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It also makes clocks and watch movements for other Russian watch brands. © 2020 Two Broke Watch Snobs All rights reserved. Vostok Europe is the name of an independent watch brand offered by the company Koliz Vostok from Vilnius, Lithuania. During the last years in the late 80s and early 90s, Vostok not only made watches but they also helped the military with certain electrical engineering feats and test. Add to cart Quick View. The company produces mainly military and diver mechanical wrist watches. I’m so sorry I’m seeing this comment so late. A Russian man named Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space. This Swiss claim for Vostok Europe is either being made erroneously or they are featuring some models which have some percentage of manufacturing or product fulfillment in Switzerland. This also meant that many of the able-bodied male workers in the factory were called into service to fight – so the factory was then populated by women and children to continue production (under what would be considered today as atrociously dangerous working conditions). Vostok-Europe continues the legacy of Vostok by still creating some of the brands most popular pieces in the Chistopol factory.

Founded in 2003 as a Joint Venture between the Lithuanian company Koliz and the the Chystopol Watch Factory Vostok, Koliz Vostok has rapidly developed from a small company into a significant watch enterprise with worldwide distribution. Evacuating meant that ALL the equipment had to go as well with the hopes of utilizing it further in the war effort from a different location (and to prevent the useful equipment from falling into enemy hands). The (chronograph) movements are usually composed by ETA, SELLITA or Ronda. Vostok Amphibian Automatic Mens Wristwatch Self …

Obviously if you read Part 2 of this series, you know about the First Moscow Watch Factory.But not everyone knows that there was also a Second Moscow Watch Factory.

And on top of that you will receive a two year international warranty on every watch that you have purchased from us or one of our authorized retailers. The new created brand Buran SA combines classic design with wearing comfort and esthetics. The townspeople of Chistopol that remained needed to figure out someway to keep their newly industrialized local economy going strong. He spent about 1 hour in Orbit circling the earth in a ship called the Vostok-1. Paul! While sharing the same strong fondness for all things horologically-affordable as Mike (his TBWS partner in crime), Kaz’s collection niche is also focused on vintage Soviet watches as well as watches that feature a unique, but well-designed quirk or visual hook. Maybe it’s worth reaching out…, And this is a very cool video/advertisement on the Vostok factory and how they manufacture the watches. Thanks for pointing that out, man!

Type and press enter . There is a wide selection of watches and accessories in the departments of Soviet Market Store. However, when the German army invaded Russia in 1941 the Second Moscow Watch Factory was forced to shift focus from watches to creating munitions materials to aide in the war effort (the focus seems to have been on munitions fuzes and timers). On ideal world tv they sell vostok watches which they say are swiss made why is this?

the Second Moscow Watch Factory back to its original location in Russia’s capitol. Consequently, Aviator Swiss became a true Swiss made brand with development and manufacturing in Porrentruy, Switzerland. Instagram SoundCloud iTunes PatreonYouTubeLinkedIn, Contributors Greg BedrosianBaird BrownMark SignorelliMike RazakJason TricoliDamon BaileyAggressive Timing HabitsHenry Margenau, Are Russian Watches Any Good?Killer Deals on AmazonSeiko Watch Reviews. Vostok [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]La prima menzione al marchio Vostok (Восток, cioè Est) è in un catalogo del 1960. It’s in Russian with English subtitles.

Let me explain.

So it isn’t hard to imagine that when they were surprised with an evacuation order on that October morning (while Moscow was being attacked) that things probably got a little crazy… a shit-tastic, cluster-storm from hell, if you will. Chistopol was located on the Kama river, which was to be the main means of transporting the equipment by way of boat. The first Amphibia watches were manufactured in 1967 in USSR on Vostok Watch Factory (BOCTOK). I’m going to go in there and make the correction now. Russian automatic watches by VOSTOK, original spare parts and technical service by Vostok-Watches24 I am pleased to welcome you in our online shop for VOSTOK watches from Russia. You guys should really launch a subscription for a Meranom-TBWS watch. The Vostok amphibian you provide as an example of a “a very early 1970s Vostok Amphibia” is actually a second generation type 119 which appeared in catalogs in 1980 and was sold through the mid-eighties. The issue gets complicated when you learn that the Second Moscow Watch Factory is also technically Vostok, but Vostok wasn’t located in Moscow, and for many decades the two operated simultaneously with each other with about 500 miles in between them. *NOTE: it’s possible this equipment wasn’t a priority because technology from LIP (a French watch brand that signed a deal to sell proprietary patents and production information with Russia) had made it’s way to Moscow from the Penza Watch Factory. Since Chistopol was a small city there really wasn’t any suitable area to start setting things up.

