A careful reading of the new Air Force budget provides an inkling of just how great those savings might be. Join the Ars Orbital Transmission mailing list to get weekly updates delivered to your inbox. SpaceX sells basic commercial launches of its Falcon 9 rocket for about $65 million. The Atlas V prices are a little muddled for the 551 you are using the short fairing payload and the long fairing price, the short fairing price $153 million for GTO.

This means the list is not comparing apples to apples. Read our affiliate link policy. Compare that to SpaceX, just one of America's several rocket-launching enterprises.

501 short to LEO payload is 8210. I'll take a long look at this when I get some time - you're right.

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