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Although this was only in beta not long ago is been a very good experience mainly in coop more so than running in lone wolf. Pero este juego no me parece un Fallout, si tiene buena ambientación, aunque no me atrae tanto como DC o el Mojave, le falta la vida que hicieron grandes a los otros como por ejemplo una gran historia. The Online piece of the Game is just crap and doesnt work really well. Many different ways to play. Did Mortal Kombat 11 Director Ed Boon Just Tease Future DLC Characters?

I had a issue with a game code not working, and the staff worked very hard to get me my refund. If you want a game that has a survival feel like Rust, Reign of Kings, Ark etc this game is up there with one of the best of this type, borrowing aspects from those games but making it, its own. Price Match Guarantee. Too much hype to actually deliver more of the same. It's empty. finalmente è giocabile.ma non ci siamo del tutto.stavo facendo la quest per Rose,dove in pratica dovevo lanciare questa mina che attira gli animali,ma la mina è sparita,nel nulla cosmico.e così ho dovuto vendere un rene per costruirne un altra.con l'IA non ci siamo,per niente,è peggiore di fallout 4.capisco che non possono fare grandi cose in un gioco sempre online,ma almeno migliorare uno zic l'intelligenza degli NPC potevano farlo.E POI I SERVER DIO CARO,PER FARE QUALSIASI COSA CHE NON È SPARARE DEVI ASPETTARE DA 2 A 20 SECONDI PERCHÈ I SERVER SONO LEZZI.ma vorrei anche parlare delle cose positive. Try and maybe wait a bit for the Developers to fix multiple bugs and glitches and maybe then it would be a solid game, but for now I would take a look at other games. a mí me esta dando un montón de horas que hacía tiempo no me otrogaba un juego, asi que suficiente. No sólo arrastra todos los problemas que tuvo Fallout 4, si no que los empeora con un mundo más plano que nunca. The base game is 60% off, the Fallout 76 Wastelanders Deluxe Edition is 50% off, and the Raiders Content Bundle, Settlers Content Bundle, and Raiders and Settlers combo bundle are all 40% off. Un jeu fait pour récolter le fric ! Gioco altamente schifoso, nato per vendere a 59 euro al lancio,un titolo riciclato con una grafica da 2010 è un Fallbug76 The discounted Atom bundle prices can be found below with the discounts already applied to show you what the new costs for the Atoms are. But when I started playing, I wasn't encountering any issues. toujour des tas de bug toujour mal opti. This game is a good game, If you play it like its not a part of fallout series. Zapper le ! Parlando di Fallout 76 ho deciso di comprarlo dopo più di un anno oramai per attendere un miglioramento da parte di Bethesda ( avendo giocato alla beta sono uno dei primi a dire che i server facevano schifo). Ca ne vient pas de moi j'ai une très bonne connexion et mon ami avait le même soucie. ou le suport de mods .

Its a good game but doesn't really have the epic feel and play that Fallout 4 has. ce jeux et une honte avec de fausse promesse tel que uniquement du cosmetic dans la boutique passer votre chemin . If you don’t have Fallout 76 itself yet or some of the different content bundles released after the game’s debut, those are also on sale as well. On a pas le temps de découvrir le jeu qu'on se fait allumer par des mecs en armures assistées qui en plus vous respawn kill, c'est vraiment démotivant! Watching reviews of the game since beta has gotten me into this mind state where I cannot take them seriously at all. Ci sono stati miglioramenti essenziali nel gioco, il più importante di essi il ritorno degli npc che permettono al gioco di sembrare un "vero" fallout. If you liked Fallout 4 you may like this one (actually I think Fallout 4 is a better game than this one). We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners, who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them.

No single player, no quests, no npcs, no amazing storyline. Raider C.A.M.P.

The game isnt that bad,the glitches arent so frequent like before.I dont really like the way that the story is told but the story it self isnt bad.Late game is pretty boring tbh.Just dont buy it if its more than 20eur. Some critical bugs who can get you "off" the fallout felling. Show all categories in Gaming & Entertainment. Also, I want to say that the storyline it is interresting by using a old story from America. Got the key within seconds, and already actied and installing! :).

Me gusta, vale muchísimo la pena, mantiene la esencia y le estoy metiendo muchas horas y las que quedan gracias a las recientes actualizaciones y el contenido extra de twitch prime.

alors moi je ne l'ai pas acheté à cause des notes mais un de mes amis me l'a fait testé et je ne vois pas ce que ce jeu la en 2018 il y a des début année 2000 coincé dans les MURS!!! Sure the world feels quite dead (the backstory for this is a so-so), but with the upcoming Wastelanders DLC i hope this will change! Fallout carries the proud number 76, which corresponds to the number of the bunker in which we find ourselves this time. The base game is 60% off, the Fallout 76 Wastelanders Deluxe Edition is 50% off, and the Raiders Content Bundle, Settlers Content Bundle, and Raiders and Settlers combo bundle are all 40% off. le jeux crash spontanément, le respawn refuse de respawn, les cheaters inonde le jeux, c'est une catastrophe! pas un jour sans crouler sous des bug No NPCs only quests givin by some kind of PC and that's it, no story, no fun at all. Eventos chulos y entretenidos, fáciles,difíciles,etc Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up.

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