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Back in Victorian times, Blackadder starts to see the benefits of being mean, and begins to think that he should start emulating his ancestors. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Luckily, Gervais and Merchant truly delivered, with a memorable double bill with moments of genuine heart-string tugging drama thrown in for good measure. It perfectly sums up the queasy tensions of office Christmas parties, and Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant thankfully gave us the mother of all happy endings when Tim and Dawn FINALLY got together. This was Dawn French and The Vicar of Dibley at its very peak. Black Mirror: White Christmas (season two, episode four) is available to watch now on Netflix. But all is well with the How I Met Your Mother gang by the end, and it's full of festive cheer, carols and sweet cookie dough. How I Met Your Mother – 'How Lily Stole Christmas', 12. Cast: Craig Cash, Caroline Aherne, Sue Johnston, Ricky Tomlinson. Community – 'Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas', 10. The very first episode of The Simpsons is also one of its most heartwarming, as Homer does everything he can to make sure he gives his family a decent Christmas after not receiving his bonus. Yup. So while you should absolutely still check out the Stylist Christmas TV Guide for all of the new festive content for 2018, when you need comfort food in the form of entertainment there really is nothing better than returning to the best Christmas episodes of yonder years on this list. Scrooge McDuck stars as Ebeneezer Scrooge (it’s the part he was born to play), and he’s as greedy and cold as one might hope. Throw in the fact that Kylie acts her supernova socks off, and you have a recipe for a very good Christmas indeed. His love of this special day means that despite some very bad behaviour from Seth towards Anna and Summer, we can (almost) forgive him for it, thanks to his tireless campaign to bring his family and friends, who are constantly embroiled in drama, together in harmony and acceptance. Disenchantment parts 3 & 4: All you need to know, WWE Clash of Champions 2020: Results & highlights, WWE Clash of Champions: Matches and predictions, Prison Break season 6: Everything you need to know, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. We've ranked the best of the best, from the festive to the melancholic. The story sees a despondent Charlie Brown complaining to pal Linus that he is struggling to look forward to Christmas this year, as the rest of their town only seem interested in the material aspects of the holidays. The story sees the titular Grinch living in a cave high up in a mountain above the town of Whoville.

That’s why at Stylist we’ve compiled our top ten Christmas TV specials, guaranteed to give you all the festive nostalgia. Soundtracked by Wizzard.

Not only was this episode the perfect way to end The Office, but it's also one of the greatest Christmas specials ever. Shop Now The Royle Family: The Complete Collection [DVD]. It’s the perfect end to one of the finest sitcom finales of all time. A tearful Denise goes into labour in the bathroom, and with everybody else out, it falls on Jim to comfort her. (The next year's Christmas special, where Josh works through his post-shooting PTSD, is very good too.). The back and forth between the unlikely holiday duo makes for one of the best comedy scenes of the series but it also touches on how magical it is for a kid to believe in Santa (and the Holiday Armadillo). A fairly accurate portrayal of Christmas day in many households, I’m sure. It truly is a feckin’ brilliant Christmas special. Having new Christmas TV to watch is all well and good and in keeping with the festive mentality of ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Cue genuine cheers of joy in front rooms across the country. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Deck the Halls (season 1, episode 15) is available to watch now on Netflix. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air achieved what few sitcoms have managed since: feel-good comedy, the odd meaningful moral and SO. For every great TV show, there's an obligatory Christmas special. Once back among the office gang, however, it’s not long before the old sparks fly between her and Tim. In it, Michael reverts to his childish self by turning Secret Santa into a Yankee Swap, purely because he didn't like his oven mitt from Phyllis. Den of Geek Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned (story 188) is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer. But it’s got a serious side too. There’s also the bloody brilliant (and probably obligatory) frozen turkey scenario that deserves to be acknowledged, too, because Dave and Denise trying to defrost it in a bubble bath is TV gold. Pamela also has some extremely wise words of festive wisdom: “What’s the point of sending cards on Christmas Eve? So many Friends Christmas episodes to choose from, but this is our favourite. That’s why at Stylist we’ve compiled our top ten Christmas TV specials, ... we have Christmas classics from Blackadder and The Royle ... editor of Christmas seems to have been ruined for Ted when he calls Lily a grinch (he didn't actually say "grinch", kids) for dumping Marshall the previous year. Cast: Adam Brody, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Ben McKenzie. The Spirit, however, ends up showing Edmund glimpses of his ancestors and their decidedly less kindly antics. So, sadly no Flint Street Nativity or Ross Kemp's Christmas Carol here. Despite his irritable nature, you genuinely want Brent to find happiness with a woman that can stomach him, and of course, for him to finally tell Finchy (a bloody good rep) where he can go. Den Of Geek’s Christmas viewing traditions! The Essential DanMachi Moments. SO MANY classic moments occur in it, from Ross's struggle with choosing the right girl, to Chandler setting up Rachel with his workmates, Phoebe coming up with her Christmas song, and Monica firing Joey from her kitchen to make her look tough. The moment I hear, “Now this is a story all about how…” I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Two of The OC’s main festive legacies have to be the (more stylish than your average) Christmas Jumper and ‘Chrismukkah’ Seth Cohen’s self-titled Christmas and Hanukkah hybrid. Partridge isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but for fans of the show, this festive special is up there with the very best. By Tom Gormer, Photography and Specials Director. Call The Midwife manages to pull off dark and dramatic moments, combined with proper heartwarming Christmas schlock. From doing turkey impressions with the Pete and Dawn the next-door neighbours, wondering which John sent the Christmas card (“Oh THAT John”), starting a row with, well, everyone and roleplaying as Camilla and Charles with husband Mick (Michael, Mick) she is a triumph who steals every single scene she is in. I’ll leave the last word to the man himself, though, who wisely points out that, “I think if you ask the British public whether they’d prefer 40 kidney dialysis machines or an Alan Partridge Christmas special, the answer would be pretty unanimous.”. Christmas TV 2017: This year's essential guide, Corrie confirms air date for Christmas special, Gavin and Stacey Christmas special trailer is here, BBC Christmas TV guide: all the 2017 highlights. Doctor Who Christmas specials: the real blockbusters? Released in 1983, it was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon in over 30 years, and was nominated for a best short film Oscar.

