weird laws in bulgaria

A foreigner may choose by will an estate to be dealt with under the law of his/her nationality (except for the "forced heirship" rules and reserved portion which cannot be affected by such choice). If you do not walk your dog at least three times per day in Turin, Italy, be prepared to face a fine up to 500 euros. Title to real estate may also be transferred through a judge ruling as part of the enforcement procedure against a debtor´s property. Have you ever felt like the regulations can squeeze the life out of you? New Year celebrations in Cambodia get so crazy that the capital city of Siam Reap won't allow for the sale of water pistols leading up to and during its big celebrations. It is also considered disrespectful to point your finger at Buddha, and sometimes there are bans on taking photos with the statues. Offenders can be sentenced … Here is the first among the weird laws in Europe.If you are planing to drive down the highway in Germany then make sure to fill your tanks before you do anything else. Since ignorance is no excuse, it’s incumbent upon you, dear traveler, to stay updated on all the latest rules and laws governing your destination country. Before you hit the road, hit the guidebooks, CIA World Factbook, Google, and the U.S. Department of State’s website to research the dos and don'ts of your destination country. [Pictured: A beer based on an old Persian recipe produced in UK. We're again not quite sure how they would prove this one, but it's better safe to just use the restrooms like a civilized person. If an owner does not walk their dog once a day (at minimum), they could be fined $625.

“Let’s not go to extremes, fantasizing how the guards will detain all the passengers with the headphones in their ears. Most Dangerous Airports of The World for Runway Thrills!

Your document is very useful, but it does not say, after the death of a Bulgarian wife, the surviving husband has in time.

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try... 2. Sometimes these laws border on the seriously ridiculous, and other times they point to important cultural values that might be different than your own. In case you are plannig to hang out in Minsk, go with the docs to the Minsk City Executive Committee. According to the law, a person is not allowed to go naked at public places. The ban, however, may not last as congress submitted a bill in 2019 to open the country to commercial hunting. In the event of a locust invasion in India, a male 14 and older must do everything possible to prevent and stop the destruction of the locusts. 19 Travel Documentaries You Should Watch ASAP, These Underrated Homestays under 400km from Bangalore Are a Perfect Break from Working from Home, Cafes in Bangalore That Are a Perfect Combination of Good Food and Instagram Worthy Ambience. A 2014 law in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan states undergarments must be made with a minimum of 6 percent of cotton. The contents of this article shall not be considered to be a legal opinion or legal advice. The law extends to goldfish as well. The islands want to look clean while you're cleaning. Belgians are still bound by an archaic set of rules known collectively as the GAS laws. The rates vary between 3.3% and 6.6% for all other beneficiaries. All Rights Reserved. Such a ruling is a result of a foreclosure sale against a defaulting debtor. Arguably the greatest soccer player of all time, football superstar Lionel Messi is the pride and joy of his hometown of Rosario, Argentina. The point of this silly law is that you are not to interrupt the service. He was threatened with three weeks in jail for his choice of words. Billboard advertising is not allowed in the state of Hawaii. By common law marriage rules in the state, that man and woman would legally be married. Woah!

One of the laws forbids street musicians from playing off-key … Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. The Email address or Password is incorrect, World Nomads Contributor - Tue, 17 Dec 2019. read about lockdowns and border restrictions. In order to promote open and spam-free conversations, Tibetan Buddist monks are not allowed to reincarnate after they die unless they have been granted permission from the government. Unfortunately, there is no official document available for public that lists facilities that better to avoid when you are in a photo mood. An average inheritance case usually takes between 2 and 3 years.

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