All of our offered watches are brand new, genuine and of the highest quality of course. The Second Moscow Watch Factory was created in 1930.

Every watch comes with a beautiful box that can be used as a gift box and watch instruction and warranty documents are of course included, too. Below you’ll see an example of a 1980s Vostok Amphibia (props to Paul Schnurr for clarification on the date) courtesy of my better half in Broke Watch Snobbery, Mike. Thus, the Second Moscow Watch Factory was born. Russian Aviator watches are still available up until today and appreciated by collectors around the world as many of these watches have rare Poljot (e.g. Obviously if you read Part 2 of this series, you know about the First Moscow Watch Factory. That is why we are able to provide you professional service and individual solutions. Eventually this company accumulated enough shares that they essentially owned the Vostok factory. Since almost 18 years we distribute several watch brands within Germany and all over the world. —- The use of ETA (7750, 7751, 980.163) and Peseux (7001) movements complete Buran SA's overall appearance. Sunday Rose or Uhrnikate that have an extraordinary design and that are an absolute eye-catcher. The goal was ultimately to supply the Russian Navy with Russian-made timepieces that their divers could use (rather than relying on foreign watches).

Russian Watches Part 3: The Vostok Watch Factory (Chistopol) By: Kaz Mirza. This watch was designed to also be extremely shock-proof and water-resistant. Filter.

Our promotions and discontinued items can be found in the SALE section. Great examples are the Gagarin range which focuses on the first human in space or the Ocean Stingray line that is dedicated to Soviet diving history.

6S11, 6S30, JS06) and Swiss Ronda movements for the watch assembly.

So this wasn’t really becoming an ideal situation since the munitions materials the factory was creating were very greatly needed in the war effort. Instruction manual for Vostok watches; Login. All of our watches are checked for function by a qualified watchmaker before dispatch. Once the German army was pushed out of Moscow, plans were immediately enacted to relocate (re-relocate?) Back in 1942 they were given the factory designation of “Factory 835” by the Russian Government, a naming convention which they continued to use as they started production of their own version of the men’s Type-1 (K43).

TBWS is also part of the eBay Partner Network where qualifying links can generate a small commission to us at no extra cost to you. Other notable pieces created in the 50s include the “Mir,” “Saturn,” and “Sputnik.” Below you’ll find an image of a naval clock created by Chistopol in 1947 – please note that this image is from the collection Michele Cuoccio. I sincerely apologize for the huge delay here.

Alongside the munitions fuzes they were creating, it seems as if production of the Type-1 (K43) pocket watch continued again since these were valuable time-keeping and synchronization tools for officers in battle. We are the official German distributor for the brands Vostok Europe, Sturmanskie, Buran, Buran SA, Aviator and Aviator Swiss and vouch for best quality and workmanship with our reputation. It was also around this time in 1968 that Vostok created (after many years of trial-and-error) what was to be considered one of the greatest contributions to Russian Horology (and what most of us know them for): The Vostok Amphibia, Russia’s first reliable 200m dive watch.

The watches range from classical, through sport and all the way to unique designs - allow yourself to be inspired and take a look. https://youtu.be/B-JMoUoMtXo I recommend his site to anyone looking for a wonderful reference of Russian pieces. A few useful links and self-service Successful combination of the unique and thus easily recognizable design with excellent watch technique has led to a worldwide recognition of the Vostok Europe watch brand. So in 1962 Factory 835 began producing watches with the “Vostok” dial designation to honor Yuri Gagarin’s space flight.

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