This festive outing sees Alan hosting a Christmas special of his BBC chat show in an accurate mock-up of his own home. The contrast between the crackling log fire, enormous tree and endless bouts of laughter in the fictional Christmas day and the drab reality of their actual one is telling. But Father Ted's Christmas outing also has the mysterious Father Todd Unctious, Jack getting left in a kids' play area, Mrs Doyle destroying her new tea maker, Ted's golden cleric award, and Dougal's disastrous funeral. Alan becomes increasingly desperate as the show goes on, as he pleads with Tony for a second series, while everything around him goes predictably wrong. One of the most charming moments of the episode is when Seth explains to Ryan, who has only ever experienced miserable Christmases with his troubled family, that the worst thing he will have to deal with is using Seth’s silly word for this invented holiday, as well as maybe don a festive jumper (very off brand for white vest advocate Ryan). Not to be confused with 2008's Royle Family Christmas special, which was terrible. In particular, they like to roll out that most joyous invention, the Christmas special. Happily not. For Office fans, what followed next was every bit as dramatic and powerful as the very best Hollywood drama. At first glance Call the Midwife can appear almost too cosy, with nuns and nurses on bikes and troops of Cockney Scouts kicking about. Here, Desmond keeps flashing back into Christmas past before finally connecting with present day Penny who was back home searching for him on Christmas Eve. Only Fools and Horses – 'Thicker Than Water', 15. Last year’s Joe’s Crackers was a return to form, as the action (or lack of it) was wisely relocated back to the Royle’s front room. This hits me harder in my festive soul than any big heartfelt speech over the Turkey. .cls-2{mix-blend-mode:screen}.cls-3{fill:none;stroke:red;stroke-miterlimit:10;stroke-width:4px}.cls-4{fill:red}, As yuletide approaches, we provide a run-down of some of the finest Christmas TV specials, from classic cartoons to festive comedies…. Assorted other Disney favourites come along for the ride, too, with Donald Duck playing cousin Fred, Goofy playing Jacob Marley, and Mickey himself is put-upon employee Bob Cratchit. Just for this episode he revels in the not choosing which makes for an incredibly cheesy but also amusing climax, in which both girls reject Seth (but not for long).

That night they do their best, and that’s enough. In Briggs’ universe, Father Christmas, voiced perfectly by Mel Smith, is a grumpy old chap living in a generic terraced house in suburban England. B! It’s set in Victorian England, where an uncharacteristically pleasant Edmund Blackadder sees his good nature taken advantage of by a series of scrounging visitors.

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