what happened in the last episode of the andy griffith show

First appearance of, Andy makes up a story about an old useless cannon in order to sell it to an antique dealer (, Aunt Bee sets out to prove that men are bigger gossips than women. Barney starts a rumor that Andy and Helen are engaged after he sees them kissing in a jewelry store. Mayor Stoner goes over Andy's head and calls in an expert to solve a string of cow thefts. Barney returns to Mayberry at the same time as an old girlfriend turned Hollywood actress, whose movie is having its world premiere in town. Yes, we are talking about pharmacist Ellie Walker, who was an essential character in Season 1. Aunt Bee wears a blonde wig to impress a visiting pastor (. Aunt Bee's sister and her overbearing, obnoxious family come to visit from out of state. Opie publishes local gossip in his newspaper, embarrassing Andy, Barney and Aunt Bee who had made unflattering comments about fellow townspeople. Andy suspects that Ellie is thinking about marriage when he invites her to the annual church picnic. However, at the club's get-acquainted party, Barney makes a fool of himself by his misinformed attempts at conversation. As of now, we understand why Ellie’s character was ended on the show. Floyd has pretended to be a rich man in letters to his female pen pal, who then suddenly decides to visit. The last episode has Andy marrying Helen Crump, and moving to either Raleigh or Mount Airy. Howard volunteers to be a Big Brother of a high school student, but neglects tutoring the boy while taking a romantic interest in the boy's older sister. Ernest T. Bass tries to enlist in the Army so he can get a uniform to impress his girlfriend, but when he's rejected, he takes it out on Mayberry. Otis, the town drunk, has Andy and Barney worried when he buys a car. Howard McNear returns as Floyd after suffering a stroke. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. The Darlings ask Andy to help them deal with wild mountain man Ernest T. Bass (. Later, the actress playing Ellie, Elinor Donahue, revealed that according to her, Andy Griffith and her chemistry was not working out, so she decided to leave The Andy Griffith show. Last appearance of Peggy.

But on the train ride to get married in her West Virginia hometown, they have a series of spats and on arrival in Wheeling decide to break the engagement.

Howard makes friends with Millie Hutchins (. Barney's pride is hurt when he is replaced in the town choir by Gomer, who is discovered to have a beautiful singing voice. Emmett's wife pushes him to be an insurance salesman like his brother-in-law, but he doesn't want to leave his fix-it shop. It is a 60’s show, but the advantage of rewatching it is that you can focus on all that you have missed. They are shocked, however, when Mr. Frisby (. Aunt Bee and Andy Griffith Didn't Get Along... At All. The Taylors decide to take a trip to Hollywood after Andy is given a check from a studio that wants to make his life story into a movie. Barney Fife returns to Mayberry for a high school reunion and so does Thelma Lou, who has recently married someone else. Clarence Earp (Richard Jury), a supposed descendant of. Barney goes undercover, pretending to be a female mannequin to find a shoplifter at Weaver's Department Store. A man claiming to have a map to a legendary lost treasure convinces Mayberryites to invest in his operation. Last appearance of Ellie Walker. Howard is a last-minute substitute on Emmett's bowling team, but he comes within one strike of a perfect game before the lights go out. Barney gets a motorcycle for the Sheriff's Department and finds many uses for it. Last appearance of the Darlings. With the courthouse jail full of moonshiners, Otis has to serve his time in the Taylor house, under the supervision of Aunt Bee who keeps him busy with chores. She is a simple girl with Dreams in her eyes and Pen in her hands . When Barney is offered the sheriff's post in a neighboring town, he and Andy trade places for the day to see if Barney is up to the job. Aunt Bee becomes a partner in a new Chinese restaurant, but her superstitions make her question her investment. Feeling that Barney takes her for granted, Thelma Lou starts dating Gomer to purposely make Barney jealous. Andy Taylor returns to Mayberry to visit Opie and help Barney Fife investigate strange events. I think Andy's first wife died of cancer, which even in the 1960's was a taboo subject for families. Almost everybody is killing time by watching the new series or rewatching the old series. Gomer is fired from Wally's Filling Station and moves in with the Taylors. Andy and Barney are invited to a posh gentlemen's club in Raleigh. Goober gets into trouble when a printing error awards Floyd with an overly large cash prize in a filling station contest. Howard's controlling mother remarries and moves away, allowing him to turn the Sprague house into a bachelor pad. First appearance of Goober (. Opie is put in charge of a candle and matches in a secret club, and soon after is accused of burning down the barn where the club met. Not wanting to hurt Barney's feelings, Andy must find a way to keep him in the choir but neutralize his singing. Netflix’s Selena: The Series, Full Trailer Of The Bio-Series Finally Revealed! Andy tries to talk defiantly unwilling Rafe Hollister (Jack Prince) into getting a tetanus shot from county nurse Mary Simpson (. Andy and Barney investigate a string of robberies at Wally's Filling Station to find out whether or not a young employee is responsible. Warren becomes a sleepwalking Casanova, pursuing Helen after watching his suave hero on TV. Andy tries to help a financially strapped family keep their home, in spite of having to give them a foreclosure notice initiated by heartless old mortgage holder Ben Weaver. Aunt Bee gets the lead in the Mayberry Centennial Pageant, but she proves to be a terrible actress. The Taylors visit the studio where Andy's, Andy poses with a Hollywood starlet, Darlene Mason (. Note: this is the only episode to feature a black actor (. Then the series gave a try with other actresses like Helen (Aneta Corsaut) and Peggy (Joanna Moore). Opie decides to take up the piano, but piano practice soon conflicts with his football practice. But, even after knowing all of this, it is still impossible for the fans to forget these characters without any explanation. Warren, who thinks he has ESP, believes a picnic will not go so well for Andy and Helen. In an interview, she mentions about her beautiful time on sets and also how much she loves working with everyone on set. Aunt Bee serves jury duty on a seemingly open-and-shut case of theft.

