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The world that we knew is a stunning blend of the horrors of World War 2 and Nazism, mixed with the intense love of a mother for her child and Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah). Hoffman’s exploration of the world of good and evil, and the constant contest between them, is unflinching; and the humanity she brings to us—it is a glorious experience.

Will newspapers disappear in the future? Digital products purchased from this site are sold by Simon & Schuster Digital Sales Inc. Alice Hoffman shares the inspiration behind The World The We Knew, 8 Spellbinding Books by Alice Hoffman That Will Fill You With Love and Hope, The 10 Most Popular Books That Captured Our Hearts This September, 10 Enchanting Historical Novels That Will Add a Little Spark of Magic to Your Day, 10 Fantastic Fiction Novels New in Paperback This September, 10 Book Club Books We Recommend Leafing Through This Fall, 75 Years Later: 10 Unforgettable Novels About World War II We’re Reading to Honor the Past, 7 Compelling Novels About Mothers—The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy, Readers’ Choice: Our 10 Most Popular Books in October, 9 Must-Read Novels That Will Add Magic to Your Literary Diet, 8 Best Book Club Books I’ve Read So Far This Year, 10 Book Club Picks to Cozy Up to This Fall. Ava, Lea, Ettie, and Ettie’s younger sister Marta all manage to arrange train tickets to France.

Ms. Hoffman conjures an alluring novel that lingers long after it’s read.

“Different kinds of mystical pairings are beautifully interwoven throughout the pages.”.
After a magical heron warns Ava about the impending Nazi mass roundup of Jews, she and Lea flee to a convent in the Rhone Valley, then to a small village deep within a forest “almost completely cut off from the rest of the world, a place known for taking in refugees.”. When this novel focuses on the magic parts of its story, its language is magical: In Nazi-controlled Berlin, “There were more demons every day, so many, there was no longer any room for them in the trees or on the window ledges. Crucially, Hanni pours a vial of her own tears over Ava’s eyes, silently commanding the golem: “See as I see. Book Cover Image (jpg): The World That We Knew, Publisher: Simon & Schuster (September 24, 2019).

Her debut novel, The Heirs, was published in May 2018 by Stephen F. Austin State University Press. Meanwhile, Ettie is in hiding, waiting to become the fighter she’s destined to be.

The book builds and builds, as she weaves together, seamlessly, the stories of people in the most desperate of circumstances—and then it delivers with a tremendous punch. Luckily, the plot is a page-turner.

Different kinds of mystical pairings are beautifully interwoven throughout the pages. She finds her way to a renowned rabbi, but it’s his daughter, Ettie, who offers hope of salvation when she creates a mystical Jewish creature, a rare and unusual golem, who is sworn to protect Lea. If you’re ready to start a book club , here’s 40 of the best book club questions, for fiction and nonfiction alike. Fran Hawthorne is the award-winning author of eight books on business and public policy. WWII fiction has glutted the market, but Hoffman’s unique brand of magical realism and the beautiful, tender yet devastating way she explores her subject make this a standout.”—BOOKLIST (STARRED REVIEW) “One of America’s most brilliant novelists since her debut, Property Of, Hoffman uses her signature element of magical realism to tackle an intolerably painful chapter in history.
(How could a story of escape from evil, by a bestselling pro like Alice Hoffman, not be?). It’s my new favorite Hoffman book—and if you know how much I adore her writing, that’s truly saying something.”—JODI PICOULT, New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things and A Spark of Light “[A] hymn to the power of resistance, perseverance and enduring love in dark times…gravely beautiful…Hoffman the storyteller continues to dazzle.”—NEW YORK TIMES  "Every page of The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman is a delicious shock. From. I’ve found that the best book club discussion questions are ones that are open-ended and that get people to share their personal opinions. The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman This reading group guide for The World That We Knew includes an introduction, discussion questions, ideas for enhancing your book club, and a Q&A with author Alice Hoffman.The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. Lea and Ava first stay with Lea’s wealthy cousins in Paris, where Lea and Julien, the younger son, fall in love. If you were to examine the relationship between the government and the economy in the United States today, which of the four major theoretical perspectives outlined in the chapter would be most helpful?

By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. In a world where evil can be found at every turn, we meet remarkable characters that take us on a stunning journey of loss and resistance, the fantastical and the mortal, in a place where all roads lead past the Angel of Death and love is never ending. Kabbalah is not something that is practiced by many Jewish people, and so those aspects of this book would be as strange and mystifying to those of the Jewish faith as to any other reading the tale. There’s the Jewish concept of the world we know and the world to come, and another set of worlds, the happier worlds that Lea, Ettie, and Julien barely remember and the horrible world they now inhabit. And, c'mon, it's about a 12-year-old trying to escape the Nazis with the help of a golem. Do you think that news is censored in some countries? Hoffman’s exploration of the world of good and evil, and the constant contest between them, is unflinching; and the humanity she brings to us—it is a glorious experience.” —ELIZABETH STROUT, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Olive Kitteridge “Alice Hoffman’s new novel will break your heart, and then stitch it back together piece by piece.

Why do we buy newspapers? When she and the heron dance, “Ava looked luminous as she danced barefoot, and sometimes she threw her head back and laughed with delight.”. Is the news censored in your country? She finds her way to a renowned rabbi, but it’s his daughter, Ettie, who offers hope of salvation when she creates a mystical Jewish creature, a rare and unusual golem, who is sworn to protect Lea.

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