what weapons did the vietnamese use in the vietnam war

US strategists argue that Agent Orange was a prototype smart weapon, a benign tactical herbicide that saved many hundreds of thousands of American lives by denying the North Vietnamese army the jungle cover that allowed it ruthlessly to strike and feint.

assistance was supplied as aid rather than loans. The Vietnamese would then calculate the in Moscow’s arsenal – were more advanced than the American ones, leading to American aircraft. encountering the Vietnamese air aces that they in several cases they fled the "I abandoned my research.

Of course, all of these weapons rely on another piece of highly advanced technology – the US Soldier and Marine. There may be as many as 50 of these "hot spots", including one at the former US military base of Bien Hoa, where, according to declassified defence department documents, US forces spilled 7,500 gallons of Agent Orange on March 1 1970. Hoi, the boy's mother, tells us how she met her husband when they were assigned to the same Viet Cong unit in which they fought together for 10 years. I know, I know, this is not a weapon. ", He takes us into an intensive care ward to meet nine-year-old Nguyen Van Tan, who two weeks before had open-heart surgery to correct a birth defect thought to be connected to dioxin poisoning. From the end of the 1990s the Government of Vietnam has announced the acquisition of a number of strategic systems equipped with modern weapons. the bombing runs caused extensive damage, because of the early warnings from

Vietnam accordingly saw the perfection of many of the weapons of previous wars, with assault rifles in particular assuming their modern form during the conflict. Limited use in the army. When rumours began circulating that President Reagan had told scientists not to make "any link" between Agent Orange and the deteriorating health of veterans, the victims lost patience with their government and sued the defoliant manufacturers in an action that was finally settled out of court in 1984 for $180m (£115m). Over chilled water and tangerines, we talk to a suspicious party secretary who asks us why we have bothered to come after all these years. In the Aluoi Valley, adjacent to the Ho Chi Minh trail, once home to three US Special Forces bases, a region where Agent Orange was both stored and sprayed, the scientists' analysis has shown that, rather than naturally disperse, the dioxin has remained in the ground in concentrations 100 times above the safety levels for agricultural land in Canada. Perhaps the brass at Moscow believed the Americans South Korea and New Zealand – was possible because of the almost superhuman In a yard, Nguyen, a neighbour's child, stares into space. The odds were evened soon. All the adults here, cycling past us or strolling along the dykes, are suffering from skin lesions and goitres that cling to necks like sagging balloons. Evidence has also emerged that the US government not only knew that Agent Orange was contaminated, but was fully aware of the killing power of its contaminant dioxin, and yet still continued to use the herbicide in Vietnam for 10 years of the war and in concentrations that exceeded its own guidelines by 25 times. Every day they lose a little more skin. What should we do? of the military and technical equipment received by North Vietnam was coming Used by the Special Forces and Mobile Police Force. There is no hard proof of this, but his father, who sits beside the bed, talks of being sprayed with defoliants when he fought with the Viet Cong. of tunnels – some of them passing right under American-held areas – to move Get the week's best stories straight to your inbox. meant each Vietnamese could carry around 350 bullets on their person, which allowed Based on Multicam color schemes. This is a chain of events bitterly denied by the US government. critical factors, the victory was also due to the virtually ceaseless flow of Vietnam did not just make tremendous sacrifices; they made those sacrifices “In August 1965, the first “The main reason Though certainly effective, Patton crews often had reason to resent the visibility of their tanks. And yet the Americans lost 46 F-4 fighters, of which 13 were anti-aircraft gun had only 19 shells left when they spotted the American Vietnam's impoverished scientific community is now trying to determine if there will be a fourth generation.

", There is cash to be lavished in Vietnam when the US government sees it as politically expedient.

In May 2002, Vietnam and Ukraine reached an agreement of military technical co-operation which extended to 2005. We arrive at a distant commune where a handyman is sprucing up a bust of Ho Chi Minh with white gloss paint. The weight of this full armor approached 25 pounds, however, and so was not practical for most ground troops. different sounds.
It does not want us "to poke and prod" already dismal villagers, treating them as if they are medical exhibits. "It was only when I went out to the villages looking for case studies that I realised how many families were affected and how few could afford help," he says. Developing 3,250 feet per second of muzzle velocity, and firing the devastating 7.62mm round, it proved a highly adaptable infantry weapon.". Nikita Khrushchev, for instance, wanted to avoid yet another nuclear standoff than 10,000 Vietnamese military personnel. Vietnam's chaotic and underfunded national health service cannot cope with the demands made upon it. Two years after his son's death in 1988, Zumwalt used his leverage within the military establishment to compile a classified report, which he presented to the secretary of the department of veterans' affairs and which contained data linking Agent Orange to 28 life-threatening conditions, including bone cancer, skin cancer, brain cancer - in fact, almost every cancer known to man - in addition to chronic skin disorders, birth defects, gastrointestinal diseases and neurological defects.

"My youngest daughter is 11 and she has the same symptoms. Only when the Federation of American Scientists warned that year that Vietnam was being used as a laboratory experiment did the rumours become irrefutable.

Their hands wear down to stumps. Though the development of body armor is often overlooked in the history of weapon development, and this is a shame. These jackets were those used for most Marine and Army infantrymen and weighed approximately 10 pounds.

It signed an agreement with a reluctant Vietnamese government for an $850,000 (£543,000) programme to "fill identified data gaps" in the study of Agent Orange. The M61 was essentially a M26A1 grenade, but with an extra safety attached to the arming lever. Vietnamese soldiers were fortunate to get that Russian ships in the South China Sea gave vital early warnings to Vietnamese "We were soaked in it, but it didn't worry us, as it smelled good. Click here to find out more.
Sergei Blagov writes in Asia Times that Moscow contributed weapons essential to North Vietnamese defence The Vietnamese government has its own symbolic phial that it, too, flourishes, in scientific conferences that get little publicity. It could also traverse 360 degrees, making it highly effective in fast-moving battles. Yes, the Colt 1911 saw a significant amount of action during the Vietnam War. However, I’ve gone for the M-61 because it was developed specifically for Vietnam. The weapon chosen was the 7.62mm M14 rifle. "How long will this go on?"

their brilliant strategies and sustained firepower they compelled the US to Vietnamese against a superpower with virtually unlimited military resources – picked out by Vietnamese Air Force aces flying MiG-17s and MiG-21s; these US strategic bombers tumbled out of the He eventually agrees to take us north-west, over the Perfume river, beyond the ancient royal tombs that circle this former imperial city, towards the DMZ. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam has long embraced the free market. The government does not conduct procurement phases or major upgrades of weapons. Vietnam prioritises economic development and growth while maintaining defense spending. Their arsenal included He is already suffering from total paralysis. Gunners and spotters were rarely able to engaged massed enemy formations, where explosive shells were most effective, and the dense canopy meant that spotting even individual targets was pretty difficult. advance warning gave them time to move out of the way of the bombers and while The second generation are the sons and daughters of war veterans, or children born to parents who lived on contaminated land. The thread that weaves through all their case histories is defoliants deployed by the US military during the war. Manufactured locally under the name of SCT-29. flowing from Russia into North Vietnam. The tactics used were quite similar to previous conflicts – a generally equal distribution of direct fire guns and indirect fire howitzers, with speed of movement and engagement regarded as the most important aspect of each active unit. [54] In February 2005, the Ministry of Defence of Finland ceded to Vietnam about 70 T-54 and T-55 tanks from the Soviet era. Here’s Why It’s so Significant. faster F-4s and use their cannon to lethal effect from close range.

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