Helen gets unnecessarily jealous of a pretty girl (, Barney discovers a file of an old forgotten assault case between Floyd and grocer Charles Foley (. Helen becomes a successful author of children's books, but Andy has a difficult time with her new-found celebrity. Andy makes Barney acting Sheriff when he goes to Raleigh for a job interview. (The same story line was used in episode 143 of.

The series was spun off from The Danny Thomas Show, where Sheriff Andy Taylor was introduced in the episode, "Danny Meets Andy Griffith", which first aired on February 15, 1960. After the Taylors' old housekeeper, Rose (. When Andy finds out a bully is repeatedly taking Opie's milk money, he encourages Opie to stand up for himself. Andy seeks to end a long-running family feud before joining two lovers (one from each family) in marriage. Barney and Floyd are taken hostage by three escaped female convicts in a country cabin. Later, Andy took the blame and said he is not very good at showing affection while filming. The mayor is reluctant to finance their trip.

Andy and Aunt Bee forbid Opie from visiting the courthouse after school, so with nothing else to do, Opie wanders away from home and falls asleep in the back of a delivery truck. Aunt Bee collects insurance money for the loss of her jeweled pin, then finds it after she spends the money on a garbage disposer. A stranger comes to town to produce a record of Andy and a local bluegrass band, but Andy suspects he's a con artist.

While in Hollywood, Aunt Bee wins several new appliances on a TV quiz show, but when she returns home she loses her friends as a result. Sweet Aunt Bee, say it ain't so! According to the sources, there are no hard feelings in Elinor’s heart for The Andy Griffith show. This was the highest rated episode in the history of the series. Barney is evicted from his rooming house for cooking in his room. Andy must cancel a date with Helen to meet with a lawyer named Lee (. Barney and Gomer pose as a veterinarian and Opie's father to try to get the distributors to buy the salve back from the boys. Ellie decides to give a shy farm girl a makeover, despite the protests of the girl's controlling father. Opie learns to stand up to an older new boy in town who likes to cause trouble. Andy tries to get a one-of-a-kind bed jacket that Aunt Bee wants for her birthday.

Ellie starts a battle of the sexes when she decides to run for town council. Ask a … The government has advised the people to stay... Why did Ellie Disappear from the 'The Andy Griffith Show'? In the season's final episode, a mention is made of Haymore and Rockford Streets, which was near the actual location of Andy Griffith's home as a child. What... Ricky Stanicky: Netflix Is Planning A Revival With Peter Farrelly As... Quibi: Streaming Platform Is Closing Down! Andy is made sole judge of a beauty contest, and the townspeople pester him by promoting their favorite contestants. As we all know, this pandemic situation has kept us all home for a very long time now. Emmett wants to buy his wife a mink coat for their 25th anniversary. Jim Lindsey returns to Mayberry after making it big in show business, but it turns out he's out of work and flat broke. Howard proposes to Millie Hutchins at the bakery. Pieces Of Her On Netflix: When To Expect It? According to her IMDb page, she was Kate Honeycutt in Days of Our Lives, Mariam in The Odd Couple and she also had a small role in Pretty Woman, and much more. A pack of stray dogs comes into the courthouse, causing problems just as a state official is visiting. Howard applies for membership in the Mayberry men's lodge, but is blackballed when his controlling mother (. Opie gets jealous when Andy pays extra attention to Opie's new friend Tray Bowden (David Alan Bailey) . As per reports, the comedy-drama TV show Younger will be returning with a seventh installment. (The yearbook has actual high school pictures of Andy Griffith and Don Knotts.). (This story is reminiscent of episode 29 of, Charlene Darling Wash intends to divorce Dud (. in series" and "No. Andy and Helen try to have a nice private picnic, but Barney keeps interrupting them. His antics badly disrupt Helen's classroom. After leaving the show, she has had an incredibly successful career, both, in TV and film. First episode in which Juanita Beasley, a waitress Barney sometimes dates, is mentioned. in season" for the pilot dictate the airing and location of the episode within the parent series. After Barney and Thelma Lou set Andy up on a blind date with Karen Moore (. Through sheer luck, Warren catches a pair of art thieves with his supposed "knowledge" of cannons. Andy and Opie have Peggy take care of them while Aunt Bee is away.

After an argument with Thelma Lou, Barney finds a new girlfriend, who turns out to be a visiting con artist (Beverly Tyler) and her husband-associate (. This episode, originally scheduled for November 25, was pre-empted due to. All episodes in black and white. Barney gives Gomer a ticket for making a U-turn, then the tables are turned when Gomer "arrests" Barney for the same violation.

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