tressa octopath chapter 3

This is two battle with our own party (no help from the soldiers here!). Looks like we'll have to fill in! This leads south to that chest that was taunting us a bit ago for a Copper-filled Pouch. It can heal in a pinch if your main healer is downed or Swept Away. Despite the previous encounter, Alfyn realizes that Ogen is quite the apothecary. On the west side of the bridge there's an Olive of Life (M). There will be a path leading west nearby, so take it and you’ll eventually run into another chest (Refreshing Jam). Lower Elem. Cross Spear will hit your entire twice, for medium damage each hit. Treasures: On the southeastern edge of the spring there's a Healing Grape (M).On the western end of town there's a large house with armor inside. Overall, these are easy fights if you prepared ahead of time as these enemies don't hit too hard if you break them fast (they can cast "Inspiration" on themselves, which ups their attacks). When you get to the next four-way split, go east to get to that chest you saw near the save point (Silver-filled Pouch).

Erhardt is weak to sword attacks and will use a skill from time to time, but as long as you use a Healing Grape (M) every now and again you can break his shields in time and use Brandt's Thunder to really lay into him. Wonderful... we'll soon meet the Guard Captain, Captain Bale, who after a brief chat (and inner monologuing from Olberic) is about to give us Erhardt's location when a group of Lizardmen start to attack the town, and their hero isn't here!

Here we go! It is much easier than the man we defeated back in Wellspring, but you should still do your best of course. Treasures: Head left from the entrance to find a Locked Chest containing 15,000. 50% off in NA and Europe to celebrate, Octopath Traveler officially revealed for PC, June 7 release date confirmed, Octopath Traveler PC release date leaked, arrives June 7, Octopath Traveler is coming to PC according to Korea ratings board, Octopath Traveler celebrates 1.5 million sales with two new titles. This path leads to two chests if you follow it all the way (it is a long path that wraps around to the right, just on an obvious upper level). After the admiration settles, he sets off to see if anyone else in town needs his help. Octopath Traveler has sold over two million units! That seems like a good thing, right? With Alfyn finally putting a stop of Miguel, he quickly patches the boy and returns to town. You can also get Tressa banter at the end after defeating Erhardt. Dragon is a simple boss, but a potentially dangerous one. There are two people you need to Inquire, with the first just south of the tavern.

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