promethee method

De Leeneer and H. Pastijn.

J.P. Brans and B. Mareschal. the GAIA module. 0000001825 00000 n 0000015089 00000 n Not affiliated T���J�D���5"Ԍ�7]E��"d���#�c{��Ŗ !-C���v�v�v7�>� North-Holland, Amsterdam (1984). B. Rekiek, P. De Lit, F. Pellichero, T. L’Eglise, P. Fouda, E. Falkenauer, and A. Delchambre. : PROMETHEE: a new family of outranking methods in multicriteria analysis. J. Karkazis.

Syst. (eds.) 0000041656 00000 n Comparison of different multicriteria evaluation methods for the Red Bluff diversion dam. J.P. Brans and B. Mareschal. Hendriks, J.H. Case study: iron and steel making industry. Deboer, A.K. J. Oper. The OR’s prize winner and the software ARGOS: How a multijudge and multicriteria ranking GDSS helps a jury to attribute a scientific award. The SIR method: A superiority and inferiority ranking method for multiple criteria decision making. Climaco. An industrial evaluation system. How to differentiate hard from soft multicriteria problems. 477–490. Mareschal, B., De Smet, Y., Nemery de Bellevaux, P.: Rank reversal in the PROMETHEE II method: some new results. J. Geldermann and O. Rentz. BANKS: A multicriteria decision support system for financial evaluation in the international banking sector. Martel. Martel and B. Aouni. <<0b4e364590639049bb8064ced997e46d>]>> Novel types of sensitivity analysis for MCDM. Additionally, comments about potential rank reversal occurrences are provided. It starts with general comments on multicriteria problems, stressing that a multicriteria problem cannot be treated without additional information related to the preferences and the priorities of the decision-makers. B. Mareschal and D. Mertens. 0000038770 00000 n Outranking methods as tools in strategic natural resources planning. M. Fendek. J.P. Brans and P. Vincke. Comparing multicriteria methods in the context of environmental problems. In: Proceedings of the OR53 Conference, London (2010), Madlener, R., Kowalski, K., Stagl, S.: New ways for the integrated appraisal of national energy scenarios: the case of renewable energy use in Austria.

The authors wish to address their most sincere acknowledgements to their colleague and friend Professor Johan Springael for his valuable assistance and comments. How to select and how to rank projects: The PROMETHEE method. 0000038230 00000 n Syst. Dhouib, D., Elloumi, S.: A new multi-criteria approach dealing with dependent and heterogeneous criteria for end-of-life product strategy. 163–196. Li, W., Li, B.: An extension of the Promethee II method based on generalized fuzzy numbers. J. Waste Manag.

The PROMETHEE I, the PROMETHEE II complete ranking, as well as the GAIA visual interactive module are then described and commented. Selecting land mine detection strategies by means of outranking MCDM techniques.

Martel. Analysing water resources alternatives and handling criteria by multi criterion decision techniques. Eng. J.P. Brans and P. Mareschal. Ranking methods for valued preference relations — A characterization of a method based on leaving and entering flows. Prod. Raju, L. Duckstein, and C. Arondel. Raju and C.R. Nuclear waste management — An application of the multicriteria PROMRTHEE methods. Multicriteria method for site selection — Example of an airport for New Quebec. Une Méthodologie d’Aide à la Décision en Présence de Critères Multiples. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. 0000012814 00000 n Ellipses, Paris (2002), Brans, J.P., Mareschal, B.: PROMETHEE methods. TOP. A multicriteria approach to the selection of preventive maintenance intervals. Chemom. Making. J. Oper. Arrow, K.J. Vincke. Economica, Paris (1993). : A PROMETHEE-based classification method using concordance and discordance relations and its application to bankruptcy prediction. Ni, Y., Mei, M., Kokot, S.: Analysis of complex, processed substances with the use of NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics: classification and prediction of properties – the potato crisps example. %%EOF Complete, consistent and compatible preference relations. P.C. based on pair-wise comparison) MCDA methods. J. Oper. A multicriteria approach for selecting a portfolio manager. Actualité Economique, Brans, J.P., Mareschal, B.: Promethee-V – MCDM problems with segmentation constraints. Aide à la décision multicritère: Développements récents des méthodes PROMETHEE. Comput. Multicriteria approach for resource reallocation at the Child and Youth Protection Centre of the Lower St.-Lawrence (CJEP-01). Specialization of hospital services in Quebec — An application of the PROMETHEE and GAIA methods. A multiple objective grouping genetic algorithm for assembly line design.

An overview of the PROMETHEE GDSS procedure for group decision making is then given. Macharis, C., Brans, J.P., Mareschal, B.: The GDSS PROMETHEE procedure – a PROMETHEE-GAIA based procedure for group decision support. Technical Report IS-MG 2004/02, Université Libre de Bruxelles/SMG (2004), Ghafghazi, S., Sowlati, T., Sokhansanj, S., Melin, S.: A multicriteria approach to evaluate district heating system options. trailer Eur.

0 Ishizaka, A., Nemery de Bellevaux, P.: Selecting the best statistical distribution with PROMETHEE and GAIA. J. Jablonsky. Promethee-V — MCDM problems with segmentation constraints. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Co-plot: A graphic display method for geometrical representations of MCDM.

D. Al-Rashdan, B. Al-Kloub, A.

Nielsen. Stochastic multicriteria decision-making under uncertainty. Unable to display preview. Multicriteria decision-making. Raju and C.R. Model choice in multicriteria decision aid. (ed.) Operational Research ’84, pp. The conflict-analysis method — Bridging the gap between. Atmos. Development of the models of different complexity for fuzzy extensions of the classical methods PROMETHEE-I/II (Preference Ranking Organization METHod for Enrichment Evaluations) , with the use of: Standard Fuzzy Arithmetic (SFA) for assessing functions of FNs based on corresponding operations with α -cuts considering all variables of expressions under consideration as independent …
M. Hababou and J.M. Du Bois, J.P. Brans, F. Cantraine, and B. Mareschal. S. Kokot and T. D. Phuong. Ind. B. Urli and D. Beaudry. Not affiliated V. Mlynarovic and E. Hozlar.

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